Liberals Must Blame Themselves


“The silencing of most good white men has provided an opportunity for the Trumps of the world to rise. That is what happens when we suffocate or silence rational debate.” – Ujjal Dosanjh

The nightmare interpretation of Tuesday’s U.S. election result is that half of America decided to inaugurate a regressive, sexist white nationalist empire. The more generous and more likely interpretation is that this was a protest vote — a protest vote of such force and intensity that American voters were even willing to register it with a candidate with such obvious character flaws.

Eight reasons Liberals Must Blame Themselves For the Trump Presidency

1. Calling everything racist all the time

2. Flirting with identity politics

3. Mocking poor white people

4. Demonizing conventional conservatives

5. All the political-correctness talk

6. Flawed candidate Clinton

7. All the damned celebrities

8. Post-election protests aren’t helping

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