Cultural Marxism Explained

Anyone who suggests that Cultural Marxism is a fabrication of the right, needs to see this film made in 1985, in which ex-KGB officer, Yuri Bezmenov details the strategy and methods behind what he describes as ‘Ideological Subversion.’

You have to wonder what Bezemov would make of the death spiral Western culture now finds itself in, with slut walks; gender pro nouns; race as a construct and ‘Islamaphobia.’

And whilst our Western liberal democracies are no longer capable of defending themselves due to the ideological rot which Cultural Marxism has spawned (a rot almost entirely epitomized by the world view of Canada’s Justin Trudeau), former Soviet Bloc European leaders have no problem identifying and resisting the utter lunacy of such thinking.

If Islamic terror attacks serve one purpose, it is to highlight what a pathetic specimen Western civilization has become after decades of cultural Marxism & political correctness have ground us down to a pith of emasculated self-loathing and insecurity.

The sum total of our permissible response to yet another attack from an enemy within, and whom we continue to welcome onto our shores in increasing numbers, is to wash our social media profile picture with the relevant flag and speak of our surprise & non-specific sadness at another act of predictable violence at the hands of an enemy whose name cannot be uttered.

For anyone outside of this paradigm, this borders upon a collective mental illness of cult proportions. Our inability to even identify the threat means that we have little chance of addressing it, and absolutely no chance of defeating it. Which in turn inevitably leads to a state of resignation, as we have to admit that after decades of dismantling our societies from within, cultural Marxism & political correctness have left our societies unable to respond, let alone defend a civilization that has been crafted with blood and reason over a thousand years to provide a societal model that others have sought to adopt and emulate.

It’s truly appalling what we have become, but it was by design, not accident.

Cultural Marxism Has Left Us Defenceless To Islam

MSM & Dems Suck Deep State Cock

After over six months of pimping their alternate reality in an attempt to undermine & unseat Trump, the Democrats’ Russian narrative has managed to reach terminal velocity without any fuel. It is quite a feat really when you think about it.

Narratives without evidence are propaganda; lies brought to life and given credibility merely through the act of repeating them, as we have seen Demococrats and the MSM do incessantly for the past 6 months.

In fact, the blanket coverage CNN continues to provide this story should be embarrasing; they are not journalists at this stage, they are errand boys whose diet seems to now exclusively consist of burgers, soda & Deep State sperm.

Opposition to this assertion is not helped by a recent Harvard University report into Media bias over the Trump  campaign and subsequent presidency. The figures are truly shocking and led Tucker Carlson to declare that there was more diversity of press opinion in Ceauscescu’s Romania. (Ouch)

Harvard Study Reveals Huge Extent Of Anti-Trump Media Bias


“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. Among psychologists something like this known as the “illusion of truth” effect. Read More

In contrast, last night on Carlson’s Show, Davis Hanson soberly laid out what we know for sure: that he Trump Russian narrative was created during the nomination process by Never Trump Republicans, who commissioned a report compliled by a British ex-intelligence agent. After Trump got the nomination, it was passed on to the Clinton campaign and forgotten about… until she lost that is. Then it was resurrected and employed as an excuse, after which, it somehow ended up in the hands of the FBI Director and leaked to media sources. Et voila: Trump is a Russian agent.

Canada’s Looming Housing Collapse

Over recent months, Zerohedge have been running an increasing number of article dedicated to the overheated Canadian real estate market and the sureal conditions such temperatures have created.

Feb 2017 Vancouver Home Sales Crash 40%, As Toronto Home Prices Soar 22%

Apr 2017 Attention Turns To Toronto’s Subprime Debt Time Bomb

Well, last week the alarm bells started ringing as it was announced that Home Capital Group, Canada’s largest independant mortgage provider, was in trouble and required a bail out of $2 billion. This news resulted in a one day drop in the share value of a staggering 60%, and 71% overall.

Canada’s Housing Bubble Explodes As Its Biggest Alternative Mortgage Lender Crashes Most In History

Home Capital Group cratered by over 60%, its biggest drop on record, after the company disclosed that it struck an emergency liquidity arrangement for a C$2 billion ($1.5 billion) credit line to counter evaporating deposits at terms that will leave the alternative mortgage lender unable to meet financial targets, and worse, may leave it insolvent in very short notice.

And they weren’t alone…

So where did this $2 billion bailout come from? This is where it gets interesting.

One day later, it emerged that the lender behind HCG’s (pre-petition) rescue loan was none other than the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP). As Bloomberg reported, the Toronto-based pension plan – which represented more than 321,000 healthcare workers in Ontario – gave the struggling Canadian mortgage lender the loan to shore up liquidity as it faces a run on deposits amid a probe by the provincial securities regulator. Home Capital had also retained RBC Capital Markets and BMO Capital Markets to advise on “strategic options” after it secured the loan.

Why did HOOPP put itself, or rather its constituents in the precarious position of funding what is a very rapidly melting ice cube? The answer to that emerged when we learned that HOOPP President and CEO Jim Keohane also sits on Home Capital’s board and is also a shareholder.

But it got worse for HCG:

On Thursday we observed that as concerns about HCG’s viability mounted, depositors were quietly pulling their funding from from savings accounts at subsidiary Home Trust. By Wednesday, when Home Capital revealed it was seeking a $2-billion loan to backstop its sinking savings deposits, shareholders ran for the exits, driving down the company’s share price by 65 per cent on Wednesday alone, and heightening the sense of panic.

On Friday, the company revealed that high-interest savings account balances fell another 36% to $521-million by Friday morning, down by a whopping $293 million from $814-million Thursday and more than $2-billion a month ago.

Panic Bank Run Leaves Canada’s Largest Alternative Mortgage Lender On Edge Of Collapse

Considering the lack of reporting on any of this in the MSM, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was all taking place in an alternate dimension.

But don’t expect CBC or CTV to share this news with you any time soon; they will keep this boat afloat and the illusion of stability going as long as they can.

But there is another concerning aspect to this story: Canadian household debt

A whopping 31% of respondents said they already don’t make enough to meet all their financial obligations.

Half Of Canadians Have $200 Or Less In Savings

It would appear that in order to afford their increasingly expensive standard of living, Canadians have been forced to take on an unprecedented level of debt, with little understanding of how it really works.

Roughly 60 per cent of respondants said they don’t have a firm grasp of how interest rates affect debt repayments. 

Well, let us explain:

A decision by the BoC to start lifting its key policy rate from historic lows would raise the cost of carrying debt across the country. A one percentage point rise in the BoC’s key interest rate would likely push up variable mortgage rates by a similar amount. A variable mortgage rate that’s currently set at 3 per cent, for example, would go up to 4 per cent, which represents a 33 per cent increase in interest payments for the mortgage holder. That’s an extra $83 a month for every $100,000 in outstanding mortgage debt.

It would appear that many Canadaians are so highly leveraged, that even a modest hike in interest rates would shake many of those hands from the tree. And this combination of household debt and an overheated housing market leaves the Canadian economy on the verge of a housing and debt crisis, the likes of which we last saw south of the border in 2008.



May 11:  Moody’s downgrades Canadian banks: Beginning of the end for the housing market?

Credit ratings agency Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Canada’s big six banks on Wednesday evening, citing concerns about soaring household debt and housing prices.

Macron Victory Heralds New Phase of E.U. Tyranny

In what is being reported as the lowest turn out for years, ‘independant’ candidate, Emmanuel Macron has secured victory to become the next President of France.

French election: turnout sharply down in Le Pen-Macron battle

It would appear that French voters were nonplussed by the choice offered them, with 35% opting to stay home rather than engage.

Clearly, there has not been enough Islamic immigration or violence to force a change just yet. Which is obviously a shame, because it now means that French society must be subjected to at least another five years of increasing terror attacks from an enemy within, whilst their chosen leader continues with the same culture of denial and serving the interests of others.

As we recently covered, Macron turns out to be a rather mysterious and puzzling political choice, coming out of litteraly nowhere to become president of the republic. If you were one of those people who questioned Donald Trump’s lack of political experience, you are gonna love this guy’s ‘unsuitability’.

Because, it’s only when you start looking at Macron’s resume, that you start to get an idea of who put him where he is now, and who he will be looking after the interests of first and foremost.

As Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Citizens whose children are mowed down by the truck or the gun, will be at the back of the queue for Macron; he serves federalist and globalist masters, so France can expect more immigration and we can all expect more E.U. as they double down on the project in light of Brexit.

However, as Daniel Hannan points out in his column today,

Le Pen would be a disaster – and she’s not even Right-wing. Let’s get one thing clear at the outset, Marine Le Pen is not “far-Right”. She is not, in any meaningful sense, Right-wing at all. She wants wealth taxes, higher social spending, limited working hours, worker control of companies, tariffs.

The garrulous agitator is Right-wing only in the BBC sense of “baddie” – a designation which the corporation applies to everyone from the revolutionary ayatollahs in Iran to the Stalinist nostalgics in Russia.

So whilst, Le Pen’s policies aren’t what you would consider conservative – they are fairly socialist actually, she is a nationalist. And nowadays the only choice being offered is between nationalism and globalism. Either the nation state is destroyed by globalists using federalism and coercive engineered migration, or it is preserved by nationalists.


Obama’s New Low: Pimping for the E.U.

Whilst some might still be puzzled by the former U.S. President’s recent plea to French voters to cast their vote for Emmanuel Macron, the almost transparent desperation is visible for all.

The first obvious question is: why should an ex U.S. President care who wins the French election, and secondly: what business is it of his anyway?

But this is not the first time Barry has directly tried to effect a foreign election.

Barack Obama: Britain must vote to remain in the European Union

Barack Obama has urged Britain to stay in the European Union, saying that the sacrifice of his country’s soldiers during the Second World War means America has a stake in the referendum debate. Read More

As we reported at the time, during the Brexit campaign, both Obama and Canada’s Trudeau made public statements supporting the campaign for Britain to remain in the E.U. Brexit: Farage Gets Busy Smaking Bitchez Around

Which surely falls within the sphere of meddling in a foreign election? Not cool according to Barry’s Democrats. However, unlike the Russian hacking allegations – for which there has to date, been no evidence provided to support the allegations, Barry has provided us with video testimony of his cringeworthy attempted meddling. And if this is what’s happening on the surface, you have to wonder what else was going on behind the scenes?

Let’s be clear, Barry who just took $400,000 for a speech to a Wall St. firm, is now transparently pimping an E.U federalist message with the all the class and conviction of a hockey player selling tyres.

To argue that he is anything but an errand boy for the globalist agenda seems futile.

Jordan Peterson on Communism & the Death of History

It has been apparent for some time now, that if millennials were as in tune with history as they are with their feelings, we wouldn’t have half the problems we currently do.

It’s gravely concerning that young people in western societies are so ignorant of the mistakes made by mankind during the 20th century (which wasn’t all that long ago), that they seem primed to repeat them.

If we didn’t know better, it looks like our education system is attempting to eradicate history and replace it with feelings.

University of Toronto Professor of Psychology, Jordan Peterson lays out the problems associated with ideologically utopian systems and an ignorance of recent history.

Importing Islam: The Case For Treason

At this stage, no one needs to make the case against Islamic immigration, that was ten years ago.

Nowadays the case makes itself. Today we make the case for treason.

Progressive politicians like Merkel, Trudeau, Obama, Hollande & Blair, who serve the open borders globalist model above the interests of those who elected them, must know that when power is finally wrestled from them, there’s a good to firm chance they will find themselves on trial for treason.

The ideological hubris that consumes this current generation of leaders suggests that a crisis point will be required before our societies can be rescued, and in reaching that point it appears almost inevitable now that there will be a heavy price to pay. If so, we can expect the appetite for reckoning amongst future generations, to be ‘healthy’ to say the least.

It’s not like they had no idea what they were doing, or after a certain point, what the results of their policies would be; no one could convincingly argue that as a defence in a court. Europe is already swimming in data that demonstrates the suicidal folly of importing yet more Islam to compliment a well established culture of weekly Islamic terror.

The argument that they did not read the warning signs will not provide a defence. On the contrary, instead of failing to read the usual markers that indicate danger, they have done their best hide those markers from sight and convince their passengers that all is well despite the growing catalogue of random mass murder that has nothing to do with Islam, but everything to do with its adherents.

You have to wonder how politicians like Merkel expect the decision to admit 800,000 migrants (75% male according to the U.N.) in 2015 alone, expect to escape the harsh judgement of history?

The Scientific Model

Here’s an idea: rather than test out their ideological theories on live functioning societies, the sensible thing would have been to conduct a controlled experiment under scientific conditions on a remote island. Ask for volunteers and set the duration of the study at 100 years. Establish a population ratio at 10:1 and run the model society experiment whilst studying early data results for trends.

Bearing in mind that most of those making up the domestic population of the experiment would be liberals eager to prove its success, I have no doubt that those who volunteer for this experiment will be pulling the escape chord way before then; probably 10-15 years in; with lesbians and homosexual men being the first to be extracted from the dystopian Big Brother island of progressive ideology within 1-2 years max.

These predictions might seem grandiose, but with a working knowledege of both Islam and the ideologically impaired liberal left, they are fairly easy to make.

After a hundred years, they could draw conclusions and publish their findings; after which they could sell their model for a progressive multi-cultural utopia to any functioning societies interested in adopting it.

I have no doubt that if the process was navigated in such a manner, no one would be looking to adopt their model.

The New World

From the New World’s perspective, following in the footsteps of France,Germany or Sweden is the sociological equivalent of embarking upon an experiment, when the results of other identical experiments are already available for study.

The denial of the ideologue works something like this:

‘Studies have shown that if you put a match to petrol, it explodes… ‘

‘If I do it, it’ll be different.’ 

Really? Such confidence in the face of an avalanche of evidence to the contrary. Here’s the same arrogant ideological mindset applied to another fallacy, Communism.

Here in Canada, Trudeau’s plans for the Islamization of the country are being coercively delivered via the expectant dildo of decency and a gaslighting media.

No other western politician gets as visibly giddy as Trudeau when he hears the word Islam, or sees a pretty girl in a niqab, or a Taliban beard in Mississauga pregnant with religious intolerance.

To many Canadians, the recent passing of M103, the anti-Islamaphobia motion, seemed like overkill, but it starts to make more sense if you view it as not being designed to address the current situation in Canada, but in preparation for what is planned – an engineered tsunami of Muslim migrants.

Mass Immigration & The Working Class.

It’s hard to understand how progressives fail to appreciate a fairly simple series of policy decisions that have led them to the point where populations are abandoning their policies and parties en masse across the western world.

In an astounding display of conceited arrogance, the progressive left within the western labour parties, including the DNC, have abandoned their traditional working class support bases in favour of a migrant class; essentially neglecting the spouse with whom they built the family in order to chase a younger mail order bride, whilst expecting the wife to remain loyal and invite the young lover in to share their home… Yeah, right buddy.

Another related issue they consistently fail to engage on, are the effects large scale immigration has on the working poor of a country. What do they expect will happen to low paid wages with the mass importation of low skilled migrants, whose fate now falls under the law of supply and demand? With too many people chasing a few low paid jobs, wages fall; no amount of minimum wage will stop that. In fact seeking a minimum wage whilst championing liberal immigration policies, has to be the policy definition of insanity.

And so all too predictably the working classes of western progressive societies have abandoned them for right wing nationalist parties who actually have their interests at heart.

People will continue to vote into power those necessary to save society from ‘progress’, when that progress is the disenfranchisement and de-structuring of the target culture, which they call home.

In Europe, progressive policies have sown the seeds for what now appears to be an unavoidable continental civil war that will look like Bosnia 2.0 on steroids. At this stage Europeans have two choices: either wrestle back their societies from globalist errand boys and their Islamic thugs, or they go quietly to the slaughterhouse.

Leaders and governments who want to continue with mass Islamic immigration should be forced to implement it at gunpoint and in the full knowledge that if they are unsuccessful, a trial for treason awaits.