Media Attacks Lawyer For: Being A Woman Who Defended A Man


Jian Ghomeshi’s lawyer says she was just doing her job in representing the former CBC radio star in a high-profile sexual assault case, and that she was thrilled with the result.

Marie Henein spoke with Peter Mansbridge on CBC’s The National on Tuesday night in her first interview since Ghomeshi was acquitted of sexual assault charges in Toronto last Thursday.

Henein said it was the right result, and rejected accusations that she betrayed women by defending Ghomeshi.

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Rob Ford: A True Fiscal Conservative

TORONTO, ON - JULY 15:  Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaks with reporters after meeting with transportation minister Glen Murray at City Hall on July 15, 2013.        (Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

A week ago, the sitting Toronto city councillor and former mayor succumbed to the cancer he had been suffering from for a year and a half. He was 46.

Years from now, the years 2010 to 2014 will be known as the “Rob Ford era,” something that like the former mayor, has passed.

No one can possibly argue Ford was not a true fiscal conservative. Not only did he understand but was concerned with the fact governments do not have money. The money they have comes from what they can confiscate from people. And while “tax the rich” is trendy these days, it is the ordinary resident of Toronto who is hit the hardest. Without Ford, conservatism is dead in Toronto as it is in Ontario, Canada and even the United States.

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Trudeau: The Gift That Keeps Giving


Just as Jon Stewart must have licked his chops at the news of a second G.W term, we thank the Lord every day for the rich feast that is Justin Trudeau. In the job less than six months, it’s been hard to keep up with the marshmallow machine gun of material that Justin keeps providing for us. From selling all of Canada’s gold, to promising to settle 25,000 Syrians in six weeks, Justin is a Megalodon of political slapstick.

But now President Pool Boy has gone and provided us with possibly his greatest gift thus far… a series of Justin Trudeau feminist memes.  Read Full Article.







Nihon Go! Stop Killing the Whales you Bastards!

TOKYO, Japan - File photo taken in September 2013 shows a minke whale captured off Kushiro, northern Japan. Japan lost a court case lodged by Australia seeking an end to Japanese whaling in the Antarctic Ocean on March 31, 2014, as the U.N. court ruled Japan's whale hunting is not conducted for scientific purposes and ordered the whaling to stop. (Kyodo)

Japan has killed 333 minke whales—including more than 200 pregnant females—as part of this year’s Antarctic whale hunt, according to the country’s Institute for Cetacean Research.

On Wednesday, four ships returned from their 115-day expedition to conduct “scientific” whaling activities. The hunt was in blatant disregard of the International Court of Justice’s 2014 ruling that challenged the scientific legitimacy of the program.

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Homophobe. Racist. Murderer. Thug.


Che Guevara was a known Homophobe, Racist, Murderer and Terrorist who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people until his just execution by the CIA in 1967.

How many of our hypersensitive entitled university brats are wearing shirts with his image while complaining of being micro aggressed by those with differing opinions?

Should we blame the kids, their parents, or the Universities that teach them to be spineless, thin skinned emotionally retarded bed wetters?

Perhaps this is why Stalin had all the academics in his Soviet Union rounded up and executed. Not because they challenged his rule, but because they were pussies.

Now on college and university campus’s around the world, students are seeking counselling for having hurt feelings or because they feel unsafe from the ideas of others.

Not so long ago, World War II was fought and won by a generation of men and women who were in some cases only teenagers against the greatest evil the world had ever seen.

Contrast that to today’s current generation of university students who feel ‘disgusted’ at the notion of ‘men’s rights’ or ‘free speech’.

Every day, there is a new story in the media about students protesting ‘hurtful words’ and ‘micro aggressive’ injustice.

Well, here’s a newsflash for all you hipster douchebags.

As any objective historian would tell you, if Che Guevara were alive today, he would call you a faggot, slit your throat and piss on your unburied corpse.

So go back to mommy’s basement, have a nap and grow the fuck up.

Let the Looting of Canada Begin


The front cover of this year’s budget features a mother and daughter walking down what looks suspiciously like a yellow brick road.

Perhaps the finance minister, in some subconscious moment of sincerity, was acknowledging the best hope of slaying the deficit is to follow the path to Emerald City and seek out the Wizard of Oz.

That seems a more realistic prospect than the measures taken in budget ’16 sparking the growth necessary to bring the economy back into surplus.

The Liberals have long been accused of being guilty of taxing, then spending. That appellation will have to be revised – they look set to become the party of spending, then taxing.

To this point, the Liberals have traded on the intangibles of their telegenic leader and the power of positive thinking.

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Feminism & Islam with Pat Condell

For anyone still unfamiliar with Pat Condell, he has been the U.K’s best known YouTube commentator on Islam & Progressive Liberalism for a number of years now. A former stand up comedian, Condell mixes a lethal cocktail of comedy and acerbic writing to tear to shreds the inconsistencies of the left when it comes to Islam. Ever wondered why feminists have nothing to say about Islam? Here’s Pat at his brutal best.