Globalists Vs Nationalists


Anyone who followed June’s Brexit vote on social media will be familiar with the narrative that only racists and fascists voted to leave for reasons associated with being a racist and a fascist. Whilst those on the Remain side are engaged in a work of selfless betterment of society; trying to keep us in Europe and the lid on a cauldron of xenophobic violence that would erupt and consume us all if it wasn’t for their constant vigilance, not to mention immediate economic collapse.

This interpretation was even offered by Canada’s biggest packer of progressive propaganda, CBC and it’s conveyor belt of helpful experts during the campaign.

As the referendum votes rolled in, someone commented that from this point on there are only ‘nationalists & traitors.’ It was a term that had been recently reintroduced into the common lexicon after many decades of wandering in the wilderness alone before Thomas Mair allegedly used it as he gunned down Labour MP, Jo Cox a week prior to the vote.


Roundheads & Cavaliers

The forces that set forth to do battle during the Brexit, are the same forces who are preparing to fight an election in the U.S. and those that are currently slogging it out in Europe over immigration.

What connects the battles between Federalists & Nationalists  or Fascists & Traitors if you prefer, is that they are proxy theatres where the Superpowers of Globalism and Nationalism, grind out results in very much the same way the superpowers conducted conflict in limited proxy theatres around the globe, from Korea to Cuba; Angola to Afghanistan during the Cold War.

In an article today on the ongoing fracturing of the European Union over the migrant crisis, Tyler Durden peeled down the issue down to a semantic kernel, when he stated:

As we’ve noted many times, soaring numbers of refugees seeking asylum in Europe and the simultaneous increase in terrorist attacks is bringing the political fight between “globalists” and “nationalists” to a head.  

In a recent interview Peter Sutherland, the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration, declared that “sovereignty is an absolute illusion that has to be put behind us.”   Read More

As previously reported, in the light of the DC Leaks revelation that George Soros is pursuing a globalist agenda through, amongst others, his Open Society Foundations in Europe and the U.S., the threat to the national security of all countries is at stake.

A Progressive is a Traitor to Every Society.

Ultimately these people are not really interested in representation or democracy – they believe that the population cannot be trusted with something as volatile and dangerous as democracy. They believe, as they always have done, in big government and central planning of every aspect of life, and that is where the liberal left prove so useful.

But the idea that the pro-federalist Remain campaigners may have been on the ‘wrong side’ is still a distant planet to them, not yet visible with the naked eye.

Globalists Don’t Have Friends

Federalists pimping a globalist agenda are engaging in the most perilous of fallacies, the Utopian fallacy. It basically works like this: anytime groups of people have been organized to create the perfect/ ideal society based on a utopian model rather than practicalities, reason & compromise, the resulting body count has been appalling.

People who supported the campaign to have Britain remain within the European Union, or who argue for a Clinton presidency, or mass immigration, have to reconcile themselves with the reality that they serve a globalist agenda that seeks to engineer all societies regardless of the early results of a comprehensive and spectacular failure in policy.

If large scale terror attacks cannot shake your resolve and are considered ‘a price worth paying’ for realizing the ideal society, then you should be viewed as a ideological extremist and threat to every society.




Clinton’s Post-Morality America

FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday admonished Hillary Clinton for her “careless” use of private email servers during her tenure at the State Department, but said that she and her staff engaged in no “intentional misconduct” and should face no charges.

Congressman Trey Gowdy, broke it down during his grilling of FBI director Comey after the decision.

If Hillary Clinton is successful in securing office as POTUS in November, future generations may well look back on the day Clinton was admonished by an FBI investigation as heralding in an era of naked unaccountability for America’s political elite.

Reflecting back on the turning points in early 21st Century U.S. history post 9/11, they may well look on Tue 5th July 2016 as another change of course into turbulent deep waters.

Despite Bill Clinton’s 30 min meeting with Attorney General, Loretta Lynch aboard her plane, Read More and despite being found to have lied on a number of accounts and found technically guilty as charged, Clinton was passed as suitable for top office by the FBI.

As 9/11 heralded in the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and the erosion of domestic civil liberties, the day Hillary Clinton was placed above the law and given the green light by the establishment for her presidential campaign as a criminal of ‘untouchable’ class will herald in an accelerated societal slip into lawlessness. For when those who rule are openly contemptuous of the laws they expect everyone else to live by, then society inevitably falls into a similar ways.

More moral damnation from ZeroHedge

Her supporters, already comfortable carving up aborted foetuses and selling them for ‘spare parts’ Read More await the rest of society in a new post-morality America with ‘woman of colour’ Elizabeth Warren and the handmaids of hades – ABC’s The View, currently sucking Satan’s cock in return for glass beads & shiny shit.

My Name is “Death To Traitors”


Earlier this week, British Labour MP, Jo Cox was shot, stabbed and killed outside her surgery in a suburb of Leeds. Cox had been appointed to parliament the previous year by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and was an outspoken Remain campaigner in the up-coming Brexit vote.

The similarities between this killing and that of Pim Fortuyn in the Netherlands in 2002 are worth noting. Both appear to have been assassinated for political reasons just prior to an election – Fortuyn an outspoken right winger, and Cox a progressive left winger.

Her killing came as the Brexit campaigning entered it’s final ten days, with public support for leaving the union at its height after a recent surge in the polls. It is not an overstatement to say that the Brexit vote will be the most important vote Britons have ever cast. At stake is the sovereignty of Britain and the survival of the Union itself, as many E.U. nations already unhappy with the terms and realities of membership will see a Brexit as a green light for their own referendum and possible exit. Read More

As yet, the motive has not been established, but witnesses reported the gunman shouting the name of the British far right group “Britain First”. These reports were then later denied, with witnesses going out of their way to refute such claims.

Needless to say, given the timing of the killing, any motive offered or narrative floated should be treated with a healthy skepticism. With the stakes being so high, it would be naively foolish to think that the establishment would miss an opportunity like this to play public opinion in their favour. If you find this idea offensive, you need to lay off the state sponsored soda for a while.

For the past twenty five years the narrative in Britain has been controlled by the progressive left. Anyone who had a problem with the trajectory of the planned society, e.g., Tony Blair’s ‘open door’ immigration policy, was branded a ‘racist’ or a ‘fascist’ and told to go away.

This attitude existed at both the official and grass roots level, as demonstrated in Gordon Brown’s confrontation with a Labour voter who had concerns regarding the level of immigration Britain was being subjected to due to the then unbeknown program of coercive engineered migration (CEM) implemented by his party to cynically manipulate the voting demographic permanently in their favour. Read More

However those people don’t go away. As the effects of failed policies start to take their toll on previously stable societies (see France & Belgium), they find another way of making their voices heard, as we have witnessed in the recent rise of nationalist parties across Europe. It’s fairly simple how the current situation came about if you can afford to be honest and objective about it.

In the late 1990’s the New Labour under Tony Blair created an immigration crisis, then refused to acknowledge it’s effects as legitimate concerns; electing instead to vilify and shame into silence those who spoke out. The steadfast refusal of those on the left to engage in dialogue or accommodate those voices has set the political spring for a nasty visceral backlash that is only now just starting to build momentum.

However, rather than address the issue or face a gathering storm compounded by the Merkel’s mishandling of the migrant crisis last summer, they have decided that they will simple double down on the rhetoric and continue on as planned. The language employed during throughout the Brexit campaign has been consistent, with those who support the Leave campaign being labelled as ‘xenophobes’ & ‘Little Englanders’.

The rise of nationalism in Europe has been easy to predict and can be traced back to the mechanisms that were introduced to ideologically modify society – the stripping away of sovereignty and ramming of ideological pegs into cultural holes, as the E.U. architects set about realizing their dream with little concern for, or recourse to the societies they have under their jurisdiction. Read More

The progressive left entertains the arrogant and abstract idea that the country is filled with bad people just looking to be fascists, or simple people looking for someone to blame. Whilst each time there is an addition to the depressing catalogue of Islamic attacks, they spend the next day in the press rummaging through their empty bag of excuses like the loving mother of a criminal son. This is partly to do with the fact that they have remained relatively unchallenged until recently, and are still running off a 1970’s script of motivation that sees a borgeois fascist behind every pillar.

The gunman, Thomas Mair – a solitary figure by all accounts with a history of mental health issues, clearly lacked the perspective to save himself from what appears to be a radicalized politically inspired murder.

However, ultimately the conditions for the killing of Jo Cox in Leeds were created by an ideology that ignores realities, and should be laid squarely at the feet of those who have arrogantly and steadfastly refused dialogue or to accommodate valid criticism for their failed policies: the progressive left, of which Jo Cox was unfortunately an active member.



Gender Neutral Cats. Sign of the Apocalypse?


My new cats were freaking out. In carriers in the back seat of the car, they yowled their displeasure. I reassured them: “Don’t worry, boys, we’ll be home soon.”

Whoops! I had called them boys, when in fact they were girls. An understandable mistake, as I’ve had cats for about 50 years, and all of them have been male. “I’m going to have to work on using the right pronouns,” I thought. And then another thought: “Why? They’re cats.”

That’s when I decided to raise my cats to be gender neutral.

The person who wrote this article is an idiot. You can read her full stupidity below.

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Rob Ford: A True Fiscal Conservative

TORONTO, ON - JULY 15:  Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaks with reporters after meeting with transportation minister Glen Murray at City Hall on July 15, 2013.        (Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

A week ago, the sitting Toronto city councillor and former mayor succumbed to the cancer he had been suffering from for a year and a half. He was 46.

Years from now, the years 2010 to 2014 will be known as the “Rob Ford era,” something that like the former mayor, has passed.

No one can possibly argue Ford was not a true fiscal conservative. Not only did he understand but was concerned with the fact governments do not have money. The money they have comes from what they can confiscate from people. And while “tax the rich” is trendy these days, it is the ordinary resident of Toronto who is hit the hardest. Without Ford, conservatism is dead in Toronto as it is in Ontario, Canada and even the United States.

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Homophobe. Racist. Murderer. Thug.


Che Guevara was a known Homophobe, Racist, Murderer and Terrorist who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people until his just execution by the CIA in 1967.

How many of our hypersensitive entitled university brats are wearing shirts with his image while complaining of being micro aggressed by those with differing opinions?

Should we blame the kids, their parents, or the Universities that teach them to be spineless, thin skinned emotionally retarded bed wetters?

Perhaps this is why Stalin had all the academics in his Soviet Union rounded up and executed. Not because they challenged his rule, but because they were pussies.

Now on college and university campus’s around the world, students are seeking counselling for having hurt feelings or because they feel unsafe from the ideas of others.

Not so long ago, World War II was fought and won by a generation of men and women who were in some cases only teenagers against the greatest evil the world had ever seen.

Contrast that to today’s current generation of university students who feel ‘disgusted’ at the notion of ‘men’s rights’ or ‘free speech’.

Every day, there is a new story in the media about students protesting ‘hurtful words’ and ‘micro aggressive’ injustice.

Well, here’s a newsflash for all you hipster douchebags.

As any objective historian would tell you, if Che Guevara were alive today, he would call you a faggot, slit your throat and piss on your unburied corpse.

So go back to mommy’s basement, have a nap and grow the fuck up.

Let the Looting of Canada Begin


The front cover of this year’s budget features a mother and daughter walking down what looks suspiciously like a yellow brick road.

Perhaps the finance minister, in some subconscious moment of sincerity, was acknowledging the best hope of slaying the deficit is to follow the path to Emerald City and seek out the Wizard of Oz.

That seems a more realistic prospect than the measures taken in budget ’16 sparking the growth necessary to bring the economy back into surplus.

The Liberals have long been accused of being guilty of taxing, then spending. That appellation will have to be revised – they look set to become the party of spending, then taxing.

To this point, the Liberals have traded on the intangibles of their telegenic leader and the power of positive thinking.

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Feminism & Islam with Pat Condell

For anyone still unfamiliar with Pat Condell, he has been the U.K’s best known YouTube commentator on Islam & Progressive Liberalism for a number of years now. A former stand up comedian, Condell mixes a lethal cocktail of comedy and acerbic writing to tear to shreds the inconsistencies of the left when it comes to Islam. Ever wondered why feminists have nothing to say about Islam? Here’s Pat at his brutal best.


Tired of Being Lied To?


The boys from Allah Akbar have released another PR statement for the religion of peace, this time in Brussels.

Meanwhile as the lies continue and the bodies stack up, French Prime Minister, Manual Valls broke ranks in the wake of the attack to declare “We are at war.”

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No doubt he received a phone call from the President of the E.U. Commission, Jean-Claude Junker soon after telling him that there was no war, and that if they were at war with anything, it was ‘Islamophobia’ and a loss of appetite for yet more Islamic immigration.

Contrary to the current popular narrative, the biggest threat to Western freedom is not Donald Trump, but the progressive agenda that continues to peddle Islamic immigration despite overwhelming evidence that the experiment has failed and the continued pursuit is an exercise in clinical insanity.

Read More

Hillary Clinton declared that the response to the Brussels attacks must be “consistent with our values.” But seeing as Hillary has no values, it left many wondering what that might look like.  Read More

And Canada’s progressive flagship, CBC refused to call the attacks ‘Islamic’ terrorism, preferring the broader generic ‘terrorism’ term in all news items.

All of this has been sandwiched between the usual poorly informed and constructed kumbaya apologies, and those who know actually know Islam and therefore what they are talking about.  Read More

But finally, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch got right to the point, when he stated that leaders who fail to protect the people who elected them and continue with policies in opposition of that duty, should fall.

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Ivan Penaluna

Either Stupid or Lying

Justin Trudeau joined a seemingly endless conveyor belt of Western leaders when he publicly insisted, on more than one occasion recently that, “Islam is not incompatible with Western Secular Democracy.” Of course, it was a rather linguistically awkward way of saying that Islam is compatible with Western Secular Democracy.

As we have pointed out before, anyone who makes such a statement is either ignorant or lying. Islamic scholars & political philosophers alike refute this claim, even Islamists themselves reject this statement – Sharia is the law of Allah, and all other man made systems of law are a contemptible fraud.

Or as political philosopher, Roger Scruton puts it in The West and the Rest:

‘Islamic jurisprudence does not recognise secular, still less territorial, jurisdiction as a genuine source of law. It proposes a universal law that is the single path (shari`) to salvation. And the shari`a is not understood as setting limits to what can be commanded, but as a fully comprehensive system of commands- which can serve a military just as well as a civilian function. Nor does Islam recognise the state as an independent object of loyalty. Obedience is owed first to God… Nor is there any trace in Islamic law of the secular concept of government that Christianity inherited (via St. Paul) from Roman law.`

Politically & philosophically Islam is incompatible with Western Secular Democracy – the systems are simply incompatible on the most fundamental of levels. The jury is not out, nor is there an argument that can be made to the contrary that stands the test of scrutiny or challenge.

‘Islam has always been not just a religion in the Western sense, but a political and social system that acknowledges no legitimate distinction between the sacred and the secular realms, and mandates religious law as the only legitimate system of law and governance.’

Robert Spencer

Giving leaders like Trudeau, Merkel & Obama the benefit on this matter requires us to forgive them for their poor understanding of what the Koran actual contains and what sort of system Islam is. The only other option is to presume they are lying for the sake of a politically nefarious agenda.