Trudeau #Scumbag

A lesbian is heartlessly pushed to the back by Justin’s rampant lust for Islam

Well, we didn’t need a guy with a camcoder in Winnipeg to tell us that Trudeau was a scumbag, but full credit to that man for opening the dialogue. #Scumbag

Josh Sigurdson of the World Alternative Media confronted an uncomfortable looking Trudeau on his carbon tax policy at a press conference, calling him a ‘scumbag’ and declaring ‘shame on you and your globalist counterparts’ as he was ushered from the room.

This incident was the latest sign that the Canadian public are waking up to the reality that life under Trudeau is less like going out with the dreamiest guy on campus, and more a futuristic distopian novel about life under a tyranny of decency; delivered in warm tones by the state broadcaster, which is now actively listing criticism of Islam as ‘Islamophobia’ CBC now labels comments criticizing Islam as “Islamophobic” 

Sigurdson set an example to all Canadians unhappy with Trudeau’s plan to spend hundreds of billions of dollars turning the country into Sweden – a failed state in waiting. This ‘dialogue’ is essential; Trudeau needs to be told what a scumbag he is.

Carbon Tax? Trudeau is a cultural cuckold & carrier for the Islam virus

Whether we are talking about carbon tax, generous foriegn aid or mass Islamic immigration, progressive zealots like Trudeau are consumate cucks for whom ideology trumps both reality and elected office.

If Trudeau and his globalist cohorts want to destroy this country, then it is our duty to make it as difficult as possible for them; lay down a heavy barrage of hashtags on his globalist ass for the weaponized autism of 4 Chan to turn its collective mind upon; Tweet him @JustinTrudeau; tag him on Facebook. E.g.  Who was this photo taken with?  A: Trudeau #scumbag.

We made Brexit & Trump a reality, so we should be able to take this clown down, no problem. #Scumbag #MCGA #PresidentPoolBoy

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