Who are You Going To Believe, Us Or Your Own Severed Head?


As Mark Steyn puts it:

For strange psychological reasons that archaeologists who sift through the rubble of our civilization will long ponder, the biggest story of our time cannot be reported honestly. Lies beget lies. The Obama Administration insists that the Islamic State is not Islamic, Islamic terrorism is nothing to do with Islam, there’s no Islam to see here, no way, no how. You can’t hold the line at one lie, and tell the truth on everything else. The lie on Islam infects everything else. If they’re just “violent extremists” in general, they have to be violent and extremist in general – or “randomly”, as the President would say.

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We’re just two days removed from the worst terror attack in the history of Belgium, and already the international left is guaranteeing that more Westerners will die. That’s particularly true of American leftists, who seem hell-bent on enshrining political correctness at the cost of American lives. The left’s allegiance to political correctness is their top priority, and it will result in body parts strewn across Western capitals. 

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Cultural Marxism has Left Us Defenceless Against Islam.


If you doubt that Cultural Marxism exists, please take a good hard look at our collective response to yet another large scale terror attack on a European capital.

If the Islamic terror attacks in Belgium have served one purpose, it is to highlight once again what a pathetic specimen Western civilization has become after decades of cultural Marxism & political correctness have ground us down to a pith of emasculated self-loathing and insecurity.

The sum total of our permissible response to yet another attack from an enemy within, and whom we continue to welcome onto our shores in increasing numbers, is to wash our social media profile picture with the relevant flag and speak of our surprise & non-specific sadness at another act of predictable violence at the hands of an enemy whose name cannot be uttered.

For anyone outside of this paradigm, this borders upon a collective mental illness of cult proportions. Our collective inability to even identify the threat means that we have little chance of addressing it, and absolutely no chance of defeating it. Which in turn inevitably leads to a state of resignation, as we have to admit that after decades of dismantling our societies from within, cultural Marxism & political correctness have left our societies unable to respond, let alone defend a civilization that has been crafted with blood and reason over a thousand years to provide a societal model that others have sought to adopt and emulate.

Teddy bears, tears, candles, cartoons, murals, mosaics, flowers, flags, projections, hashtags, balloons, wreaths, lights, vigils, scarves, and more. These are the best solutions the Western world seems to come up with every few months when we are slammed by another Islamist terrorist attack. We are our own sickness.

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This is the defining feature of the Isis era: the West has the military might to fight Isis, but not the moral conviction. It has the machinery, the men, but it lacks the thing every warrior needs: a deep belief in what he’s fighting for, in this case the idea that our enlightenment values, our free, open societies, are superior to their backward way of life. We in the West agree that we hate Isis, but we don’t agree that the Western way of life is something worth defending, or even something we should be especially favourable about anymore.

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Evil doesn’t give a crap about your feelings. It doesn’t care that you’re bending over backwards to not offend its sensibilities. In appeasing the Muslim terrorists on such a massive scale, you lay down your weapons before a fight, dropped to the floor and exposed your cheese and wine filled underbelly. You communicated to ISIS that not only would you not fight them, not only would you refuse to identify them for what they are – Islamic terrorist, but you’d go ten steps farther: you’d attempt to make them like you.

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Islam killed those people in Brussels. The teachings of the prophet Mohammed and Saudi Arabian sponsored ideology killed those people. Without being able to say that, we are finished.

Tired of Being Lied To?


The boys from Allah Akbar have released another PR statement for the religion of peace, this time in Brussels.

Meanwhile as the lies continue and the bodies stack up, French Prime Minister, Manual Valls broke ranks in the wake of the attack to declare “We are at war.”

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No doubt he received a phone call from the President of the E.U. Commission, Jean-Claude Junker soon after telling him that there was no war, and that if they were at war with anything, it was ‘Islamophobia’ and a loss of appetite for yet more Islamic immigration.

Contrary to the current popular narrative, the biggest threat to Western freedom is not Donald Trump, but the progressive agenda that continues to peddle Islamic immigration despite overwhelming evidence that the experiment has failed and the continued pursuit is an exercise in clinical insanity.

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Hillary Clinton declared that the response to the Brussels attacks must be “consistent with our values.” But seeing as Hillary has no values, it left many wondering what that might look like.  Read More

And Canada’s progressive flagship, CBC refused to call the attacks ‘Islamic’ terrorism, preferring the broader generic ‘terrorism’ term in all news items.

All of this has been sandwiched between the usual poorly informed and constructed kumbaya apologies, and those who know actually know Islam and therefore what they are talking about.  Read More

But finally, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch got right to the point, when he stated that leaders who fail to protect the people who elected them and continue with policies in opposition of that duty, should fall.

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Ivan Penaluna

DiCaprio the Double Agent


Leonardo DiCaprio praised China’s work to combat climate change on a trip to Beijing on Sunday, and said he believes the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases could be “the hero of the environmental movement.”

The actor and environmentalist, who called for action to combat climate change during his Oscar acceptance speech last month, praised China’s shift toward renewable forms of energy to lower carbon emissions.

DiCaprio, who has made several trips to China in the past, is one of China’s most popular Hollywood actors, mainly because of his performance in “Titanic,” one of his few films that have been shown in mainland Chinese cinemas. He is affectionately called Xiao Li, or Little Lee, by Chinese.

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Fuck You Saskatoon


Repeated gossiping in public could soon become illegal in Saskatoon.

Rumour-mongering, name-calling, taunting, mocking and ostracizing would also be outlawed under a proposed anti-bullying bylaw.

Saskatoon city council asked staff in February 2014 to draft a bylaw to address concerns about bullying. The final product will be considered by council on March 21.

The law as written would apply to such obvious public places as parks and streets, but also to such private establishments as bars and restaurants.

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Democracy is Dead; Rage is Real


Here’s the concept: a small section of a society have an issue with a candidate currently campaigning for nomination of a party that they disagree with intensely.

The support generated within that party has given him a clear lead over all others in the race to become the presidential nominee.

Unlike other candidates also campaigning for office, this candidate has not committed any crimes. He is instead being judged on future crimes that he might commit.

Therefore it has been decided that this candidate must be stopped at all costs. And the name they have given to the campaign to stop him? Democracy Spring.

The Soros & Saunders backed MoveOn.org organising the protests have already demonstrated that mob action and coercion are plentiful, but that irony is still a rare and rapidly dwindling commodity.

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Holland: Where Freedom Equals Hate


In a case that will test the limits of Dutch freedom of expression, firebrand lawmaker Geert Wilders appeared in court Friday for the first public hearing in a hate speech prosecution.

The pretrial hearing at a tightly guarded courtroom on the edge of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport comes with Wilders’ anti-Islam Freedom Party standing atop opinion polls a year ahead of Dutch parliamentary elections and with anti-immigrant sentiment rising across Europe.

Prosecutor Wouter Bos said the case pits two key pillars of the Dutch constitution against one another: A ban on discrimination and the right to freedom of expression.

“The importance of freedom of speech is great,” he said. “It is one of the essential elements of our democratic society.” But, he added, “freedom of speech is not absolute.”

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Life in a Socialist Petrodollar Paradise


Socialism is amongst other things, a utopian fallacy. In Venezuela, that fallacy is coming to a full and dramatically dark fruition.

Colonel Saunders fans please take note:

When last we checked in on our favorite socialist paradise, Venezuela, it was the world’s worst performing economy and barring a sudden (not to mention large) spike in crude prices, the country will in all likelihood default this year as 90% of oil revenue at current prices must go towards debt service payments.

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The Man Who Cried Wasp


Vision Vancouver political pin up and Mayor Carcetti look-a-like, Gregor Robertson has teamed up with zeitgeist alchemist, Douglas Coupland to come up with a scheme to improve the cellphone and wifi coverage in Greater Vancouver.

The initiative involves placing mini signal transmitters within posts on the street, enabling users to move from system to system seamlessly throughout the city in an attempt to move Vancouver up onto the same level of connectivity that the most advanced European cities currently enjoy.

However the proposed scheme follows a recent study which suggests that the demise of bee colonies (Colony Collapse Disorder) could be due in large part to the increased use of mobile and wireless frequencies, which are believed to confuse the beeʼs navigation system very much in the same way that advanced naval sonar fucks with whales. And although it is accepted that a combination of factors are being held responsible for the staggering decline in numbers, it must surely pose a dilemma for the mayor, green activist and avid amateur beekeeper, Robertson 36-24-38.

Alarmingly most adults in Canada continue in failing to differentiate between a bee and a wasp, calling anything that looks a bit like a bee, a bee. And when stung by such an insect will exclaim: ‘Uurgh, Iʼve been bitten by a bee!’ When in reality they have just been stung by a wasp. And whilst there are initiatives, both federal and local, to create bee friendly environments in cities and raise awareness of their plight in the face of diminishing populations, we couldnʼt help but notice that it might be best to begin by teaching people the fundamental differences between a bee and a fucking wasp.

We started by asking Mayor Robertson whether he thought there was a conflict of interest in these two projects, “No, definitely not”. Robertson affirmed that the bees are his friend, having sponsored a number of colonies in the Fraser Valley that had previously been forced to work for Hellʼs Angel gangs in return for small amounts of sugary water. And was absolutely adamant that he has no intention of driving a six lane highway through a bee colony, even if he did discover that they hadnʼt voted for him.

Some would consider this whole situation rather ironic, for it was whilst Gregor Robertson was farming in New Zealand that he claims he first heard the voice of bees telling him to return to Vancouver and get involved in politics. We put it to him that heʼd merely taken the story of Dick Whittington and put bees in it, which he strongly refuted.

“No” he said, “I was walking out of town with all my possessions tied up in a small cotton hankie and stuck on the end of a stick, when I was confronted by a swarm of bees that blocked my path and distinctly heard them say, ‘Turn again pretty boy, you will be mayor of Vancouver’.What could I do? When 350 bees talk to you and all say the same thing, you canʼt argue with that, thatʼd be like fuckinʼ with nature, an’ nature be real an’ shit dude.”

Whether they really were bees, or just wasps pissing about and pretending to be bees, weʼll never know, as he was never bitten in the story he told us.

Douglas Coupland was unavailable for comment. Or to be more precisely, his wife told us to “Piss off!” and said that if we damaged his hog, sheʼd set the Alpacas on us.