Dispersal as Defiance – Rules for Radicals

In Part One I discussed buying out of a broken social contract and decoupling from systems that rely on our participation and financial support for their existence.

In Part Two, I want to address the ongoing dispersal and purge of everything right of Justin Trudeau’s sock drawer, and what effective re-organization might look like in the wake of the unfolding global coup.

The first thing I think it might be worth saying is something I have had to tell myself a number of times, and it’s definitely worth repeating:

The various events of 2020 are by definition related, as they all conspire to create the same result over a reasonably short period of time, i.e., to funnel the global population into ever tightening restrictions under unaccountable control. That much coincidence on such a scale has to be considered ‘enemy action.’

Remember when politicians had to pretend to care about you in order to secure your vote? Well, those days are now well behind us. Nowadays globalist errand boys like Trudeau and Macron, or paper tyrants like Biden, work in tandem with big tech and a Soviet-lite main stream media to serve the elites behind our sham democracies.

In this endeavor they have co-opted the woke left to be their attack dogs both on the streets and on social media, you see it daily. Napoleon is working with the bankers, and the farm is to be renamed:  ‘New World Farm – a Fascist Free Zone.’

What we are now experiencing is an undeclared war on the world’s population by the elite and their useful idiots, which leaves us to ponder how best to proceed given the rapid turn of recent events, and what we can do to protect ourselves and our families under a hybrid Huxley / Orwellian tyranny. Given that we have had little choice in the matter, I believe we should embrace the dispersal that has been visited upon us and see it as a tool of self- preservation. Right now, our main strengths are in our numbers and the poor target value that comes with being a scattered foe that has gone to ground.

As other commentators have recently expressed, conservatives need to make as many small targets as possible for the guns of a weaponized woke media and judicial systems until this phase of the purge is exhausted. It seems fruitless to offer anything of a sizeable target, whilst one by one everything of substance is being taken down.  

Rules For Radicals

From this point on, ours is a guerilla war. This is a culture that the left has grown up with and made their own. Whether we are talking physical or ideological, the left developed the handbook for guerilla tactics we see in daily operation from the likes of Antifa & BLM.

Many of those ‘activists’ might not even realize it, but the playbook they are operating from is, Rules for Radicals, written in 1971 by Chicago street activist, Saul Alinsky, which became the inspiration for young activists like Barrack Obama & Hilary Clinton.

Ben Shapiro has referred to it as essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the tactical modus operandi of the left, which you will most likely be all too familiar with from experience: controlling the narrative; weaponizing language; replacing policy disagreements for personal attacks, and holding opponents to unreasonable standards whilst operating a ‘by any means necessary’ philosophy.

Remember “When they go low, we go high” ? Well, as is routinely the case, what the left mean is the exact opposite – they are going to engage in gangster tactics, whilst holding conservatives to the strictest interpretation of the U.N’s rules of engagement, and hoisting them aloft for an ideologically subverted mass media to pour scorn on them for their bovine consumers.

The second thing the right needs to learn and quickly, is to use the weapons of the enemy against the enemy. The left have been successfully chipping away at an incumbent and established societies for decades, at some point they become the incumbent, and at that point, they start to ‘enjoy’ all the infrastructure and defensive responsibility that comes with it; something they are ill prepared for operationally, and it explains why the reality of socialism in power quickly sours and turns to totalitarian communism.

Asymmetrical Warfare

A guerilla force has the advantage of deciding when and where an engagement takes place. It also has the advantage of changing its offensive position after every engagement. This is something a force engaged in the defence of government and infrastructure cannot do. It must retain its territory and defend it from attack in a manner dictated by structure and responsibilities.

As the insurgent, you have the advantage of launching an attack via a specific method and location without warning, and before your opponent has the opportunity to respond, you can move to a different location and are prepare your next attack via a completely different medium. The advantage of never attacking from the same position twice or employing the same method in succession affords both fluidity and the element of surprise. This is something I learnt first hand whilst taking on corrupt co-operatives operating Politbureau systems of crony- socialism.

I discovered that the logic and modest operandi encountered when engaging with such groups is reliably predictable – they may not be aware that they are operating on the Rules for Radicals model, as they most likely learnt it unconsciously through exposure, but together with a lack of experience in being the incumbent target, and virtually no experience of being exposed to their own tactics, they make for both a highly predictable and large targets time and time again.


Something that scares the shit out of both the globalists and their leftist foot soldiers is the idea of an organic grassroots holy war being embraced by a resurgent radicalized right.  We have already seen glimpses of this in the media hysteria over Q Anon, and the term ‘Talibanization’ being employed to describe off-line groups of politically & spiritually motivated conservatives.

This idea that there is a growing movement on the right that believes that the world is run by a global elite engaged in child sexual abuse and sacrifice in the service of a Satanic forces has them spooked. Which begs the question: If it’s just a crazy conspiracy theory, why are they so clearly rattled by it?

‘You’ll know when you’re over the target, they’ll start throwing everything up at you.” Colonel James ‘Bo’ Gritz

The fruits of the Covid lockdowns have been the closing of all places of worship indefinitely. Cui Bono? Global economic collapse and poverty – who, or what, benefits? Everyone should be asking themselves such questions. Every time we get a glimpse behind the veil into the world of the elites we find ritualistic pedophilia and Satanic symbolism: Jeffrey Epstein’s Island; Anthony Weiner’s laptop; Podesta’s E-mails; Hunter’s laptop, the ex-Prince Andrew, etc.

The Symbolism of the Elites

There is enough circumstantial evidence to support the understanding that the elites of this planet are engaged in ritual Satanic worship and abuse of children, and that they fear two things, 1: Universal exposure, and 2: An enemy who understands they are in a battle with evil, and are spiritually driven to defeat it. It is this latter point that strikes fear into the godless foe. 

Saul Alinsky might have harnessed the ‘by any means necessary’ Chicago street thuggery for the left, but if conservatives embrace the spiritual warfare dynamic of this conflict, what emerges from wreckage of the Republican party in the wake of the election coup, would be an enemy to be truly feared.

Keeping it Local

The war of the flea is now ours. It is one that is flourishes under suppressed grassroots support and enjoys broad-spectrum asymmetrical engagement. This can take a myriad of forms from localized lo-fi economic warfare to the kind of direct action honed by the elite’s foot soldiers and routinely excused by the media as ‘mostly peaceful protests.’

Don’t Feed the Beast  

In part one I discussed buying out of enemy institutions – those who actively or tacitly support both political & public health driven tyranny, and of buying into nothing more than necessities on a local level. If the Globalist elite want their Great Reset, it is well within our collective capabilities to ensure that is does not happen on their terms. Through asymmetrical economic warfare – ceasing support for organizations that do the bidding of the elites and who support the suffocating Covid shutdowns, we can work independently and in small groups to effect massive change.

As we have seen in recent weeks, sometimes an act of defiance can be something as simple as buying physical silver or investing in a favoured shorted stock. It might not look like much, but if everyone went out and bought a couple of ounces of physical silver for example, the Wall St. banks that short silver and gold on an industrial scale in order to prevent inflationary reality being visited on the U.S. dollar would be unable to deliver on contracts without suffering crippling costs.

The financial guardians would of course work to move the goalposts in order to prevent independent day traders from engaging in the sort of market manipulation they have mastered, but it would not be without cost, nor exposure of the rigged casino economy they operate and profit from.

Rather than see ourselves in a depressingly tightening noose, we can choose to embrace the reality that has been imposed upon us, and the advantage it offers. We need to recognize the true nature of the enemy we face, connect with faith in the fight, and employ the weapons they have left us with to wage a global citizen’s war against tyranny.