Kesha and the kangaroo court of public opinion


Age of Shitlords might have launched out of the slightly troll-ish meme-based Shit Tumblr Says Facebook page, but they’re starting to develop into interesting analysists of PC culture. Here’s their take on the Ke$ha vs. Dr. Luke controversy:

Dr Lukes legal team assert that her claims, contrary to her earlier testimony given under oath, are simply a bid to defame him and extort from him an early release from her contract. Sony have offered Kesha a different producer to work with, in light of her allegations, but she has declined this offer and stated that regardless of the offer, her music would not be promoted unless she continued working with Dr Luke and later even amended her lawsuit to include Sony as co-defendants in her claim stating that they have failed to investigate her allegations into his conduct when they are supposedly obligated to do so. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it is the job of police to investigate criminal allegations, not the responsibility of the employer, who does have a certain interest in the public image of their employees, however not to the extent that they are to operate outside of the framework provided by the legal system and informally convict one of their employees of sexual assault without the involvement of the authorities. That’s just the thing though, no complaint has been made to law enforcement to date, despite an unnamed source close to Kesha stating that she has available to her medical records that support her being roofied and raped.

Read it all here.

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