Dead Children: Syria vs Stockholm

If last week confirmed anything, it is the apex propaganda status dead children occupy in the collective consciousness. As a parent, there is nothing more disturbing than the sight of dead children; it’s gauranteed to trigger a response that seeks to protect the vulnerable & innocent at any cost.

And that unfortunately is why dead children are employed whenever public opinion is required before a large event or drastic change in policy.

Prior to the Gulf War of 1991, footage of a Kuwaiti nurse was broadcast giving testimony that Iraqi troops had pulled infants from hospital incubators and left them to die. Amnesty International even coroborated the story. Only trouble is, it emerged after the invasion that she was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.S and the story was fabricated in order to sell the planned invasion. More Details

More recently, in 2011, a picture of Alan Kurdi, the 3 year old Syrian child found washed up on a Turkish beach acted as the catalyst to open the E.U. doors to over 800,000 migrants.

Alan Kurdi’s death was tragic and just one of many, but the engineered response was audacious to say the least, and you have to question whether the European public would have had the appetite for such a monumental influx of migrants without those pictures.

The abuse metered out to anyone who dared to question the wisdom of what became known as Merkel’s Plan during that period of collective hysteria, was the rage of a manipulated mob.

Last week we were treated to more upsetting footage of gassed and dying children in Syria. And the common theme once again, was that they were being employed in death as a vehicle for a drastic change in policy, namely U.S. military action against Assad.


So contrast that if you will, with the pictures we were shown in the aftermath of the Stockholm truck attack of the same day. We know that children died in that attack, although even their mention was kept to a minimum.

Instead of the stack of boys and their contorted limbs, we were shielded from the brutal and appalling reality of the attack by pictures of tarpaulins covering the victims.

Why is that? Why do we get to see dead Syrian children whilst  from seeing dead European children?

Clearly, just as the footage of dead Syrian children is aimed at convincing us of the need for more war and mass immigration programmes, the fear is that showing us the pictures of dead Swedish children will greatly dampen our appetite for more Islamic immigration. And that is ultimately what this is about.

I came across raw photos of the victims of the Stockholm Islamic truck attack on a Facebook group, and they are truly appalling.  Warning: graphic 

This is what the victims of progressive immigration policies look like. This is what the victims of imported Islamic terror look like.

The inconsistency and double standards employed by the MSM; our progressive politicians & their globalist masters provides clear testimony as to their agenda.

They don’t want us to see these images in case we suddenly wake up in large enough numbers to the madness they are engaged in. This is Merkel’s tax, and this is will be the fruit of Trudeau’s policies also.

If we stop the endless cycle of regime change and war, we end the flow of legitimate refugees and the army of economic migrants that acompny them.

People seem unable or unwilling to see the connection between the two, but that I believe is because they steadfastly refuse to admit that both are parts of a globalist agenda to destroy the nation state and the elements that hold it together.

That is why nationalism is a dirty word. Because without it, we’ll all shuffle off quietly to the slaughterhouse accepting this as normal.

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