Macron: Globalist Errand Boy

After the first round of voting in the French Presidential election on Sunday, two candidates emerged as favourites to win the run off on 7th May, and the choice could not be more stark for French voters.

In what is emerging as the next battle ground between in the ongoing war between the forces of nationalim & globalism, right wing nationalist, Marine Le Pen is now battling for the future of France with pro E.U. globalist errand boy, Emmanuel Macron.

Marine has only one extremely long shot on May 7. She will be frantically touring “deep France” to turn the second round into a debate on French identity and a clash of nationalists, patriots and sovereignists against pro-EU globalists and urban “liquid modernity” practitioners.

Europe is at the heart of the Marine vs Macron fight; that’s Frexit against a “new European project.”

Everyone in Brussels “voted” Macron as he proposes a budget for the eurozone, a dedicated Parliament, and a dedicated Minister of Finance. In short; Brussels on steroids. Read More

Like Britain and the U.S. before her, France now faces a democratic choice between two dramatically different futures. It’s fair to say that most people are familiar with Le Pen, her politics and her vision for France, but what of Macron?

Any knowledge you may have about Macron probably comes from mainstream news outlets, which have been uniformly gushing about the socialist-centrist Rothschild protege.

Meet Emmanuel Macron – The Consummate Banker Puppet, Bizarre Elitist Creation

The stakes are high, not only for France, but also for the future survival of the Eurozone. In the wake of Brexit and increasingly belicose refusal by former Eastern Bolc nations to swallow the bitter pill of coercive engineered migration, a Le Pen victory on the 7th May would cause a fatal fracture at the very heart of the union.

Like the IMF installed technocrats of previously financially troubled nations in or on the perphery of the Eurozone, Macron fits the model of a man who would do the bidding of his globalist puppet masters.

As Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg reports:

Contrary to media myths about a “white knight” who came out of nowhere to save France, this character has had his eye on high political office for at least a decade. Indeed, it appears Macron has been groomed by powerful financiers for a very long time. As the FT also notes:

The graduate of ENA, the elite school that breeds France’s future leaders, came recommended by powerful alumni of the institution, including François Henrot, a longtime Rothschild partner. But young bankers were not so impressed.

“He was the guy who would constantly say ‘thank you’,” a former colleague said. “He didn’t know what ebitda [earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation] was. He didn’t try to hide it. And instead of looking it up in a corporate finance book, he asked around, which was disarming.”

Yet it wasn’t just a Rothschild sponsor who took the young Macron under his wing…

What Mr Macron lacked in technical knowledge and jargon at first, he made up for with contacts in government, says Sophie Javary, head of BNP Paribas’ corporate finance in Europe, who was asked by Mr Henrot to coach Mr Macron in the first year.

This is straight up bizarre. It appears Macron was so important to banking interests the had to form a consortium of firms to all pitch in to help him out. Yet it gets stranger still.

On the Atos deal, Mr Macron “had a fairly junior role at the time — he would be asked to redo the financial models on Excel, the basics,” recalled an adviser. But a few days after the deal was announced, Mr Macron was made a partner. A few months later, he stunned colleagues and rivals by winning a role in Nestlé’s purchase of Pfizer’s infant food operations.

As someone who spent ten years on Wall Street, I can tell you with certainty that you don’t go from updating excel models at a junior level to partner overnight. Someone extraordinarily powerful was pulling all sorts of strings for this guy. There seems to be little doubt about this.

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Pollsters are predicting that Emmanual Macron will be the next president of France. But as we learnt twice in 2016 with Brexit and U.S. election, either the prediction polls got it woefully wrong and failed to read the intention of voters, or they were cynically engaging in a campaign of wishful thinking (propaganda).

The French presidential election sees the same, now familiar forces, fighting an almost identical battle, and so we can expect the same mainstream media treatment and potential outcome.

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