Rhymes with “retard”

Kanye West leaving building in Beverly Hills after incident- fight with a person- a few minutes before the police showed up- Jan 13, 2014 X17online.com

Gavin McInnes on the latest buffonery from Kanye West:

Why does Kanye get a pass? He is an endless fountain of comedy. It doesn’t make sense for a free-market economy to deny ourselves this relentless source of joy. He doesn’t have Down syndrome. He has Ridiculously Funny syndrome.

West’s prepubescent views on everything Kanye haven’t stopped over the past decade, but everyone is too scared to mock him because he’s black and they don’t want to be called racist. He’s aware of this, so when his clothing line fails he says it’s because people were too “racist” to buy his stuff (this from a guy who gets to wear the Confederate flag on his bomber jacket). His clothing line was made up of people wearing brown nylons and strange “skin-colored” sweatshirts that looked like they were made out of Nazi lampshades. We recently learned that this foolish mistake put him $53 million in the hole and he took to social media to beg Mark Zuckerberg to bail him out to the tune of $1 billion. No word yet on why you get to be $947 million in the black when you screw up that badly.

McInnes also talks about why everyone’s so afraid to call an idiot an idiot.

Read the rest at Taki’s Magazine.

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