Hillary’s Gun Control or Trump’s Islam Control?


In the wake of the attack on a gay nightclub in Florida by an Islamic gunman, the same old issues continue to raise themselves with depressing regularity, along with a few new ones.

As the left now pretends to wrestle with an aggregation fallacy they have entertained for some time now: gay rights vs Islam, those of us who have been following this for some time know that the progressive left has already chosen Islam over gay rights. It was decided some time ago, and implicitly supported by LGBT silence over the treatment of gay people in countries who follow Islamic laws. Read More

Ideologically you cannot support both without arriving at an awkward or impossible contradiction at some point, and it would seem, that point is now. I am of course basing this on the trust that there remains enough people within society who are free of the worst ravages of this particular brand of insanity to force a change, or capable of realization.

At the same time, the Democratic party’s leadership, both Barrack Obama & Hillary Clinton, continue with the policy of circumventing a global threat whose name they refuse to utter. Instead using the killing of 50 people for their sexual orientation as an opportunity to drive home their gun control agenda. Read More

At this stage, it’s all getting a bit ridiculous. Obama’s continued failure to say the words ‘Islamic terrorism’ is indicative of either affiliation or a denial that disqualifies him from further office based on mental health grounds. Of course I am be disingenuously naive: it is part of a perverse progressive logic that appears to be laying the groundwork for the Islamization of all western societies.

It is so bad that even gunman Omar Mateen did not trust the Obama’s admin to report his motivation honestly, instead deciding to call in his motive to 911 just prior to the attack, because presumably, he knew that the Obama admin and press outlets would do everything they could to avoid making the link to Islamic terror.

Obama’s dogged refusal to utter the name of a foe that has declared war on the rest of the world, instead choosing to focus on the enemy’s access to weaponry, is akin to Winston Churchill in 1941 decrying Nazi Germany’s access to twin engined bombers during the Blitz without mentioning Hitler or the Nazis specifically by name. It is simply ludicrous and criminally insane.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is being touted as a dangerous demagogue, but in all fairness, they are making things childishly easy for him. When you have an incumbent leader and presidential candidate, both of whom refuse to identify the enemy they face, Trump’s unbridled ability to identify that enemy and say its name rather makes him look like the only person at the top table who is living in reality; when all you have to do is merely point out that the emperor is naked, your opponents (or rather the ideology they inhabit) make it an incredibly simple game in times like these.

Until Obama, Clinton and the likes of Trudeau here in Canada start living in reality instead of ideology, they will continue to be challenged and embarrassed by the realities of the world in which we live. But don’t hold your breath, liberals do not acknowledge mistakes, and consistently double down on the coercive rhetoric when challenged with such realities.



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