CBC: Trudeau’s Ministry of Truth

CBC Is Not Your Friend…

I know it acts like your friend – it’s got a soothing voice, says nice things and reminds you that you’re a good person. It cozies up to you on road trips and keeps you company whilst you bake muffins – Anna Maria Tremonti letting you know what the cool kids are up to; Sheila Rogers wrestling with new ideas.

But it’s all just an illusion.

CBC would like to think that they are the only thing between you and Canadians going full Nazi death camp guard. That without CBC’s constant vigilance against the inherent racism of white people, that you’d be rushing to throw babies into ovens, and well… voting Conservative.

You’ve got to be protected from that urge, and in order to do that CBC has assembled an army of condescending menopausal cat ladies and brave new world crypto-communists to steer you towards the correct way of thinking. I mean, you want to be a good person right? CBC wants you to be a good person, and Justin Trudeau’s government wants you to be a good person too. So much so, that Trudeau is willing to provide CBC with $1.2 billion per year to ensure that you only have good thoughts. 

Instead of being a public service it was designed to be, Canada’s publicly funded news network is now a state propaganda apparatus, whose true purpose lies in its content & bias. And you don’t need a college education to spot it… In fact nowadays, it actually helps if you haven’t been ideologically re-programmed with a university education.

Warning: This next paragraph contains sensitive material that some readers might find shocking.

CBC seeks not to unite Canadians, but divide them through the promotion of identity politics. (What?) There is nothing unifying about splitting citizens into disparate groups all jostling for position on the totem pole of special interests, which is what CBC does on an hourly basis. 

Don’t believe me? Here’s a simple test you can do: See how long you can listen to CBC Radio without them referring to LGBTQ; how awesome Islam is, or how bad white people are – the record so far is 6 minutes and 42 seconds.

When you see the world through a lense of racial identity, guess what? YOU are the racist. Regular people don’t think like that, they have to be trained to.

CBC is Radio Rwanda in a Mumu – Hutu Hate Lite.

CBC has only one friend, and it’s not you – it’s their globalist masters and the errand boys like Trudeau, who act as middle men for CBC’s access to public funding. It’s quite brilliant when you think about it: the public paying for their own ideological re-education. This is a level of political cynicism that would make even Stalin blush.

CBC wouldn’t recognize objective journalism in a police line up; they met once.. maybe, in the 1980’s at a party in East Vancouver; since then they’ve been existing on a steady diet of Satan’s jizz whilst worshipping a dreamy image of Justin Trudeau at Toronto Pride and steering a course where up is down, silence is violence, & Islam has nothing to do with terror.

The reality of their situation is that they have become willing tools in a grandiose deception of people they are supposed to be serving.

People say, you have a problem with CBC, fine, don’t listen to it. But it’s not as simple as that is it? CBC receives over a billion dollars in public funding annually. We need to just let that sink in for a moment… They are not purchasing F35 fighters as part of a defence procurement; they make radio & TV programs. Shitty ones at that – have you ever watched Kim’s Convenience or listened to The Debaters? 

When Trudeau came into office in 2015 he pledged another $675 million for CBC over 5 years – 75 million in 2016 & $150 million annually until 2021. Instead of the billion I hear you ask?  No, on top of that. At this stage, CBC are paid up mercenary foot soldiers in Trudeau’s tyranny of decency and ‘looming’ Public Health apartheid. They have reduced themselves to little more than state propaganda for a Globalist vision of the utopian society.

When Hannah Ardendt spoke of the ‘banality of evil’ it’s a phase she could easily have crafted to describe the Canada’s’s public broadcaster – a re-education department run by menopausal white women, whose idea of Islamic extremism is binge watching all six seasons of Little Mosque on The Prairie.

CBC is to news sources what Safeway is to grocers – everything it sells is highly processed, heavily sweetened and contains little in the way of nutritional value. It should really carry a government health warning.

Warning: this product is only intended for awesome people who don’t want to be ‘on the wrong side of history’.

You don’t want to be on the wrong side of history now do you?

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