Gavin McInnes on “Fake News”


Over at Taki’s Magazine, Gavin McInnes gives his take on the war on “fake news”:

Later [Obama] complained to Rolling Stone that we are getting information from “completely different sources.” That’s right. The least competent president in history is telling rape hoax central the merits of the DNC handling all the information from here on out. Barack is ultimately calling for the abolition of facts and suggesting America take up some kind of state-run media the way Britain and Canada have.

Right, because that’s worked out so awesomely for Canada and the UK… as McInnes elaborates on. Read the whole thing here.

PS: What is real “fake news”? Well, there’s two kinds.

1. Quoth McInnes: “as far as a literal definition, I assume it’s those cheap-looking WordPress sites where you can tell it was made by a mentally ill divorced man who hates the world.”

2. The same thing, only made by mentally ill divorced women who hate the world, minus the cheap-looking WordPress site, plus big budgets and paycheques signed by the likes of Ted Turner (if you live in the USA) and/or your friendly local tax collectors (if you live in Canada or the UK).

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