Woke Armies to Challenge Sun Tzu’s Concept of War

At my son’s school last week, they had a Remembrance Day assembly, during which they selectively honoured the women, indigenous soldiers and even Japanese Americans who fought, or just suffered, during Canada’s wars.

Unfortunately for their narrative, both World Wars were predominately European affairs, and whilst colonial troops were deployed in large numbers, and large numbers of female support workers were essential, the people who did the majority of the fighting and dying, were young Caucasian men.

None of this surprised me. I have become almost numb to the daily grind of ideological re-programming that passes for state education in modern Canada. The practice of vilifying whiteness is now well established in the media, with publically funded media outlets like CBC openly engaged in discriminatory policies and racist anti-white programming. So finding that white males have been removed from Remembrance Services no longer comes as a surprise; it is merely a predictable part of the undeclared war on white culture.

Over the past few years, as the parent of teenage white boys (sorry CBC), it has been impossible to ignore the media campaign to weaponize the issue of race. It may be viewed as a crusade of the noblest virtue by programming directors, but it also has negative real world consequences.

I really thought we had addressed this once and for all – that it is not acceptable to discriminate against groups based on things they have no control over, like race or sex.  

I do not believe that your average CBC producer would ever make the connection between their racially weaponized programming, and say.. the driver who exited his car last summer, when my neighbour signalled for him to him to slow down on a residential street, and shouted ‘Fuck you white people!’

The media are responsible for making such behaviour acceptable, and creating situations that could easily spill into racially motivated violence. I lay such incidents 100% at their feet.

That said, it is reassuring to know that, due to their low cultural status, my boys will never be required to defend our nascent trans-fluid woke theocracies from an external threat. The media and educational systems have made it perfectly clear: there is no place for them in society as anything but masked apologists for white privilege kneeling before BLM. Our sophisticated woke societies now have much better resources for defending the nation than white CIS men.

Having decimating the militaries with vaccine mandates, those at the helm seek to capitalize on the progress made by replacing those departed service personnel with ideological zealots.

The western armies of the future will be taken from the ranks of the Twitter; Antifa & Instagram – fact checkers sponsored by Pfizer, blue haired woke bitches & BLM murderers.

This force will be sufficiently motivated to defeat any enemy they encounter due to their utopian zeal for the utopia of social justice. All we need are assurances from China that Canada’s New Model Army will be tactically accommodated, and treated respectfully in any showdown over Taiwan.

Of course, we know that none of that is going to happen, nor is anything I describe a workable reality.

Have you seen the sort of males that modern Canadian cities produce – effete bitchboys. This is what a society in decline looks like. These fuckers are not saving anyone; take their phones off them and they curl up into a ball waiting to die.

The country will be almost exclusively reliant upon small town & rural males, who have been insulated from the worst effects of the state media’s emasculating war on white privilege by their close proximity to the realities of rural life.    

As soon as a conflict looks likely they will stop dismantling whiteness momentarily, and insist it’s the duty of white males to defend the Trudeau’s Trans-Islamic Republic of Peopleland.

Do I support the drafting of teenage girls from the Cactus Club patio? Of course; equality comes with duties and responsibilities and we should field such forces no matter how practically ridiculous they are. According to the rationale, in order for such to be accommodated, practical necessities like defence, which should be insulated from such influences, have to be compromised. So we are left to draw one of two conclusions:

1. They are doing their best, but are zealous ideologues without any comprehension or consideration of the requirements.


2. They don’t care – the pursuit of an ideological utopia is more important than survival in an imperfect state.

And of course these are not mutually exclusive positions – both could be true at the same time, and most likely are to varying degrees.

In any future conflict, you have to wonder how a conquering army would view our virtuous inclusivity. Will woke nations get kudos points with conquerors for having an ethical army? Would such a noble pursuits be accommodated? I very much doubt it.

One thing is undeniable though: every measure our broken and bankrupt political elites initiate looks like it was drafted by an enemy.  

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