Roosh V on the Coordinated Attack on Milo


Having been through the media’s smear ‘n’ slander gauntlet himself, Roosh V gives his insights on the recent coordinated hatchet job against Milo Yiannopoulos (wherein old interview segments were edited to make him appear to be condoning pedophilia) and how the media machine and Deep State Elite destroy dissidents:

Also, an update as Roosh discusses Milo’s press conference:

Suffering Is Good For You


Scientists working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) deep below the Swiss countryside who have been using a giant atomic particle Nascar track to search for the elusive God Particle, this week made a startling discover they believe could throw some light on questions that have puzzled mankind for thousands of years.

Though it might be considered somewhat short of the main prize, what scientists working on the Hadron Collider believe they have discovered is that, contrary to what many would have us believe, we are not here on this planet to enjoy our fucking selves.

According to Jean Lapin, the programme’s chief scientist, ‘We may not have found the elusive God particle, but what we have discovered so far suggests that rather than to be avoided at all cost, suffering and adversity are a natural part of life, and a key component to spiritual and personal development.’

This may come as a surprise to many who have been raised within societies where discomfort and suffering are seen as an enemy to be eradicated where possible.

As a child I recall the dentist trying to forego anaesthetics for small childhood fillings ‘Just raise you hand if it hurts’ he’d say; it inevitably did. Nowadays they apologies profusely if you can taste the numbing gel they apply to the area before the anaesthetic.

Like harsh physical environments, suffering of a phychological & spiritual nature provides a vehicle for personal growth & development. This is something that is reflected in the experiences of our grandparents, who invested in long term marriages, life long highly skilled trades, and appreciated the value and cost of everything from the food on their plate, to a screwdriver or hammer they would still mourn the lose of years later.

Beyond the anecdotal, the link between trial, suffering, sacrifice and ultimate redemption features repeatedly in Christian scripture. The passages of both the Old & New Testaments are littered with such calls to personal sacrifice as a way of attaining wisdom and becoming closer to God – the trial of Job at the hand of Satan being the most famous, however suffering and trial is found at the core of all Christian teachings.

The Redundancy of God & Fragility of Order

This disconnection also affords atheism. It is a luxury almost exclusively enjoyed by comfortable first world societies. People who get their food out of a packet at a supermarket and are supported by complex welfare systems are largely insulated from the harsh realities of staying alive, and can therefore indulge in fantasies of independence & invincibility, that poorer, more vulnerable people, who live close to the practical realities of human existence cannot.

Living in a high-rise in an earthquake zone is the epitome of this mindset.

Our modern mechanized societies are a panic away from shortages and three away from societal collapse. It’s about time we stopped patting ourselves on the back congratulating ourselves for the heady heights we have attained.

I live in a city where people don’t even bother looking up from iPhones in order to cross a side street. That’s because the law has made it my job as a driver to make sure they stay alive. These people aren’t even responsible for their own safety. We have created a generation of people who cannot even cross a fucking road safely. As I helpfully point out to my kids in a way they appreciate: ‘Look kids, if that person was an animal in the jungle, they’d be dead by now.’

What happens when those people run out of food? Their life expectancy becomes that of their battery.

We are woefully unprepared as modern urbanized societies to weather any sort of crisis and this is, by and large, due to the insulation of comfort and air of invincibility we have wrapped ourselves in. It has afforded us a disconnection to the harsh realities of keeping ourselves or families alive and withered our relationship with the spirit.

Those who have only known comfort are in for a viciously steep learning curve if the fabric of society ever buckles. Scratch the veneer of civility and the magma of practical necessity erupts.

Be strong. Be everything you can. Enjoy the suffering.


Free Speech Is Now A Crime in Canada


Canadians beware. Free speech in Canada is a crime.

When Eric Brazau spoke out against the evils of radical islam he was arrested then charged with inciting hate (a crime in Canada) and spent over 7 months in pre-trial custody.

Read Full Article Here

This is a disturbing fact that the media seems all too happy to ignore. How can this be? Did Eric Brazau have a bad lawyer? Is his conviction politically motivated? Can anyone with a differing opinion be arrested? Where is the line and what is now considered hate speech?

How can it be legal for the province of Quebec to ban a language and illegal to discriminate against a cultural group? What is going on in this country?

While ISIS rages across the middle east, beheading and raping non muslims Canada is incarcerating people who speak the truth about this brutality. It’s as if the government of Canada is actually working for radical islam.

The enemy is among us. Be afraid. Be very very afraid.

Little Mosque On The Prairie: Trudeau’s Best Case Scenario.


Canadian President & national pool boy, Justin Trudeau has revealed that his pro-Islamic immigration policy is based entirely on a  CBC’s Little Mosque On The Prairie.

The DVD series was lent to him by George Soros after one of their cozy little chats, in which Soros laid out his plan for the perfect society and Trudeau sat there mesmerized like Scoobie Doo being shown a ham & pickle hoagie.

Trudeau admitted binge watching all six seasons with wife, Sophie, which led to him basing his entire immigration policy upon the warm glow it gave him just behind his penis.

He is thought to have shared this detail with U.S. President, Donald Trump during his recent meeting; after which, Trump immediately began looking into building a wooden fence along the northern border out of all the lumber Canada would no longer be selling to the U.S.

America’s Zombie Left Seeks Civil War


The left’s appetite for violence is rapidly growing. Hollywood celebrities; pop stars; journalists & activists all seem perfectly comfortable calling for violence against those who do not share their world view. Who could have predicted that the zombies of the apocalypse would end up being those cursed with progressive ideology.

The recent protests and riots that forced Milo Yiannopoulus to cancel his UC Berkeley appearance are just the latest in a catalogue of violence and intimidation the left has been enjoying. There are literally scores of similar incidents Read More  More, More, More,  & More

So desperate are they to cling onto their failing narrative, that they would rather shoot at others trying to flee the stricken ship, than escape themselves. The calls to violence have been unambiguous and emboldened by a mainstream media that has been engaging in very similar rhetoric. Read More

Sarah Silverman was amongst the most recent to call for a coup and martial law to depose President Trump, Read More after Madonna announced during a Women’s March speech in Washington D.C., that she had “thought about blowing up the Whitehouse.” Full Details

These are unhinged children looking for a war with those who do not share their flawed utopian fallacies. David Harbour of the show Stranger Things, whose cast resembled Beavis & Butthead fused with Star Trek: The Next Generation after a nasty beaming down accident, railed and roared against the Trump presidency during an acceptance speech at the 2017 SAG awards, declaring “We will punch some people in the face.”  

However, one thing they fail to appreciate, is that once this genie is out of the bottle, it will not go back in, and their chances of survival in any such situation, are poor to zero.

Outside of sanctuary ghettos like Miami, San Diego, Chicago etc., which are already taking on the identity of siege cities in waiting – full of people with limited resources, where life will be appallingly brutal and desperate for its inhabitants, only defeat awaits.

Hollywood will not hold out like the Alamo; manned by entertainers & actresses whose sense of detached self entitlement is matched only by their inability to know which way round a fucking gun goes. California university students will not emerging from their ‘safe spaces’ to take on Trump’s red pilled right, and win. This is not a Hollywood production where Brad Pitt holds off a division of SS Grenadiers from a limping Sherman tank.

Who do they think makes up the ranks of the conservative right in America? Police officers; Military – current and veterans; rural populations – farmers, bikers, fundamentalist Christians etc. Historically, this sort of match up has never ended favourably for the left. It would be a rerun of the Spanish Civil War produced by the makers of the Walking Dead.

One of the problems for the left is that after decades of cultural Marxism, they no longer produce men capable of fighting a war; they produce emasculated man-bitches with overactive feelings and hormone enhanced entitlement glands. So in order to prosecute their point physically on the street, the left in America employs Black Lives Matter in the same way the left in Europe uses Islamists.  It’s a cynical symbiotic relationship of mutual goals, that really belongs in a David Attenborough documentary. Read More

The left can only push this so far, before they start getting what they seem to be seeking, whether it comes in the form of a crackdown from the Trvmpenfuhrer once he’s finished dealing with everything else, or the rest of America just deciding that they’ve had enough.


Waiting at the high water mark for leftist violence: the militias

Milo Yiannopoulos: The Face of The ‘Red Pilled Right.’

CNN would have you believe that Milo Yiannopoulos is a right wing extremist & white nationalist engaging in hate speech.

Yiannopoulos, the target of the UC Berkeley riots in which protesters and rioters forced him to cancel his speaking appearance at the university amid scenes of rioting and vandalism , appeared the following day on the Tucker Carlson show.

Right wing extremist or red pilled gay show man who missed out on a ‘Carry On’ career? You decide.


Seattle Protesters Call for ‘Killing People’.

Left leaning political activists always claim to be the voice of reason while accusing the Right of being fascist thugs. In this video the woman with the megaphone says “We have to start killing people” and “White people need to give away all their money”.  Hmmm, perhaps this is why Trump got elected.

It’s one thing to call for equality and justice for all but threatening violence and discrimination against a group of people based on the colour of their skin has a name. It’s called RACISM.