A Road Map To Genocide

‘Cancel Culture is a Dress Rehearsal for Mass Murder’ – Stefan Molyneux

At first this appears to be a rather grandiose statement, but upon reflection, it is both sober and chilling.

As Molyneux suggests, Cancel Culture removes the subject from society – both digitally and in societal terms, but what is striking is how the unfolding Covid restrictions would provide a logistical framework for mass removal.

Consider what they already have set up under the auspices of fighting Covid: gathering & travel restrictions; complete control over the economy; fines for non-compliance; big tech censorship of dissent; weaponization of the narrative, weekly shutdowns with zero recourse or accountability, and now.. ‘health passports.’

What we are actually living under, is a pilot scheme for global tyranny, and it is not hard to identify the various phases of our enslavement and selective eradication.

Let’s say you wanted to get rid of all the bad people who don’t buy your globalist narrative – who voted for Brexit or Trump; who took issue with their children being ideologically re-programmed – all the people who saw through the catalogue of lies from 9/11 to Libya and beyond, into a pandemic with a survival rate of 99.7% and a coercive experimental vaccine. These people are keeping you from realizing your utopian techno-feudal society of 2030, and in order for it to be realized, they will either have to be re-educated, or eliminated.

So how do you get a society to turn on a non-compliant group within? Unfortunately given the alarming rate of progress already made, much of what I describe next will already be familiar.     

When it comes to the targeting of a group for removal and extermination, you first need to isolate them from everyone else. We can already see how plans for vaccine passports and the narrative concerning ‘anti-vaxxers’ is starting to identify the target demographic. All this ‘vaccines will not be mandatory; it’ll be your choice’ is a lie. Without them, you will not be able to work or travel.

Joe Scarborough Slams “Idiots” Who Oppose Vaccine Passports: “They’re Living In Ignorance And Stupidity”

Next comes vilification – make them responsible for all of society’s ills. We are starting to hear how people who refuse to be vaccinated are ‘endangering all of us’ and are now being labeled as ‘domestic terrorists’ – the vilification of Trump supporters in the media was a warm up, and increasingly you will find the two conflated to make the most of already established narratives. This is how easy it is to transfer the manufactured villainy when you have complete control of both main stream AND social media.

Far-Right Extremists Move From ‘Stop the Steal’ to Stop the Vaccine

As I have been saying throughout the last year of Covid lockdowns: the average Canadian is only ever two CBC Op-Eds away from throwing someone else’s kids into an oven. And nothing I have seen has inspired me to retract that.

How long before your kids are targeted at school because their parents aren’t vaccinated, or you lose your job? Probably months rather than years.

How long before your woke neighbour with blue hair decides that you need to be punched in the face for not wearing a mask outside?  In some places we are already there.

How long before those same people get together and paint a big yellow V on your door for ‘Unvaccinated’ encouraged by a divisive national media?

How long before the introduction of armbands identifying the unvaccinated? The CBC articles extolling the health benefits and justification almost write themselves in this current climate.

And how long before your neighbours are standing in the street clapping as your family is carted off to a Covid facility at an undisclosed address?

How long before Trudeau’s gay gulags are transitioned into Globalist death camps staffed by ideological zealots like Antifa & BLM for the elimination of ‘fascists’?

Remember ‘Punch a Nazi!’ ? Well, it’s final destination is industrial scale mass murder.

We already see the ‘Domestic Terrorist’ badge being thrown onto anyone who dares not comply – Capitol Hill Rioters; GameStop Short Squeeze Day Traders; Anti-Vaxxers – All labeled domestic terrorists by mainstream and social media.

That’s how primed we are for genocide – in the name of safety of course, or public decency (delete as appropriate). This final part will be surprisingly easy and quick once everything else is in place.

I won’t bother referencing the obvious historical precedents, you already know them, but this time it will be more of a grotesque circus – think Treblinka adapted for screen by Dante and directed by Ru Paul:

‘Most of the camp guards were drawn from the ranks of the trans / climate activist Twitter community and sported the trademark blue hair & septum piercings of their office. They separated the Christian children from their parents to be the playthings of Hunter Biden or Lady Gaga, and for sacrifice at one of the temples in Hollywood or Washington – a grandiose petition submitted in blood to the Prince of this World.’

Satan will get his souls and the domestic propaganda departments will balance the price he demands reassuringly against the threat of Climate Change and Covid 2030. CBC will run some articles along the lines of ‘…whilst this may jar with some, what is taking place is to keep us all safe’ and the clapping seals in their eight masks will lap it up as salvation.  

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