Brexit: Farage Gets Busy Smacking Bitichez About


After the dust had settled on the Brexit result, UKiP leader and architect behind the campaign for Britain to Leave the E.U., Nigel Farage, wasted no time in setting about smacking around a list of people who had ‘had it coming’.

On Sunday he let Canadian Pool Boy President, Justin Trudeau have it for actively supporting the Remain campaign.

“I mean I’d love the Canadian Prime Minister to tell you guys that you’ve decided to make NAFTA a political union, and that you are going to transfer all Ottawa’s authority to someone else, that you are going to have foreign courts overruling you,” he said. “How long would you last? A day? A week? And yet that’s what the Canadian Prime Minister was effectively recommending to us. I wonder sometimes whether foreign leaders genuinely understand what the European Union is.” Read Full Story

Then he let Barrack Obama have both barrels for his invasive meddling in trying to persuade Britons to ‘Remain.’ Which even saw an Op-Ed piece by Obama in the Daily Telegraph. Read More 

“Well ultimately let me say this, Vladimir Putin behaved in a more statesmanlike manner than President Obama did in this referendum campaign. Obama came to Britain and I think behaved disgracefully, telling us we’d be at the back of the queue. Treating us, America’s strongest, oldest ally, in this extraordinary way. Vladimir Putin maintained his silence throughout the whole campaign.”

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But Farage was far from done. On Monday morning he caught an early flight to Brussels and set about smacking around the entire E.U parliament to boos and jeers from the members, and to the seething fury of Jean-Claude Junker. Full Speech

He then later that day finished off the perfect week by smacking around the queen bitch, Hillary Clinton by declaring:  “There is nothing on earth that could ever persuade me to vote for Hillary Clinton.”

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Simply put, in a political world full of grocery clerks and errand boys, on current form Nigel Farage should be running the country.


Nicola Goes A Courting


After her husband decided to leave his secure job to pursue a dream, Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon arrives in Brussels looking for a new husband to support her lavish spending habits. Read More

Top of her list is a a generous E.U. Commissioner with deep pockets to cover her 15 billion pound credit card bill. Read More

After the Brexit vote, Nicola dusted off her best frock and headed straight for Brussels, trying to mask the scent of desperation with plenty of perfume and a plunging neckline.

Brussels is currently awash with wealthy E.U. commissioners and presidents looking for somewhere to park 90,000 migrants a year, and a lady in financial need will be a  tempting proposition.

Brexit: The Progressive Logic of Pooh


“How did you vote?” Asked Pooh.

“I voted Leave” said Piglet.

“You’re a racist and a xenophobe” said Pooh.

“Why do you say that?” Asked Piglet.

“Because only small minded xenophobes and racists voted Leave.” Said Pooh.

“Labelling people and slur slinging is what progressive wood animals do instead of arguments.” Said Piglet.

“That sounds like racist talk to me.” Said Pooh. “Didn’t you vote Leave because you don’t like Heffalumps?”

“No, I only have a problem with the Heffalumps who want to blow up the woods. I did it because I want to be able to remove the animals in charge of the woods if they do things I don’t like, that’s what the wood was built on.” Replied Piglet.

“Being able to remove the animals in charge is over-rated Piglet. It’s much better to permanently hand control of the woods over to an elite with a vision of the ideal wood.” Said Pooh.

“Where did you hear that?” Asked Piglet.

George Soros told me in the Guardian.” Replied Pooh.

“I think that’s called a politburo.” Said Piglet.

“A what?” Asked Pooh.

“A dictatorship” Replied Piglet. “I seem to remember reading a book set in a farmyard about that… Hang on a minute Pooh, weren’t you the one arguing against Globalization of the woods 10 years ago? Why are you all for a Superwood now?”

“Being part of the Superwood means that we can swap thing with other woods and we can go on holiday. All the  young animals think it’s a great idea.” Said Pooh

“Young animals are not known for great ideas Pooh, they like shiny things that move quickly and flash on and off.” Said Piglet. “Anyway, the Superwood is in trouble Pooh. It’s all a mess. Some woods collect lots of twigs and others don’t. Christopher Robin has been studying woods at school, and he thinks that the Superwood is just one big storm away from all the trees falling down. I think it’s best if we leave before the big storm, and look after our wood. And then we can swap bundles of twigs and branches with who we like.”

“Only a fascist would think like that.” Said Pooh.

“You’re probably right Pooh.” Said Piglet. “But we’re still friends right? Wanna go for a beer?”

“Fuck off Piglet, I don’t drink with racist scum!” Said Pooh.

One Foot In The Grave


It has been reported that Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn fell asleep watching tv a week over a ago and only awoke Friday morning to discover that Britons had voted to leave the European Union.

Corbyn had been expected to lead the Remain campaign in the lead up to Thursday’s vote, but couldn’t be bothered due to only being 75% committed himself to continued E.U. membership, and fell asleep whilst watching Escape to the Country.  Read More

Staff didn’t notice him missing until the day of the referendum, and the first attempts to contact him failed, as his pay-as-go phone hadn’t been topped up by his son during his weekly visit to drop off itchy blankets.

The Labour leader is being held responsible for the victory of the Leave campaign after not turning up and engaging with abandoned Labour voters in the biggest decision British voters have made in the last 40 years.

Brexit: Britain Leaves & Progressives Throw a Tantrum


Against all expectations, Britain has voted to leave the European Union in a truly seismic result. The federalists have been sent packing in what was always going to be a close run referendum: 52% to 48%, with over 70% of the eligible population turning out to vote.

The Remain campaign, consisting of a rather unlikely but revealing alliance of federalists, progressive liberals & crony capitalists, ran a campaign built on the classic progressive chassis of slurs, vilification & scare tactics, ultimately failed as people decided that the apocalypse they were told would unfold if they made the decision to leave was a risk worth taking, given that past generations had paid in blood to retain the sovereignty they were being asked to casually surrender.

Throughout the morning defeated federalists queued up to give life to the rather fanciful idea that the British people hadn’t really voted against further E.U. membership, but instead were giving a bloody nose to the establishment.


Even though he was not the official leader of the Leave campaign, the man of the hour has to be Nigel Farage, whose raison d’etre (excuse my French) for the past 25 years has been to remove Britain from a European Superstate.

It must have been fairly lonely being Nigel Farage at times over the past ten years – taking all the medieval village waste the Conservatives, E.U federalists and the progressive left could throw at him. He deserves this moment and this very British victory.

Strip away the spin and the narrative still being offered the next day, the British people, have rejected a politburo model of remote governance, unbridled by democracy or policy restrictions.

Contrary to what a conveyor belt of leftist politicians were saying this morning, this was a vote against a federalist E.U. who enjoys ultimate power without accountability; it was about wrestling sovereignty back from technocrats whose last interest is that of the British people. Their’s is a federalist agenda. Eurosceptecism across Europe is rife due to the failure of their progressive policy of forcing ideological pegs into cultural holes that has the commission handing out migrant quotas to nation states under threat of heavy fines.

The fearful thing to do would have been to stay, and full credit should given to people who did not buckle in the face of slurs and threats. The E.U. is an unelected governing body that decides policy in private and then imposes those decisions on the populations of member states. America fought and won a war of independence over these very issues, and they should appreciate the significance of this moment more than anyone else.

During this campaign, it mattered not that you could articulate your reasons and challenge those whose only game seemed to be a childishly simple shame game. To date we are yet to hear one convincing argument from anyone in the Remain camp. They clearly thought all that was required were the usual slurs and vilification of the opposition. Well, today they are left with nothing but the brittle shell of their failed propaganda and their ideological tears.


Cole’s Notes on Defeating Guerillas

shining path

Interesting article over at Return of Kings about how Peru defeated their Shining Path guerillas, led by Abimael Guzman, with obvious applicability to the likes of ISIS:

But the government eventually learned counter-insurgency methods. These began before the election of Alberto Fujimori, but he definitely added impetus and urgency to them. In 1992, Guzman himself was captured and exhibited to the public in a cage. It was a stunning reversal for the Shining Path, and thereafter it gradually withered away.

Read it all here.

My Name is “Death To Traitors”


Earlier this week, British Labour MP, Jo Cox was shot, stabbed and killed outside her surgery in a suburb of Leeds. Cox had been appointed to parliament the previous year by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and was an outspoken Remain campaigner in the up-coming Brexit vote.

The similarities between this killing and that of Pim Fortuyn in the Netherlands in 2002 are worth noting. Both appear to have been assassinated for political reasons just prior to an election – Fortuyn an outspoken right winger, and Cox a progressive left winger.

Her killing came as the Brexit campaigning entered it’s final ten days, with public support for leaving the union at its height after a recent surge in the polls. It is not an overstatement to say that the Brexit vote will be the most important vote Britons have ever cast. At stake is the sovereignty of Britain and the survival of the Union itself, as many E.U. nations already unhappy with the terms and realities of membership will see a Brexit as a green light for their own referendum and possible exit. Read More

As yet, the motive has not been established, but witnesses reported the gunman shouting the name of the British far right group “Britain First”. These reports were then later denied, with witnesses going out of their way to refute such claims.

Needless to say, given the timing of the killing, any motive offered or narrative floated should be treated with a healthy skepticism. With the stakes being so high, it would be naively foolish to think that the establishment would miss an opportunity like this to play public opinion in their favour. If you find this idea offensive, you need to lay off the state sponsored soda for a while.

For the past twenty five years the narrative in Britain has been controlled by the progressive left. Anyone who had a problem with the trajectory of the planned society, e.g., Tony Blair’s ‘open door’ immigration policy, was branded a ‘racist’ or a ‘fascist’ and told to go away.

This attitude existed at both the official and grass roots level, as demonstrated in Gordon Brown’s confrontation with a Labour voter who had concerns regarding the level of immigration Britain was being subjected to due to the then unbeknown program of coercive engineered migration (CEM) implemented by his party to cynically manipulate the voting demographic permanently in their favour. Read More

However those people don’t go away. As the effects of failed policies start to take their toll on previously stable societies (see France & Belgium), they find another way of making their voices heard, as we have witnessed in the recent rise of nationalist parties across Europe. It’s fairly simple how the current situation came about if you can afford to be honest and objective about it.

In the late 1990’s the New Labour under Tony Blair created an immigration crisis, then refused to acknowledge it’s effects as legitimate concerns; electing instead to vilify and shame into silence those who spoke out. The steadfast refusal of those on the left to engage in dialogue or accommodate those voices has set the political spring for a nasty visceral backlash that is only now just starting to build momentum.

However, rather than address the issue or face a gathering storm compounded by the Merkel’s mishandling of the migrant crisis last summer, they have decided that they will simple double down on the rhetoric and continue on as planned. The language employed during throughout the Brexit campaign has been consistent, with those who support the Leave campaign being labelled as ‘xenophobes’ & ‘Little Englanders’.

The rise of nationalism in Europe has been easy to predict and can be traced back to the mechanisms that were introduced to ideologically modify society – the stripping away of sovereignty and ramming of ideological pegs into cultural holes, as the E.U. architects set about realizing their dream with little concern for, or recourse to the societies they have under their jurisdiction. Read More

The progressive left entertains the arrogant and abstract idea that the country is filled with bad people just looking to be fascists, or simple people looking for someone to blame. Whilst each time there is an addition to the depressing catalogue of Islamic attacks, they spend the next day in the press rummaging through their empty bag of excuses like the loving mother of a criminal son. This is partly to do with the fact that they have remained relatively unchallenged until recently, and are still running off a 1970’s script of motivation that sees a borgeois fascist behind every pillar.

The gunman, Thomas Mair – a solitary figure by all accounts with a history of mental health issues, clearly lacked the perspective to save himself from what appears to be a radicalized politically inspired murder.

However, ultimately the conditions for the killing of Jo Cox in Leeds were created by an ideology that ignores realities, and should be laid squarely at the feet of those who have arrogantly and steadfastly refused dialogue or to accommodate valid criticism for their failed policies: the progressive left, of which Jo Cox was unfortunately an active member.



Hillary’s Gun Control or Trump’s Islam Control?


In the wake of the attack on a gay nightclub in Florida by an Islamic gunman, the same old issues continue to raise themselves with depressing regularity, along with a few new ones.

As the left now pretends to wrestle with an aggregation fallacy they have entertained for some time now: gay rights vs Islam, those of us who have been following this for some time know that the progressive left has already chosen Islam over gay rights. It was decided some time ago, and implicitly supported by LGBT silence over the treatment of gay people in countries who follow Islamic laws. Read More

Ideologically you cannot support both without arriving at an awkward or impossible contradiction at some point, and it would seem, that point is now. I am of course basing this on the trust that there remains enough people within society who are free of the worst ravages of this particular brand of insanity to force a change, or capable of realization.

At the same time, the Democratic party’s leadership, both Barrack Obama & Hillary Clinton, continue with the policy of circumventing a global threat whose name they refuse to utter. Instead using the killing of 50 people for their sexual orientation as an opportunity to drive home their gun control agenda. Read More

At this stage, it’s all getting a bit ridiculous. Obama’s continued failure to say the words ‘Islamic terrorism’ is indicative of either affiliation or a denial that disqualifies him from further office based on mental health grounds. Of course I am be disingenuously naive: it is part of a perverse progressive logic that appears to be laying the groundwork for the Islamization of all western societies.

It is so bad that even gunman Omar Mateen did not trust the Obama’s admin to report his motivation honestly, instead deciding to call in his motive to 911 just prior to the attack, because presumably, he knew that the Obama admin and press outlets would do everything they could to avoid making the link to Islamic terror.

Obama’s dogged refusal to utter the name of a foe that has declared war on the rest of the world, instead choosing to focus on the enemy’s access to weaponry, is akin to Winston Churchill in 1941 decrying Nazi Germany’s access to twin engined bombers during the Blitz without mentioning Hitler or the Nazis specifically by name. It is simply ludicrous and criminally insane.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is being touted as a dangerous demagogue, but in all fairness, they are making things childishly easy for him. When you have an incumbent leader and presidential candidate, both of whom refuse to identify the enemy they face, Trump’s unbridled ability to identify that enemy and say its name rather makes him look like the only person at the top table who is living in reality; when all you have to do is merely point out that the emperor is naked, your opponents (or rather the ideology they inhabit) make it an incredibly simple game in times like these.

Until Obama, Clinton and the likes of Trudeau here in Canada start living in reality instead of ideology, they will continue to be challenged and embarrassed by the realities of the world in which we live. But don’t hold your breath, liberals do not acknowledge mistakes, and consistently double down on the coercive rhetoric when challenged with such realities.