Importing Islam: The Case For Treason

At this stage, no one needs to make the case against Islamic immigration, that was ten years ago.

Nowadays the case makes itself. Today we make the case for treason.

Progressive politicians like Merkel, Trudeau, Obama, Hollande & Blair, who serve the open borders globalist model above the interests of those who elected them, must know that when power is finally wrestled from them, there’s a good to firm chance they will find themselves on trial for treason.

The ideological hubris that consumes this current generation of leaders suggests that a crisis point will be required before our societies can be rescued, and in reaching that point it appears almost inevitable now that there will be a heavy price to pay. If so, we can expect the appetite for reckoning amongst future generations, to be ‘healthy’ to say the least.

It’s not like they had no idea what they were doing, or after a certain point, what the results of their policies would be; no one could convincingly argue that as a defence in a court. Europe is already swimming in data that demonstrates the suicidal folly of importing yet more Islam to compliment a well established culture of weekly Islamic terror.

The argument that they did not read the warning signs will not provide a defence. On the contrary, instead of failing to read the usual markers that indicate danger, they have done their best hide those markers from sight and convince their passengers that all is well despite the growing catalogue of random mass murder that has nothing to do with Islam, but everything to do with its adherents.

You have to wonder how politicians like Merkel expect the decision to admit 800,000 migrants (75% male according to the U.N.) in 2015 alone, expect to escape the harsh judgement of history?

The Scientific Model

Here’s an idea: rather than test out their ideological theories on live functioning societies, the sensible thing would have been to conduct a controlled experiment under scientific conditions on a remote island. Ask for volunteers and set the duration of the study at 100 years. Establish a population ratio at 10:1 and run the model society experiment whilst studying early data results for trends.

Bearing in mind that most of those making up the domestic population of the experiment would be liberals eager to prove its success, I have no doubt that those who volunteer for this experiment will be pulling the escape chord way before then; probably 10-15 years in; with lesbians and homosexual men being the first to be extracted from the dystopian Big Brother island of progressive ideology within 1-2 years max.

These predictions might seem grandiose, but with a working knowledege of both Islam and the ideologically impaired liberal left, they are fairly easy to make.

After a hundred years, they could draw conclusions and publish their findings; after which they could sell their model for a progressive multi-cultural utopia to any functioning societies interested in adopting it.

I have no doubt that if the process was navigated in such a manner, no one would be looking to adopt their model.

The New World

From the New World’s perspective, following in the footsteps of France,Germany or Sweden is the sociological equivalent of embarking upon an experiment, when the results of other identical experiments are already available for study.

The denial of the ideologue works something like this:

‘Studies have shown that if you put a match to petrol, it explodes… ‘

‘If I do it, it’ll be different.’ 

Really? Such confidence in the face of an avalanche of evidence to the contrary. Here’s the same arrogant ideological mindset applied to another fallacy, Communism.

Here in Canada, Trudeau’s plans for the Islamization of the country are being coercively delivered via the expectant dildo of decency and a gaslighting media.

No other western politician gets as visibly giddy as Trudeau when he hears the word Islam, or sees a pretty girl in a niqab, or a Taliban beard in Mississauga pregnant with religious intolerance.

To many Canadians, the recent passing of M103, the anti-Islamaphobia motion, seemed like overkill, but it starts to make more sense if you view it as not being designed to address the current situation in Canada, but in preparation for what is planned – an engineered tsunami of Muslim migrants.

Mass Immigration & The Working Class.

It’s hard to understand how progressives fail to appreciate a fairly simple series of policy decisions that have led them to the point where populations are abandoning their policies and parties en masse across the western world.

In an astounding display of conceited arrogance, the progressive left within the western labour parties, including the DNC, have abandoned their traditional working class support bases in favour of a migrant class; essentially neglecting the spouse with whom they built the family in order to chase a younger mail order bride, whilst expecting the wife to remain loyal and invite the young lover in to share their home… Yeah, right buddy.

Another related issue they consistently fail to engage on, are the effects large scale immigration has on the working poor of a country. What do they expect will happen to low paid wages with the mass importation of low skilled migrants, whose fate now falls under the law of supply and demand? With too many people chasing a few low paid jobs, wages fall; no amount of minimum wage will stop that. In fact seeking a minimum wage whilst championing liberal immigration policies, has to be the policy definition of insanity.

And so all too predictably the working classes of western progressive societies have abandoned them for right wing nationalist parties who actually have their interests at heart.

People will continue to vote into power those necessary to save society from ‘progress’, when that progress is the disenfranchisement and de-structuring of the target culture, which they call home.

In Europe, progressive policies have sown the seeds for what now appears to be an unavoidable continental civil war that will look like Bosnia 2.0 on steroids. At this stage Europeans have two choices: either wrestle back their societies from globalist errand boys and their Islamic thugs, or they go quietly to the slaughterhouse.

Leaders and governments who want to continue with mass Islamic immigration should be forced to implement it at gunpoint and in the full knowledge that if they are unsuccessful, a trial for treason awaits.

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