Little Mosque On The Prairie: Trudeau’s Best Case Scenario.


Canadian President & national pool boy, Justin Trudeau has revealed that his pro-Islamic immigration policy is based entirely on a  CBC’s Little Mosque On The Prairie.

The DVD series was lent to him by George Soros after one of their cozy little chats, in which Soros laid out his plan for the perfect society and Trudeau sat there mesmerized like Scoobie Doo being shown a ham & pickle hoagie.

Trudeau admitted binge watching all six seasons with wife, Sophie, which led to him basing his entire immigration policy upon the warm glow it gave him just behind his penis.

He is thought to have shared this detail with U.S. President, Donald Trump during his recent meeting; after which, Trump immediately began looking into building a wooden fence along the northern border out of all the lumber Canada would no longer be selling to the U.S.

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