Homophobe. Racist. Murderer. Thug.


Che Guevara was a known Homophobe, Racist, Murderer and Terrorist who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people until his just execution by the CIA in 1967.

How many of our hypersensitive entitled university brats are wearing shirts with his image while complaining of being micro aggressed by those with differing opinions?

Should we blame the kids, their parents, or the Universities that teach them to be spineless, thin skinned emotionally retarded bed wetters?

Perhaps this is why Stalin had all the academics in his Soviet Union rounded up and executed. Not because they challenged his rule, but because they were pussies.

Now on college and university campus’s around the world, students are seeking counselling for having hurt feelings or because they feel unsafe from the ideas of others.

Not so long ago, World War II was fought and won by a generation of men and women who were in some cases only teenagers against the greatest evil the world had ever seen.

Contrast that to today’s current generation of university students who feel ‘disgusted’ at the notion of ‘men’s rights’ or ‘free speech’.

Every day, there is a new story in the media about students protesting ‘hurtful words’ and ‘micro aggressive’ injustice.

Well, here’s a newsflash for all you hipster douchebags.

As any objective historian would tell you, if Che Guevara were alive today, he would call you a faggot, slit your throat and piss on your unburied corpse.

So go back to mommy’s basement, have a nap and grow the fuck up.

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