Life in Pharma-Fascist Canada (Part 2)

Since first writing on Canada’s rapid decent into pharma-fascism back in November 2021, there have been developments which have brought both the plight of the country, and the Trudeau regime under intense international scrutiny.

For my family, it has been a long and hard winter without access to reliable income; exclusion from society, and continued vilification at the hands of the state media. For long periods it felt like we were being held in a state of basic existence; incapable of escape, whilst the Provincial and Federal governments came up with new ways of demoralizing us at their will; the comparison I kept coming back to was that of a mouse being held and tormented by a cat.

With the arrival of the Trucker Protests in late January came our first chance to have our voices heard in two years. We had no idea that the first real pushback against Trudeau’s authoritarian overreach would be crushed so completely and without compromise. In doing so however, those protests not only exposed Trudeau’s lack of leadership, his cowardice and his arrogance, but it also ultimately forced his regime to reveal its true authoritarian nature to an international audience. He was pushed to crisis, and spectacularly failed the test of leadership in the most comprehensive manner possible.

The first thing I noticed when I first moved to Canada, was just how sensitive urban liberal Canadians were in regards to their international reputation – it really matters how the rest of the world sees them; they want to be thought of well. So it is more that fitting, that during the winter Trucker Protests, the international community saw two sides to Canada – one positive and inspiring; the the other elitist and out of touch.

Trudeau’s commentary on the protests and who was involved bore no relation to what everyone else could see with their own eyes. The protests and blockades that sprang up across the country in temperatures of -40C captured the imagination of people across the world going through similar things with their own globalist politicians; it gave them someone to root for. There were now two Canadas on show for the world: the plucky Canadians braving winter temperatures to defend their Charter Rights, and the entitled globalist elite of the Trudeau regime, who rather than negotiate, decided to hide whilst their thugs crushed the peaceful protests.

Just as Canadian society has been divided, so has this country’s international reputation. And the question is: Which one will Canadians want to be associated with in future?

Imagine being someone who voted Liberal or NDP who supports Canada crossing the line into dictatorship, albeit a superficially inclusive trans version of it. What do you say when you go abroad and you meet people who say: ‘Oh, you’re from Canada? Oh, I loved the Truckers, you guys were fucking awesome… Trudeau, we hate that fucking clown here.’

I will tell you what they will do: they will pretend they supported the truckers and bathe in the national pride that our struggle affords the country and their insecurity. The will deny Trudeau, not just three times, but 3 x 30 times – such is the thread bare moral fibre of the listless liberal psyche, and its need for approval.

A growing and significant number of residents have already started to flee Canada as bank accounts of political enemies are frozen and the Trudeau regime moves to deny journalism licences to media outlet not on the government payroll. This is Venezuela level authoritarianism, and it’s happening right here in Canada.

Canada Just Saw The Biggest Q4 Jump For Residents Permanently Leaving Since The 1970’s

We are all waiting for the adults to step in and put a stop to this, but no one is doing anything; they are all complicit – the police, military, judiciary, opposition parties, and media. Nothing in this country is functioning as it should in a healthy democracy, and most of that is down to having a politicized and paid-off media.

Trudeau Plans To License Journalism

It feels like the grown ups have gone out for the night and left Justin and his buddies in charge of the younger kids whilst they are away. Justin and his Laurentian brat-pack immediately get drunk and started tormenting the younger children whom they were entrusted to look after. As the evening progresses things get increasingly out of control, and now the younger kids are praying for their parents to come home and save them from the cruel tyranny of teenage bullies. Then the kids hear the door opening, and hope and pray that their parents have returned, but instead, it’s Jimmy Dhaliwal and his NDP crew looking at getting in on some of the child torment. So Trudeau, cranks the tunes, and opens another slab of beers knowing that the adults won’t be back until at least 2025.

That is how if feels to live in Canada right now.

Trudeau Makes a Pact with the NDP to Keep Him in Power and the Wheels of Tyranny Turning

Once again, the most alarming thing is that most Canadians who are so protective of their international reputation are O.K. with this. How did we get here? Answer: very quickly, and with little effort.

Trudeau does not care about the principals that Canada was founded on, or upholding them. Trudeau is a blue-blooded Globalist, and therefore a traitor to any society you entrust him with. He is driven by a vision of progress towards a utopian globalist model of control. But those who support him, or silently going along because they cannot break free of a media narrative that has them branded as ‘nazis’ as soon as they go off script, these are the real threats to society.

These are the Canadians currently being distracted with faux-freedoms whilst the Trudeau regime and NDP loose ends remove all other options to ‘being there for one another’ and ‘doing what is right’ as Trudeau likes to call it, which of course is code for: doing what you are told.

These people are the weakest and ugliest manifestation of the Canadian psyche and the biggest threat to this country’s future. They either lack the independence of mind, or strength of character to stop this country’s decent into tyranny from happening, and pose an existential threat to the future of Canada as an independent nation state.

A Tyranny of Decency

There is an insecurity to the urban Canadian psyche. It cares deeply about its international reputation, and whilst this preoccupation should act to protect the country from descending into authoritarianism, it is also the source of a sense of moral elitism that makes it prime for fascism in the name of decency. Those without a sense of cultural identity are more prone to define themselves via invented terms and utopian models of progress in order to offset their insecurity.

The other issue challenging modern Canadian society is that they have been kept safe for far too long, and have no history of being fucked over by their government – hence your average Canadian is dangerously trusting of both the government and state media – at times it’s like living on a island populated by deer who have no concept of the danger posed by humans.

Your average Canadian is never more than two CBC Op-Ed’s away from throwing someone else’s children into an oven in the name of decency.

To Flee or to Stay?

The Government’s national & international travel restrictions for unvaccinated Canadians mean that we still cannot travel by air, train or ship indefinitely, but there is a caveat for foreign citizens which keeps being extended, suggesting that it is illegal to deny foreign nationals the right to return home, but as in all these cases, clear definitions and clarification are impossible to find.

If you are lucky to have citizenship of another country, you could go to the airport with your family and demand to be able to leave the country regardless of vaccine status. I suspect denying you the right could trigger international law issues that even a diet-Soviet newcomer like Trudeau may not be ready to tackle, but this does involve some obvious serious financial and emotional risk if you are denied.

Those who can should seriously consider leaving the country; the majority of Canadians are either too brainwashed or too naive to stop this from happening, and it might be secretly what they’ve wanted all along.

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