Was Quebec Terror Attack a False Flag?


Was the recent attack and murder of 6 muslim men at a mosque in Quebec city the action of a lone racist gunman or was it something more? The timing and location of this event are highly suspicious, coming only a day after the Prime Minister openly tweeted that Canada would be accepting the refugees banned from the U.S.

While Canada is unmistakably a nation of immigrants with enough room for a few more people, the current post 9/11 clash of cultures has put the western world on edge and the election of Donald Trump to the presidency is proof that unfettered immigration is of concern to the under educated and unemployed American voter.

While the acceptance of refugees into the country is a noble and compassionate policy the driving factors of this mass migration is conveniently ignored.

First, that the West has been bombing the middle east, Afghanistan and parts of Africa for decades and the destruction of these lands leads to the displacement of people.

Second, the clash of cultures created by the waves of immigrants entering our country has led to political push back from a population that sees immigration as a negative.

Third and most importantly, the secretive, almost dishonest way government has sold it’s action policy towards Terrorism and Immigration.

Is immigration the side effect or the reason?

Was the Quebec mosque attack the act of an angry hater or a way to sell more muslim immigration to an already under employed Canadian population?

Journalists at Press For Truth believe there may be a CSIS connection to this story.

What we know for sure is that the RCMP and CSIS have a history of entrapment and the use of false operations for the purpose of affecting public opinion.

Is this latest event one of them?

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