A ‘Cynical Conspiracy.’


It has long been suspected that the Labour government of Tony Blair operated a ‘open door’ immigration policy after coming to power in Britain in 1997, as anyone who lived in a large urban centre at the time can attest.

In 2009 a former government adviser confirmed such suspicions, but now a new biography of the former prime minister by the celebrated investigative journalist Tom Bower claims Mr Blair ordered his Labour government not to publicly discuss the issue.

The book claims that Mr Blair and his Government ‘cynically repackaged’ asylum seekers as economic migrants to the benefit of 350,000 asylum seekers.

Tony Blair is accused of ‘presiding over a silent conspiracy’ that allowed two million migrants to enter Britain during his decade in power.

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The Black Privilege Girl who Cried Wolf


When Ariel Agudio called 911 in January, she told a dispatcher that she had been the victim of a racially charged crime.

“They were calling us [N-word] and all this stuff,” Agudio told a dispatcher, the Albany Times Union reported. “And if someone doesn’t come and take this down or something, I’m going to call the news.”

Agudio, Alexis Briggs and Asha Burwell, all three 20-year-old black students at the State University of New York at Albany, claimed they had been targeted by a group of white men and women on a bus at about 1 a.m. on Jan. 30.

The story made national headlines. There was a rally in the wake of the news, which reportedly drew hundreds. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton even tweeted about it.

But the allegations weren’t true, authorities say.

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Malpractise alert! Scumbag alert! Dhimmi alert!


Two US scumbags gynecologists have drunk the Kool-Aid and are advocating for the legalization and even the promotion of “less harmful” forms of female genital mutilation, the better to appease Islamists be more culturally sensitive:

Worldwide, around 3 million girls every year are subjected to genital mutilation, mostly in parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The practice can range in severity from nicking genitals to removing the clitoris and labia then stitching up most of the vagina.

Such operations are now illegal in the UK and US, but Kavita Shah Arora and Allan Jacobs, gynaecologists based in Ohio and New York, say such laws might leave girls more vulnerable to harm by pushing the practice underground. They argue that so far, attempts to clamp down on FGM have not succeeded in wiping it out, and can be viewed as racist or culturally insensitive.

Right… because not seeming racist is far more important that not mutilating helpless little girls.

Instead, Arora and Jacobs suggest doctors should promote and perform only operations that they think will not affect women’s ability to have children or long-term sexual satisfaction, such as small cuts or removing parts of the clitoral hood or labia. This, they say, is “a compromise that respects culture and religion but provides necessary protections against child abuse”.

Never mind the fact that as these two assholes want to “promote and perform” such mutilations in the USA, there are extensive campaigns to eradicate the practise in Africa and elsewhere (eg, the image above is a roadside sign in Uganda).

Fortunately, their colleagues remember that pesky “first, do no harm” part of the Hippocratic Oath:

Some cultural practices don’t deserve respect, says Ruth Macklin, a biomedical ethicist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. “Female genital alteration has its origin and purpose in controlling women,” Macklin writes in another comment article. “A cultural tradition designed to control women – even in its least harmful form – is best abandoned.”

Earlier this month, the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics reaffirmed its zero-tolerance stance towards female genital mutilation, calling it a violation of human rights that should be completely eliminated.

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And a rebuttal against Arora and Jacobs’ shitty Shari’a idea here: “In Defense of Genital Autonomy for Children” by Brian D Earp

The Swedish Disease


If you thought things were bad in France, spare a thought for hapless Sweden, who has been drinking the multicultural Kool Aid for so long, that Norway believes its neighbour is in danger of collapse, and is provisioning for just such an event.

For those who have been following events in Europe, none of this will come as much of a surprise. If one nation has embodied the utter insanity of the European immigration nightmare, it’s Sweden.

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Radical Islam in Canada


A radical Canadian imam called for Muslims to “look forward” as “Rome will be conquered,” in a Friday sermon posted on the Internet on Feb. 16 and translated by the Middle East Monitoring Research Institute (MEMRI).

“The prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad came true. But some prophecies have not come true yet. Look forward to it, because the Prophet Muhammad said that Rome would be conquered! It will be conquered,” preached Imam Shaban Sherif Mady.

Mady, based in Edmonton, also spoke of restoring the “rightly-guided” Islamic Caliphate.

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What the Media Don’t Get About Thump


It looks like Thump is going all the way, and the panic amongst Neo-Cons, the Liberal Left and establishment media alike is palpable.

Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog,

The class war is already underway and the petit bourgeois media is clueless.

The pundits are outraged by Trump’s success as a candidate because in their blindered view of the political/economic landscape, he shouldn’t be successful and so something is amiss with the Universe.

The typical bourgeois mainstream media pundit is confused and alarmed by Donald Trump’s ascendancy. The typical pundit is a member of the petit bourgeois who has zero contact with the working class in America, other than saying “hello” to his/her auto mechanic, hair salon employee, etc.

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Recession? Relax & Do Nothing


Libertarian Economics 101, or to put it another way: why we shouldn’t have bailed ANYONE out.

There is no reason to fear recessions or to intervene in them. They represent a healing process. Only by liquidating the malinvestments of the boom and rearranging the economy’s structure of production as quickly as possible to the actual wishes of consumers can a sound recovery be achieved.

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Kesha and the kangaroo court of public opinion


Age of Shitlords might have launched out of the slightly troll-ish meme-based Shit Tumblr Says Facebook page, but they’re starting to develop into interesting analysists of PC culture. Here’s their take on the Ke$ha vs. Dr. Luke controversy:

Dr Lukes legal team assert that her claims, contrary to her earlier testimony given under oath, are simply a bid to defame him and extort from him an early release from her contract. Sony have offered Kesha a different producer to work with, in light of her allegations, but she has declined this offer and stated that regardless of the offer, her music would not be promoted unless she continued working with Dr Luke and later even amended her lawsuit to include Sony as co-defendants in her claim stating that they have failed to investigate her allegations into his conduct when they are supposedly obligated to do so. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it is the job of police to investigate criminal allegations, not the responsibility of the employer, who does have a certain interest in the public image of their employees, however not to the extent that they are to operate outside of the framework provided by the legal system and informally convict one of their employees of sexual assault without the involvement of the authorities. That’s just the thing though, no complaint has been made to law enforcement to date, despite an unnamed source close to Kesha stating that she has available to her medical records that support her being roofied and raped.

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Rhymes with “retard”

Kanye West leaving building in Beverly Hills after incident- fight with a person- a few minutes before the police showed up- Jan 13, 2014 X17online.com

Gavin McInnes on the latest buffonery from Kanye West:

Why does Kanye get a pass? He is an endless fountain of comedy. It doesn’t make sense for a free-market economy to deny ourselves this relentless source of joy. He doesn’t have Down syndrome. He has Ridiculously Funny syndrome.

West’s prepubescent views on everything Kanye haven’t stopped over the past decade, but everyone is too scared to mock him because he’s black and they don’t want to be called racist. He’s aware of this, so when his clothing line fails he says it’s because people were too “racist” to buy his stuff (this from a guy who gets to wear the Confederate flag on his bomber jacket). His clothing line was made up of people wearing brown nylons and strange “skin-colored” sweatshirts that looked like they were made out of Nazi lampshades. We recently learned that this foolish mistake put him $53 million in the hole and he took to social media to beg Mark Zuckerberg to bail him out to the tune of $1 billion. No word yet on why you get to be $947 million in the black when you screw up that badly.

McInnes also talks about why everyone’s so afraid to call an idiot an idiot.

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The War on Cash & NIRP Explained


It’s difficult to understand exactly what is going on with the global calls from Central Bank planners for the abolition of large denomination currency notes and simultaneous experimentation with negative interest rate policies (NIRP).

Thankfully Zerohedge has come to the rescue with an easy to follow explanation:

These are strange monetary times, with negative interest rates and central bankers deemed to be masters of the universe. So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that politicians and central bankers are now waging a war on cash. That’s right, policy makers in Europe and the U.S. want to make it harder for the hoi polloi to hold actual currency.

The real reason the war on cash is gearing up now is political: Politicians and central bankers fear that holders of currency could undermine their brave new monetary world of negative interest rates. Japan and Europe are already deep into negative territory, and U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said last week the U.S. should be prepared for the possibility. Translation: That’s where the Fed is going in the next recession.

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