Trudeau’s Unaccountability Invites Political Violence

It looks increasingly like Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party has stolen at least two elections with the help of the Chinese Communist Party. Trudeau had been briefed by CSIS on threats to the democratic election process, and that there was up to eleven CCP agents operating in his party, yet he chose to keep these details secret and do nothing about it. He then later went on to retain power, as was the declared objective of the CCP and its operatives in Canada.

If true, this is not only criminal, it is treasonous.

The Prime Minister is facing growing pressure for a public inquiry, but has so far continued to resist; instead he is suggesting that he appoint someone to look into the matter, who will then report back to his party with the findings.

Trudeau clearly believes that staying in power trumps all other considerations.

For anyone with the sense that we have been here before, we have. If the Emergency Powers Act inquest is the standard we can expect when the Trudeau regime gets to appoint Trudeau affiliated commissioners to investigate themselves, we can expect nothing of substance, just more corruption.

The state this country is in is truly depressing and disgraceful. Who will offer the people relief from this criminal insanity?

What about the media; can’t they hold Trudeau and his government to some sort of account as in other functioning democracies with a free press?

Unfortunately we have a media that was bought off by the Trudeau Liberals in 2019 with over $500 million in funding. We also have the official state media, CBC – funded by the government to the tune of $1.2billion per year to cover the issues the government wants covered, and to ignore the CCP election scandal, which they have dutifully done in all but the most pedestrian manner. 

Someone commented recently that they ‘don’t think there is a political solution to this.’ And I have to agree.

The level of corruption and autocratic rule that this country is being subjected to under Trudeau is beyond anything a tier one democracy can tolerate and retain its status.

Life in Canada under Trudeau has become a drag time tyranny hour, with Trudeau prancing around as Stalin in heels dancing on the faces of Canadians for the perverse pleasure of the Davos elites.

He’d love to be able to kill off the millions of Canadians who won’t go along with his long march towards total ‘inclusivity’, but he simply isn’t made of the old stuff – his gay gulags are largely economic and digital – dissidents will be impoverished and demonized by the politicized judiciary and State media, whilst Christians will be imprisoned.

Tyrannical government is by definition illegitimate. 

When you leave people with no recourse to relief from autocratic & tyrannical rule, political violence is guaranteed. At this point we have exhausted pretty much every avenue available to civil society to rid ourselves of this vile creature. Don’t think all avenues have been exhausted? Let us just run through the process thus far:

Trudeau has been embroiled in a series of increasingly serious scandals that would have ended the career of a leader in any functioning democracy with a free press and independent judiciary. From the SNC Lavalin affair and the firing of Jody Wilson- Raybould, when as Justice Minister & Attorney General, she refused to call off an ongoing RCMP investigation into criminal activity by the company, to the WE Foundation scandal and highly paid jobs for various family members of the Liberal Party, including immediate members of the Trudeau’s family.

Then there was the declaration of martial law over peaceful protests and blockades against his regime’s vaccine mandates, which then led to the freezing of bank accounts, false imprisonment, and brutal crackdown of lawful protests in Ottawa, all of which took place because Trudeau refused to engage in dialogue with protest leaders.

And now we discover CSIS warned him about a possible total of eleven (11) CCP agents in his party, and attempts to influence the outcome of two national elections in his favour, and not only did he keep this secret, those agents are still in his party and he has retained power.

What does it take to get fired around here?

Where is the legal accountability? Where are the media? What has happened to the mechanisms put in place to protect the country from such tyranny?

Traditionally people would say ‘If you don’t like Trudeau, you can vote him out at the next election.’ But it now looks like that route for relief is severely compromised.

Who can trust an election run by the Trudeau government when he refuses to submit to an independent inquiry over allegations that he was warned about Chinese interference in national elections, and the presence of numerous CCP agents in his party?

This strongly suggests that the allegations that he worked with the CCP to steal at least two elections, are indeed true. He has had his chance to clear his name via an independent inquiry, from this point on it is up to him to prove he is not guilty of conspiracy and treason.    

So where does that leave Canadians who have become accustomed to Trudeau’s ever increasing authoritarianism and complete lack of accountability over the past three years?

When an autocratic regime crushes protests and offers no recourse to relief from suffering; when the judiciary and media fail to protect the people from tyranny by allowing it to continue; when the police act as state thugs rather than protectors of the people, then political violence is the only avenue left open to those people.

I lived in the U.K during the 1970’s, 80’s & 90’s when the Irish Republican Army were operating on the British Isles. The Irish Nationalist movement had given up on the political process and turned to paramilitary violence. They terrorized Britain for three decades and understood that what politicians ultimately fear and respect is political violence.

No one wants to live in a society where members of the government are checking their cars for bombs each morning, where their families are forced to change routes each day, and where members of the state media are shot dead on their doorsteps. But equally, no one wants to live in a society where the government imposes its will on the people, targets dissidents and conducts business in an autocratic manner without offering the people accountability or recourse.

We now need to give serious consideration to what a grass roots resistance movement aimed at toppling a CCP installed Trudeau regime might look like. Without answers and accountability his government is illegitimate and its removal by any means is both legitimate and a moral duty. 

Trudeau and his regime has to go, and if the mechanisms in place to ensure accountability have been compromised, then it is left to the people to remove him. Those entrusted with such responsibilities should start acting before complete loss of faith in the democratic system takes hold and political violence becomes the only road to relief and liberation.   

As I have previously written in Decoupling as Defiance; Dispersal as Defiance – Rules for Radicals & Economic Warfare & the Trudeau Regime, resistance to violent authoritarian rule needs to be asymmetrical – it needs to incorporate every aspect of modern 4th and 5th Generation warfare: from propaganda operations, to economic warfare and localized resistance operations. If we master these aspects of the local theatre, then the national struggle will look after itself.