Tired of Being Lied To?


The boys from Allah Akbar have released another PR statement for the religion of peace, this time in Brussels.

Meanwhile as the lies continue and the bodies stack up, French Prime Minister, Manual Valls broke ranks in the wake of the attack to declare “We are at war.”

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No doubt he received a phone call from the President of the E.U. Commission, Jean-Claude Junker soon after telling him that there was no war, and that if they were at war with anything, it was ‘Islamophobia’ and a loss of appetite for yet more Islamic immigration.

Contrary to the current popular narrative, the biggest threat to Western freedom is not Donald Trump, but the progressive agenda that continues to peddle Islamic immigration despite overwhelming evidence that the experiment has failed and the continued pursuit is an exercise in clinical insanity.

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Hillary Clinton declared that the response to the Brussels attacks must be “consistent with our values.” But seeing as Hillary has no values, it left many wondering what that might look like.  Read More

And Canada’s progressive flagship, CBC refused to call the attacks ‘Islamic’ terrorism, preferring the broader generic ‘terrorism’ term in all news items.

All of this has been sandwiched between the usual poorly informed and constructed kumbaya apologies, and those who know actually know Islam and therefore what they are talking about.  Read More

But finally, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch got right to the point, when he stated that leaders who fail to protect the people who elected them and continue with policies in opposition of that duty, should fall.

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Ivan Penaluna

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