America’s Zombie Left Seeks Civil War


The left’s appetite for violence is rapidly growing. Hollywood celebrities; pop stars; journalists & activists all seem perfectly comfortable calling for violence against those who do not share their world view. Who could have predicted that the zombies of the apocalypse would end up being those cursed with progressive ideology.

The recent protests and riots that forced Milo Yiannopoulus to cancel his UC Berkeley appearance are just the latest in a catalogue of violence and intimidation the left has been enjoying. There are literally scores of similar incidents Read More  More, More, More,  & More

So desperate are they to cling onto their failing narrative, that they would rather shoot at others trying to flee the stricken ship, than escape themselves. The calls to violence have been unambiguous and emboldened by a mainstream media that has been engaging in very similar rhetoric. Read More

Sarah Silverman was amongst the most recent to call for a coup and martial law to depose President Trump, Read More after Madonna announced during a Women’s March speech in Washington D.C., that she had “thought about blowing up the Whitehouse.” Full Details

These are unhinged children looking for a war with those who do not share their flawed utopian fallacies. David Harbour of the show Stranger Things, whose cast resembled Beavis & Butthead fused with Star Trek: The Next Generation after a nasty beaming down accident, railed and roared against the Trump presidency during an acceptance speech at the 2017 SAG awards, declaring “We will punch some people in the face.”  

However, one thing they fail to appreciate, is that once this genie is out of the bottle, it will not go back in, and their chances of survival in any such situation, are poor to zero.

Outside of sanctuary ghettos like Miami, San Diego, Chicago etc., which are already taking on the identity of siege cities in waiting – full of people with limited resources, where life will be appallingly brutal and desperate for its inhabitants, only defeat awaits.

Hollywood will not hold out like the Alamo; manned by entertainers & actresses whose sense of detached self entitlement is matched only by their inability to know which way round a fucking gun goes. California university students will not emerging from their ‘safe spaces’ to take on Trump’s red pilled right, and win. This is not a Hollywood production where Brad Pitt holds off a division of SS Grenadiers from a limping Sherman tank.

Who do they think makes up the ranks of the conservative right in America? Police officers; Military – current and veterans; rural populations – farmers, bikers, fundamentalist Christians etc. Historically, this sort of match up has never ended favourably for the left. It would be a rerun of the Spanish Civil War produced by the makers of the Walking Dead.

One of the problems for the left is that after decades of cultural Marxism, they no longer produce men capable of fighting a war; they produce emasculated man-bitches with overactive feelings and hormone enhanced entitlement glands. So in order to prosecute their point physically on the street, the left in America employs Black Lives Matter in the same way the left in Europe uses Islamists.  It’s a cynical symbiotic relationship of mutual goals, that really belongs in a David Attenborough documentary. Read More

The left can only push this so far, before they start getting what they seem to be seeking, whether it comes in the form of a crackdown from the Trvmpenfuhrer once he’s finished dealing with everything else, or the rest of America just deciding that they’ve had enough.


Waiting at the high water mark for leftist violence: the militias

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