Fear of ISIS Causes Orgy


Soldiers and police officers in Brussels held an orgy while the city was in lockdown over fears of a Paris-style attack by Islamist extremists, according to Belgian media reports.

Two female police officers and eight soldiers are said to have engaged in group sex at a police station in the Brussels neighbourhood of Ganshoren while colleagues hunted for terror suspects.

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Rules for a Rape Culture

Dear feminists: this is what a real rape culture is like: Islamic State rules for raping sex slaves

Among the particular norms of conduct, owners are not to have intercourse with pregnant slaves, and if a man owns both a mother and her daughter, he must choose which of the two to have sex with because he cannot have both as sexual partners. The same applies to a man who owns two sisters: he can only have sex with one of them.

Moreover, an ISIS slave-owner’s son is not permitted to have sex with the father’s slave, and the father is not permitted to have sex with his son’s female slaves.

The ruling also forbids having intercourse with a female slave during her menstrual cycle, as well as having anal sex with her at any time.

Note the lack of rich white frat boys or so-called harassment via staring at boobies. But by all means, keep telling Rolling Stone all about your delusions.

At Least it Wasn’t Booze or Pork Chops

Massive drug busts in Saudi Arabia and Iran:

Authorities seized the 5-million plus amphetamine capsules, three grams of heroin, a machine gun and a pistol, Al-Turki added.

At around the same timeframe, Saudi customs officials at two separate border crossings stopped an attempt to smuggle a total of 394,000 Captagon amphetamine capsules into the country. Ibrahim Al-Inizi, who heads Saudi Arabia’s customs center, said the smugglers attempted to stash the capsules in vehicle tires and in the dashboard of a truck.

Iranian officials estimate that 42-percent of the world’s opium consumption occurs in Iran, and that the regime spends about $1 billion dollars a year to fight the drug war there. According to Azernews, statistics released by the government estimate that there are about two million drug users in Iran.

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They’re Just Mad about the Capitalism Angle

San Francisco, best known as the epicenter of smug as ridiculed in that one South Park episode, is furious with Justin Bieber.

Not for the reasons you or I or any other good folks with functioning ears might be, but because Bieber’s marketing team took to graffiti-ing their famously highbrow city for the purpose of promoting a new album release. Y’know, sales, money, capitalism… the rotten little twerp!

Anyway, the graffiti apparently hasn’t washed away in the rain (or the rampant public urination) so the city has paid for it to be pressure-washed away at a cost to taxpayers that has yet to be revealed.

(See? Poor Justin just wanted to help with job creation!)

Of course, this being San Francisco, one wonders if folks would complain so much if it had been promotion for a new Joan Baez album. Or Rufus Wainwright’s latest, Prima Donna.

Lemmy: Killed By Death

This just in: switching from Jack Daniels to vodka might not yield all the health benefits one might think: Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead has died, according to a statement posted to Motorhead’s Facebook page:

There is no easy way to say this…our mighty, noble friend Lemmy passed away today after a short battle with an extremely…

Posted by Official Motörhead on Monday, December 28, 2015

Lemmy had just turned 70.

Saudi Riyal in Danger as Oil War Escalates


Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in The Telegraph today reports that Saudi Arabia is burning through foreign reserves at an unsustainable rate and may be forced to give up its prized dollar exchange peg as the oil slump drags on, the country’s former reserve chief has warned.

“If anything happens to the riyal exchange peg, the consequences will be dramatic. There will be a serious loss of confidence,” said Khalid Alsweilem, the former head of asset management at the Saudi central bank (SAMA).  Read More

And this on the back of recent news that Russia overtook the Kingdom as the main oil supplier to China.


Socialism in Canada: The Ridiculous Reality


We did share this story some weeks ago, but feel it’s so ridiculously juicy that it warrants an update.

Next time someone tries to impress upon you the virtues and benefits of a socialist system, please ask them to explain Ontario under Kathleen Wynne. Not ashamed at mismanaging the budget to the tune of $300 billion, the no-game, no-shame officials are going cap-in-hand to ask their provincial citizens to voluntarily hand back their tax rebates or write them a cheque.

No, you could not make this up.  Read More