A service dog walks into a gay bar…


Wait, no… wrong gay dog pic… more like this:


Or this:



We almost missed this late-December gem from David Cole over at Taki’s Magazine, all about the amusing parallels between people sneaking their pets into gay bars while pretending they’re service dogs and dudes wanting to sneak into women’s washrooms while pretending to be transsexuals and the laws that make it all OK whether people like it or not:

…She was direct in her response: “It was less likely anti-straight bias than it was all about the dog. Lots of queer bar owners hate the ADA because of the service-dog regulations.”

I was surprised. “But I thought gays loved their dogs…you know, pampering them, dressing them up in little hats and bow ties and shit.”

“Exactly,” my friend answered. “Queers are always trying to bring their non-service dogs into gay bars, and the owners and managers hate the ADA for the fact that it makes it almost impossible to turn them away. It’s a feeling of government intrusion; the owners feel like their right to run their own business is being violated by a law that demands access in the name of civil rights.”

LOL… oh that’s funny… maybe not for the average run-of-the-mill queer folks, but in light of their activist shit-disturbers, it’s hilariously obtuse. And Cole agrees:

Okay, this is rich. Gay club owners getting pissed off about federal laws mandating access in the name of civil rights. But here’s the thing: The gay bar owners have a point regarding service dogs and the ADA. The law is a hot mess of government illogic. Establishments are allowed to bar any dogs that are not “genuine” service animals (as opposed to simple pets or “emotional support animals”), but, and here comes government doing what it does best—crafting irrational and contradictory rules and regulations—establishments may not demand proof that a dog is a genuine service animal. In other words, you can ban non-service animals, but you are banned from asking for proof that an animal is a service animal; you have to take the customer’s word for it.

Gee, that sounds kinda familiar, doesn’t it?

Read the whole thing here.

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