Islam & the Media: An Anatomy of Bias

As we recently pointed out in The Progressive Pecking Order, there is a hierachical bias that’s being engineered, and last week’s Westminister Bridge Islamic terror attack in London provided an anatomy of that bias.

Whenever we are treated to yet another Islamic terror attack, often before the bodies are even cold or distant relatives have been informed, the scribes of progressive propaganda are working into the small hours of the night putting together articles warning that the potential for a backlash means that the real victims in this equation, are Muslims. Muslims at mosques linked to Khalid Masood fear anti-Islam backlashAfter the New York bomb, Muslim Americans are braced for a backlashMuslims in bombing suspect’s city safeguard community from backlash etc, etc.

Yes, because only when Muslims go on a murderous rampage, are Muslims the real victims… Because of what could happen to them if there was a backlash. Not that there ever is really. But just in case you were having any feelings of anger over yet another attack by adherents of a religion that have been given a home, the liberal media are there to make you feel so utterly ashamed of any natural feelings you might harbour, that you’ll shove them back inside yourself and feel suitably bad for ever having them.

Shame & coercion, it’s a both a bitch, and a staple.

After each attack – which we now have to count like Hollywood sequels: Paris – Charlie Hebdo; Paris 2: Bataclan; London – 7/7 etc., the liberal press rummage through their empty bag of excuses like the sniveling mother of a habitual criminal looking for a pack of tissues, ‘he’s a good boy really, just misunderstood.’

But, when on the rare occasion the gunman actually turns out to be white and the motive can be pinned anywhere near the right wing – like a tail on a donkey at a ketamine party for six year olds, – ‘anywhere near the body will do kid.’

We always hear that we shouldn’t blame the actions of an individual on the larger group they belong to. So shouldn’t we extend the same usual reluctance to tar a group for the actions of a ‘tiny minority’, to Conservatives and those on the Alt-Right? Of course not, are you fucking mad? That luxury is reserved for members of the religion of permanent offence and special needs – Islam.

What about all that stuff in the Quran about killing the unbelievers, and those who insult the prophet? They get a pass; that’s taken out of context. We don’t talk about that.

Instead we get: ‘Islam promotes peace’, or my favourite ‘Islam has nothing to do with terror’ as Hillary Clinton declared. These people have de-coupled from reality and clearly expect the rest of us to come along for the ride.

We are asked to fact check our ‘fake news’ with Buzzfeed, but never to fact check the lies we are told about Islam.

The Right’s Perceived Future Crimes

What has been introduced in its place are the hate crimes of the right in the eyes of the left. Any whiff of association and you are guilty, not only of whatever crime it is, but all society’s ills.

These crimes can even be perceived potential future crimes rather than actual real world historical examples, as in the case of Donald Trump. E.g. Trump is Hitler; he’s literally going to destroy the world; he’s going to be be impeached any day now for his racism and war crimes.

The left wasn’t interested in Hillary’s rap sheet that read like that of an inner city gangbanger, or that she was under three separate FBI investigations during her campaign. They were too busy fabricating something that could sink Trump.

Yeah, But White Christian Terrorism Is Just As Bad.

No it’s fucking not. White terrorism is a crime so rare you need a time machine to connect all the dots. I’ll help you out: Unibomber…Timothy McVeigh… Anders Breivik… Dylan Roof. Unlike Islamic terror, which requires a hand tally counter, good carpal tunnels, and lots of free time. Those guys are killing round-the-clock faster than you can count. The comparison is ludicruous and serves only to highlight the batshit insane bias that passes for reality on the left.

Fact check: In 627AD, the Prophet Mohammed oversaw the execution of 600-900 men and boys. More Details

Fact Check: Islamic scripture permits a follower to lie and deceive if the goal is the establishment of an Islamic society? More Details

Fact Check: Islam preaches peace, and that killing is wrong, but the people who cite this verse often fail to mention that this courtesy is not extended to non-Muslims. More Details

Fact Check: Non-believers living under an Islamic society are permitted three options: convert, pay protection money or die. More Details

On that reckoning, Anders Breivik is a better role model than the Prophet Mohammed.

It feels like we somewhere there was a shift in the fabric of time and now we are living in an alternate dimension, where up is down; in is out, and people who follow the teachings of a murderous warlord, are all about peace despite the mountain of stone cold evidence to the contrary.

To call Islam a religion, let alone a ‘religion of peace’, is generous at best. It’s a political system of conquest based on the deception and subjegation of host societies. I would suggest everyone learns something about what Islam actually teaches before they agree to opening the gates any further. We have a working model of the collapse mass Islamic immigration brings in France, Belgium, Sweden and Germany. What makes you think it will play out any differently in North America?

Hoping for the best in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence is recklessly dangerous. Politicians & supporters who wish to continue with such policies should be forced implement them at gunpoint. That is how hard we should make it for them to do this.

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