Cultural Marxism Explained

Anyone who suggests that Cultural Marxism is a fabrication of the right, needs to see this film made in 1985, in which ex-KGB officer, Yuri Bezmenov details the strategy and methods behind what he describes as ‘Ideological Subversion.’

You have to wonder what Bezemov would make of the death spiral Western culture now finds itself in, with slut walks; gender pro nouns; race as a construct and ‘Islamaphobia.’

And whilst our Western liberal democracies are no longer capable of defending themselves due to the ideological rot which Cultural Marxism has spawned (a rot almost entirely epitomized by the world view of Canada’s Justin Trudeau), former Soviet Bloc European leaders have no problem identifying and resisting the utter lunacy of such thinking.

If Islamic terror attacks serve one purpose, it is to highlight what a pathetic specimen Western civilization has become after decades of cultural Marxism & political correctness have ground us down to a pith of emasculated self-loathing and insecurity.

The sum total of our permissible response to yet another attack from an enemy within, and whom we continue to welcome onto our shores in increasing numbers, is to wash our social media profile picture with the relevant flag and speak of our surprise & non-specific sadness at another act of predictable violence at the hands of an enemy whose name cannot be uttered.

For anyone outside of this paradigm, this borders upon a collective mental illness of cult proportions. Our inability to even identify the threat means that we have little chance of addressing it, and absolutely no chance of defeating it. Which in turn inevitably leads to a state of resignation, as we have to admit that after decades of dismantling our societies from within, cultural Marxism & political correctness have left our societies unable to respond, let alone defend a civilization that has been crafted with blood and reason over a thousand years to provide a societal model that others have sought to adopt and emulate.

It’s truly appalling what we have become, but it was by design, not accident.

Cultural Marxism Has Left Us Defenceless To Islam

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