It’s True: The Fascists Are Coming

A Brief History of Attempted Dialogue

It has gone something like this: we have been saying, ‘Western liberal societies have adopted suicidal immigration policies which are sowing the seeds for an ethnic war that will look like Bosnia on steroids.’

And then the left go: ‘Your hate speech is offensive and needs to be silenced with coercion and violence. Look at this person everyone, they are a fascist!’

Then we go, ‘Look, you are going to need to engage at some point. Trump’s victory, like the Brexit referendum before it, was a clear rejection of the failed progressive policies of the last 20 years.’

And then the left goes: ‘La la la la la la. Can’t hear you racist fascist xenophobe! Go away.’

So we go away and start organizing.

Then the left starts wondering. ‘Why’s everyone going fascist? Can’t be anything that we’ve done; everything we do is right; they must be bad people who were just looking for an excuse to be a fascist.’

So, after many many years now of attempting to engage and explain to liberals and leftists what is happening and why. I think it’s best if we just admit that what they fear is true: The fascists are coming and they are most probably going to want to kill you.

The rise of the right has nothing to do with ramming failed progressive policies down the throats of populations who increasingly don’t buy the narrative, and everything to do with us just being ‘bad bastards’ who have been waiting all our lives for the opportunity to start killing people who just want to create the perfect world for everyone.

There. Does that make it better?

One thought on “It’s True: The Fascists Are Coming

  1. There is a point to be made that fascism, in its Italian “unity, vitality, fraternity” form, is not what they mean when they yell “Fascist! Bigot! Xenophobe!” They just mean bully, or perhaps state supported bully. And of course the hilarity that they are the ones enforcing conformity with the power of the state is not in the front of their minds either.

    You clearly understand what fascim is and the fruits that will fall from its tree. Forcing dissatisfied men to form fraternal organizations that organize for political change is not a wise course of action. Unless you are one of those men.

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