Iqra Khalid & M103: Thank You From The Right

After some contemplation in the wake of the passing in parliament of Liberal M.P Iqra Khalid’s M103 Islamaphobia motion, we would like to thank her.

We’re confident that Khalid and her Islamist colleagues together with President Pool Boy and his clique of white liberal cuckolds, envisaged the effect of their motion to act as a wet blanket under which they would quietly smother any growing unease at the rapid Islamization of Canada in its infancy.


Instead, it would appear that the effect of this motion, which is legally described as a guard dog without teeth (why have one then?) has had completely the opposite effect, and woken a sleeping population to both the creeping threat of domestic Islam and the mental health issues of progressives.

In fact, here’s a prediction that is easy to make: M103 will lead to a ten fold increase in ‘Islamophobia.’

Khalid’s motion to ‘quell’ Islamophobia without even a legal definition is an insult to the rationale of a rapidly growing number of Canadians. People are red pilling on social media faster than Ebola in the Congo basin; nationalist movements around the world are turning their gaze and their guns on progressive Canada, as it skips off down the path from grandma’s house, that leads it to the same sorry fate as Sweden.

If Khalid’s intention was to bring the special needs status already enjoyed by Islam to the attention of all Canadians, she could not have planned it better.

The tide is turning against Trudeau’s zealotry and progressive agenda in the wake of M103 even faster than we could have dreamt. And for all of this, we have Iqra Khalid & M103 to thank.

Not only do both Khalid and Trudeau appear to have overplayed their hand, but we are confident that, once the public opinion stats start rolling in, we will see some serious back peddling from the Trudeau government in an attempt to avoid defeat at the next General Election in two years, which may well include having to throw Khalid under the bus to do so.

M103 is also acting as rocket fuel to the Conservative leadership race; the passing of M103 has chemically separated the cucks like Michael Chong, from pragmatic nationalists like Kellie Leitch. We predict that Conservative Party membership will see a sharp rise in wake of the passing of this motion; instantaneously transforming dormant laissez-faire conservatives into highly motivated activists. So, from the swelling ranks of the red pilled right of Canada, Thank You.

Progressives like Trudeau are merely the worker bees of cultural Marxism, carrying the eggs of Islam into the hive to accelerate the colony’s collapse. But when it comes to weaponizing public opinion against you and your party, Iqra Khalid is the queen; and Canadians are now seeing this in large enough numbers to make a difference.

You have sown the wind, and now you shall reap the whirlwind.

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