A Warning To Mankind

In 2001 & 2002 a series of crop circles appeared in wheat fields around the Chilbolton Observatory in Hampshire, southern England. Unlike previous crop circles, which had been almost entirely made up of geometric designs, these pictographs appeared to be an attempt at direct communication.

On August 14th 2001, the pixelated face of a man appeared in in a fields next to the radio telescope in Chilbolton in southern England. It was joined four days later by another unusual crop glyph, which appeared to be a reply to Carl Sagan’s SETI message sent from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Both had been preceded the previous year by an elaborate fractal crop glyph in the same field.

2001 Chilbolton Crop Glyphs
2000 Chilbolton Crop Glyph

The reply was communicated in the same format as the original message sent out by Sagan’s team, but with a few notable differences – the addition of Silicon to the genetic make up; and changes in both the planetary position and population value.

The following year on 15th August 2002, another unusual crop circle appeared nearby in Crabwood. This time the elaborate and complex image featured a portrait image of what appears to be an alien life form, together with a disk in the bottom right hand corner containing a message in the form of a binary code.

2002 Crabwood Crop Glyph

The message read:

‘Beware of the bearers o FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still Time. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND).’

The Chilbolton & Crabwood crop glyphs were picked up by some media outlets, but did not receive the level of coverage that you might expect given a possible attempt at direct communication from another world regarding an impending threat to mankind.   

The obvious question that comes to mind when seeing this, is what threat could be so much worse than any other tragic episode of human history? What could be so terrible that it warrants a warning from beyond our comprehension?

It suggests that we face a greater threat than anything we have previously encountered, highly intelligent in design and global in nature, which could involve entities from ‘other worlds’ who it also suggests will come to us as saviours, only to deceive us into such a terrible collective pain that we abandon all hope that ‘good’ still exists.

Deep Fake & the Disney Connection

On Wednesday, June 19th, 2019, one of the most iconic crop circles ever laid down in a field, the Crabwood, Wiltshire, alien face and disc, of August 15th, 2002, possibly the only one which has ever held a direct, allegedly “prophetic” message, was revealed by Colin Andrews as being a commission by Disney Studios at that time. The commission was made as a publicity stunt, to generate interest in the movie, Signs, starring Mel Gibson, which was released in the UK, and the USA, on dates just either side of the crop circle itself being “discovered” in 2002. But, as revealing as Colin’s statement was, there were still some pieces of information which were missing.

Source: NexusNewsfeed.com

However, there were a number of elements to this claim that do not line up. Andrews claims that this was a publicity stunt by a film company, yet the film had already been released in the U.S. (it’s biggest market) by then, and these specific glyphs were never featured or even referenced in the movie. There was also nothing like the sort of publicity you would expect from such an important message from another world – fabricated or otherwise (I am reminded of Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds), if anything, it appeared that the media largely ignored these potentially sensational revelations.

Why would Disney send someone out to debunk this specific crop glyph?  

Given Disney’s close relationship with U.S. intelligence apparatus over the years and the established use of media organization to disseminate propaganda, the inclusion of Disney immediately raises the possibility of a disinformation campaign and only serves to suggest that these glyphs could actually be authentic, and the message they contain vitally important to humanity.

The Dark Side of Disney & MK Ultra

The Nexus Newsfeed article then claims that Colin Andrews was not involved, nor was the mysterious London team he claimed carried out the hoax, but that another team was actually responsible. They provide no details or evidence more than the names of those they believe were responsible, and examples of other similar work produced by them.

Matt Lawrence Land Art

You can judge for yourself whether the quality and complexity of the work featured, and presumably executed with the aid of full daylight, is comparable with either Chilbolton or Crabwood crop glyphs. And if they were responsible, why are those superior works are not featured on their website?

James Deardorff, former Senior Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, in Boulder, Colorado begins by asking some very basic, common sense questions:[What is] the probability that hoaxers could:

  1. be creative enough to construct a new type of glyph like that, involving rectangular “binary units” in the “Arecibo” response, and no circles,
  2. repeatedly practice making the Arecibo glyph first, in some field(s), without these practice attempts being spotted from the air and reported
  3. actually carry it out, producing all those right-angle corners in the Arecibo-like pattern, without making any mistakes
  4. do it all in just a few hours overnight
  5. do it without showing up on the security cameras there, one or more of which looked out towards the relevant direction …
  6. do it without leaving undesired trampled stalks or stake holes, etc., behind, from having accessed the location along some tram line and laying out the surveying lines, etc., which would be necessary
  7. not claim credit for it afterwards and not offer to show skeptics just how they did it by being willing to quickly reproduce the same designs within a pristine area of a wheat field while under the watchful eyes of veteran crop-circle researchers.

Source: bibliotecapleyades.net

I find it almost impossible to accept that both the 2001 Chilbolton and 2002 Crabwood crop glyphs were completed in the 9.5 hours of darkness available during that time of the year. The level of design complexity and detail are way beyond anything we have seen previously or since.

Extra-Terrestrial or Inter-Dimensional?

One of the transformations I have noticed over the past few years, and I am happy to consider part of our Awakening, is the change taking place within the UFO community in regards to the possibility that, rather than being extra terrestrial (i.e. from a distant galaxy), that both ET’s and UFO’s are in reality inter-dimensional, and potentially what we would describe as ‘spiritual’ entities.    

I find it impossible to believe that alien life forms jump in a spacecraft and travel in linear time through the cosmos to visit us. It seems much more plausible that we are dealing with entities from other dimensions who can move in and out of our earthly plane, and if that is the case, then the prospect of everything having a spiritual dimension to it dramatically increases.

‘Beware of the bearers o FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still Time. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND).’

If we accept the Crabwood message and the warning it contains as being sincere, then we have to accept the possibility that there are two other worldly entities involved: those who are sending the warning, and those who seek to deceive.

Are we dealing with what could be described as angelic and demonic entities? I believe that our concepts of inter-dimensional & spiritual reality are somewhat under-developed to the point of infantile; therefore it is possible that these entities could be the angels and fallen angels described in scripture.

Fr Spyridon in interview with Paul Joseph Watson

Global Elites in Collusion?

If we start to look at ET visitations as potentially demonic activity, and consider the possibility that they might be collaborating with governments, or shadow elements within them, the early part of the 21st century looks completely different, and starts to make a lot me sense.

The first Chilbolton crop glyph appeared just 19 days before the attacks of 9/11.

Consider the intensifying pattern of oppressive measures since the turn of the millennium, and in particular the past three years. It should be apparent to all by now that our leaders serve an undisclosed agenda; they certainly no longer represent our interests; in fact, they appear that to have declared war on humanity.

Given what we have seen of our ‘representative’ governments in the past two decades, it appears that we have been the collective victims of a coup facilitated by a compromised political elite in the service of inter-dimensional intelligence – or what we would previously have labeled ‘evil’.

Their agenda is being revealed through an accelerating pattern of demonic activity and engineered collapse, which they no barely bother hiding – the increasingly Satanic symbolism of sporting ceremonies; drag shows for toddlers; child trafficking; manufactured viruses & mandatory ‘vaccines’; global lockdowns & Big Tech censorship; Epstein’s Pedo Island; the contents of Hunter Biden’s Laptop; carbon taxes& fertilizer bans; mystery food distribution fires & attacks on electrical substations; chemical spills ignored by the media, engineered mass migration… the list gets longer and more comprehensive by the day.

I have no hard evidence to suggest an inter-dimensional coup is taking place, but the utterly comprehensive nature of the attack upon global structures from the individuals sense of purpose and place within creation, to the comprehensive collapsing of support systems – energy & agriculture, suggests intelligent design beyond our comprehension.

One thing we can say for sure: the societal, psychological & spiritual systems that keep humanity alive and well are the subject of an undeclared war.

Little else can explain the ongoing suicidal campaign to collapse the global supply and energy systems in the name of Climate Action, which we already know will to bring humanity to the point of total collapse, after which we may be in need of a saviour bearing false gifts; where we can be pulled into a digital beast system, genetically manipulated and enslaved for the benefit of hidden architects and their undeclared agenda.

‘I absolutely believe that the number one war going on is with inter-dimensional intelligence. The Bible calls it angels and demons, others call it fifth dimension intelligence, but I really think we are dealing with a spirit of evil’

Catherine Austin-Fitts

A Warning to Mankind that our Human DNA is to be Altered?

In researching this piece, I have come across a number of correlating references within various articles to the triple helix DNA strand featured in the Chilbolton SETI reply of 2001.

As Laura Knight-Jadczyk writes:

 ‘I don’t think that the glyph is telling us about the “race” that sent it. I think it is telling us about US, our future state, and the state of our solar system and that it is a hyper-dimensional transfer.

Why do I think this? Because all the other figures are almost identical, from the symbols for the nucleic acids, to the nucleotides in the DNA. This tells us that it is about US.

And what else do we see? We see a significant difference in the DNA double helix. This suggests to me that it is our DNA that is going to be changed, and this is the reason for the image of what I clearly see as an infant representing the rebirth of humanity – not a Gray Alien. The large head may also represent a coming state of awareness wherein the fuller manifestations of our mental and higher abilities may be facilitated.

Source: Cassiopaea.org

This subject is also explored by Richard Hoagland, who to date, has conducted the deepest investigative work on the Chilbolton & Crabwood crop glyphs:

The central part of the Chilbolton pictogram shows that a DNA double helix as found on Earth, with 10 base pairs per turn, has been replaced on one side by a novel single-stranded helix with just 6 bases per turn [emphasis added].

I had to work hard for several days, to discover that the single-stranded helix with 6 bases per turn refers to 2′, 5′-linked RNA or DNA, as opposed to the normal 3′, 5′ variety. This is known to hardly any molecular biologist, and I found out only by making an accurate model.

“Recall that origin-of-life experiments in the 1980’s [?] by Leslie Orgel, found that RNA would often polymerize into two different forms, namely 2′, 5′ versus 3′, 5′; and it was a mystery to chemical evolutionists why 3′, 5′ was favored on Earth.

Note that many abductees [remember, the central figure in the “response” version of the Arecibo Message looks like a classic “gray”] remain ill with chronic fatigue, which generally includes a high level of RNAase L; just as if their immune systems have been activated by contact with 2′, 5′ RNA.

The clear implication is that 2′, 5′ RNA may represent an alternative system of genetic coding to 3′,5′ RNA or DNA as found on Earth; and that the makers of the Chilbolton pictogram wished us to understand that fact [emphasis added]. Whether a secret band of elite scientists could hoax such a result seems doubtful; since 2′, 5′ nucleic acids are mentioned rarely in the literature, and nowhere does it say that they form a single-stranded helix with 6 bases per turn, that I found only recently, by painstakingly constructing an accurate model.

Source: bibliotecapleyades.net

I read these articles in light of the global mRNA vaccine rollout in 2021 that has been found to contain amongst other things, self assembling graphene nano-technology, and the WEF’s declared desire to embark upon a trans-humanist 4th Industrial Revolution; to create the Internet of Bodies, pulling humanity into a singularity with a beast system, or matrix. This is not speculation or science fiction, this is a desired goal within the grasp of quantum computers.

Author and science researcher, Anthony Patch has much to say on this subject, and even predicted a manufactured virus and subsequent Trojan DNA manipulating vaccine in his 2016 sci-fi novel, Covert Catastrophe.

His 30 years of research in this field leads him to conclude that the aim of the architects is to manipulate human DNA – to introduce another strand – a triple helix, and that both the LHC at CERN and the development and use of ACQ quantum computers are being used in an attempt to communicate inter-dimensionally with entities that will allow man to become like God through the pursuit of a technological Tower of Babel.

Of course these entities may engineer a situation in which they get to offer gifts and make promises which they have no intention of keeping.  

Woke Women: What Are They Good For?

I was watching an old episode of Cracker the other evening. Robbie Coltrane plays Fitz – a gambling addicted drunk and criminal psychologist who solves murders for Manchester police by providing them with a window in on the subconscious of the killer. The series dates back to 1993, and in one of the first scenes Fitz goes out for dinner with his wife and another couple, but after a few drinks he starts ripping into their female dining partner for employing a brown nanny at $3 an hour to look after her kids, whilst she earns $20 an hour lecturing on feminism at the university.

‘If only she was black, or better still, Filipino’ Fitz goads. The scene is cut prematurely short with still more to unpack, when he has a drink thrown in his face.

The fuel for Fitz’s fury was that she does not acknowledge the hypocrisy she is engaging in – the lucrative career championing the feminist struggle made possible by exploitative cheap labour of other women.

If anything, some 30 years later things have only got worse – we now live in a culture fully immersed in subversion and associated hypocricy – where up is down, silence is violence, men are women; and everything is a cultural crime scene investigated by political appointees.

I am Karen, Hear Me Roar.

The past two years of the pandemic have all been about demographics and data. Ironically, we know now that Covid almost exclusively killed people over 80; we know that children were at virtually no risk of serious illness, and we know that the overall survival rate was over 99.5%.

The pandemic has also revealed that the manipulation and lies that we have labored under was prosecuted almost exclusively by woke women in positions of middle to senior management. Show me a department where Covid mandates and unscientific expectations were ruthlessly enforced, and at the helm will be a woke woman with psychotic Bambi eyes straining from behind her mask overseeing a risk averse tyranny of disproportionate response.

Woke women were not only overrepresented in the implementation of tyranny over the past two years, during that time they also revealed themselves as the weak structural link in any functioning system. What is it about this demographic that made them so susceptible to the anxiety driven suspension of common sense and cultural self-destruction?

Woke western women have been weaponized to work against the target culture from both within the family, and from the heights of senior management they now occupy, in a way that is reminiscent of how Edward Bernays – the father of advertising, first duped them into smoking cigarettes post WW1, by selling it as sexual liberation.

To get a deeper understanding of this type of mass manipulation, I would encourage anyone who has not yet, to see the excellent mini-series by filmmaker Adam Curtis on the life and work of PR psychologist, Edward Bernays entitled: The Century of the Self

In true Bernays style, the term ‘Karen’ is yet another subversive tool devised to then muddy the waters even further by silencing white women in favour of women of colour, unless of course those white women were willing to publically self flagellate with the same flail they had just finished using on their men.

Misery Demands Company

Woke women are desperately unhappy in their new role. The collapse in Western civilization has sold them Thelma & Louise with an Only Fans Plug-In, and handed then the wheel, but they are miserable and lost – their traditional role at the centre of the family and community has been replaced with the offer of being ‘Shit Men’ as my friend puts it. We have created an advanced society in which men are encouraged to be pathetic versions of women, and women are encouraged to be a shit version of men.

In East Vancouver young women dress like Gulag residents – dungarees, boots, shaved heads, round glasses, big coats and wool hats. They are fully ‘liberated’ and control every aspect of their lives down to gender identity, but they don’t dress like liberated spirits, they dress like inmates; prisoners of their excessive freedom. They seem unsatisfied with the wet beta males they have helped create, and it’s understandable – they have emasculated their men to the point that even they don’t want to fuck them. Instead they lust for Rousseau’s Noble Savage – those that haven’t been under their scalpel; the culturally un-castrated foreigner. It’s the wholesale rejection of the product they helped design & create. Do you use your product? Never!

‘I don’t have kids, I have dogs instead…’

‘Why would I want to bring children into this world?’ (The world you helped create?)

‘There are too many people, it’d be better for the environment if everyone stopped having children…’

‘He’s a nice caring guy, but I don’t want to fuck him.. I want someone with confidence who takes control.’

These harpies are a societal definition of misanthropic and confused misery. They have rendered themselves redundant. They are not men, nor are they women; they are now little more than an activated accelerator for societal collapse. You can see what has happened here.

Conversely, the women I know who embrace what would be described as ‘traditional values’ are both comfortable within themselves, and appreciate their significance at the center of both their family and community where they are valued and respected. Such women, rather than being victims of the patriarchy, are not only by-and-large happier and more influential than their liberated counterparts, they are also valued and celebrated in a meaningful way.

But of course, the only version of motherhood that is celebrated by the media is that of single motherhood – the version where the state is the father.

And so we have to import people to keep the wheels of society in motion – Filipino nannies who have to leave their own families to clean for career woke white women whilst they earn four times as much lecturing in Women’s Studies, or care for them once they become incapable and isolated by their choices. Brown people to serve them fast food; more brown people to sell them gas, and of course mass immigration policies to feed it all. This is the nothing short of the wholesale destruction of all societies and all families.

No wonder they are annoyed when someone points it out.

Black Pudding: Right Wing Superfood









Pepe the Frog & Trash Dove, are being joined by an Alt Right superfood, Black Pudding. A traditional food found throughout Europe, it consists of a sausage made from pig’s blood, which is first boiled down and reduced after which cuts of pork fat are added. ‘Loaded with protein, potassium, calcium and magnesium, as well as being practically carb free,’ Black Pudding is being hailed as a super-food

Darren Beale from MuscleFood.com said: “2015 saw healthy eating reach a new level and this year we predict this trend is only going to get bigger. Some of the foods have been on the up for a while like avocado oil and maca root, but others like mushrooms and black pudding have been a total surprise to us.

“It’s great to have this new research available to find out the hidden qualities in food and we can’t wait to see how these new trends take off.”

At least one butcher claims to have seen a boom in sales. Lorna Maclennan, director of Stornoway’s Charles Macleod Butchers’ shop, told the Stornoway Gazette: “We have had a surge in the number of people ordering their black puddings direct, January is usually quiet, but we have had 100 orders with more coming in all the time.”

You might be scared of saying what you really think on Facebook, but you can still eat what you like.

Made from pork and pig’s blood, Black Pudding is recognized as being the most anti-Islamic food on the planet. And this could go some way to explain its renaissance amongst a growing numbers of nationalists resisting federalist tyranny & Islamic immigration within the E.U, as people’s eating habits are not currently subjected to the same coercisive control as their social media profiles.

Former UKiP leader Nigel Farage is said to consume three per day, and when Donald Trump became U.S. President, Farage is said to have presented him with a stick of weapon’s grade Lancastrian black pudding; whilst French presidential hopeful, Marine Le Pen has a slice added to smoothies.

Black Pudding in it’s natural environment.

The best way to enjoy black pudding is to serve it grilled as part of a fried English breakfast with a mandatory accompanyment of HP Sauce. At Christmas, it can also be presented as a side dish to ward off both vegan SJW’s & Islamists during the festive season. And if eaten in sufficient quantities, it produces a ‘Vampire high’ – an iron rush similar to those enjoyed by blood suckers.

Deus Vult: Black Pudding wrapped in bacon escorted by a flotilla of cocktail sausages during Christmas Day manoeuvres.

One of the most astonishing things about black pudding is that it has so far survived the current puritanical pogrom of liberal book burning and banning. You look at it and you think to yourself: how the fuck is this stuff still legal? Its mere availability in butcher’s shop windows and on the menu at cafes across the western world, is the biggest fuck you both the E.U. tyrants and Islamofascists could receive.

So eat up and enjoy. The consuming of black pudding is an act of both religious & political defiance, and any other Pope in history would be offering treasures in heaven for its mass consumption by children.

Deus Vult Bitchez!


The Progressive Pecking Order

The progressive pecking order is not something that liberals openly admit exists, but when real life events unfold, it emerges for anyone free of impairment to clearly see.

Progressives like Canada’s Trudeau or Germany’s Merkel would no doubt squirm at the idea that their utopian world view could be broken down into a cynical hierarchy of groups of special interests; an identity interest credit rating if you will.

So, if you’re wondering where you are on the progressive totem pole, we’ve put together a helpful guide with real life examples to back it up.

We are confident that once you adopt this application,  you will be able to apply the progressive pecking order model to any situation and navigate through the deceptive narrative of the liberal left. However, we invite everyone to do their own research; look at which group is protected and which group is thrown under the bus in any clash of interests.

For example, if you’re a white male and you’ve been paying attention, you won’t be surprised to discover that you are at the very bottom. That’s because increasingly everything is ultimately your fault; from the inherent stability of western society, to the rule of law, to everybody else’s problems. You carry the burden of shame. You are the white board onto which all healing is to be worked out on. And ultimately, your sins can only be paid for via the currency of cultural cuckoldry, i.e., you need to stand by and watch whilst everyone else fucks your culture.

The only group white men have below them are Christians.

We’re fairly confident most people are aware of the low status Christians enjoy as we forge this brave new world. If not, it is because the MSM has been conspicuously quiet on the plight of Christians particularly in the Middle East, where they have faced a declared genocide at the hands of those our progressive leaders are so eager to import – Muslims.

Shameful Silence: ABC, CBS and NBC Have Ignored Christian Genocide

Is this the End of Christianity in the Middle East? 

Or take the example of Christian bakers who decided they weren’t comfortable making the cake for a gay wedding. Read Story

Do you think that Muslim bakers would ever be held to the same standard of expectation? Of course not. In the progressive pecking order Islam is at the top because of the damage it can do to target societies is unparalleled. And that is what this is ultimately about for cultural Marxists.

Recent real life events such as the sex attacks in Cologne or the Rotherham child abuse scandal demonstrate clearly the hallowed status Muslims enjoy at the expense of other groups, which occupy lower positions in the hierarchy.

In both cases the sexual crimes of Muslim men were covered up by the police and local authorities in order to protect the perceived public image of that group, and in order not to fall onto the sword of political correctness. Ultimately, whichever way you want to dress it up, the safety and interests of women and children were cynically sacrificed in favour of this group.

The championing of large scale Muslim immigration by western societies, given the growing mountain of evidence to its spectacular failure does not make any rational sense, and therefore we have to conclude that those steering this course are either ideologically insane, or more worryingly, part of a sinister scheme to destabilize western societies. This final conclusions only makes sense when you start to consider the role of globalists and their weapon of choice – Islamic immigration, as a part of an aggressive program of cultural Marxism.

Muslim men are top of the pecking order purely because of their potential to destabilize target societies for the globalists.  

Women’s rights together with gay rights are somewhat of a spent force for cultural Marxists. They were the currency of the 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s. Gay is now mainstream; women in western countries are pursuing careers and no longer producing children in significant enough numbers to maintain society. The message being: enjoy yourselves; we’ll import people to wipe your arse when your eighty, and at the same time cynically alter the voting demographic in our favour permanently.

To continue to erode away at western society, new interest groups must be nurtured, which is why Transgender rights are the new frontline for those who wish to reduce western society to a gelatinous grey mush of relativism.  The transgender narrative really is bouncing off the limits of logic.

Despite the reluctance of the left to admit this, we have to credit the swing to the right over recent years in large part to the inconsistency and fallacies the progressive left are coercively attempting to have us adopt; people who possess rationale cannot comfortably consume such indulgences.

So what new frontiers are left to exploit in terms of undermining the stability of society? The final frontier for cultural Marxism in this dimension looks like being the ultimate taboo: pedophilia.

A recent number of articles by progressive flagship publications, including one controversially pulled by Salon, Read More attempting to bring pedophilia in from the cold and sell it as a lifestyle choice, The Pedophile I Could Not Help: He Was Not A Monster suggests that this will be the next battleground for progressives, and a real test of whether populations can be sold anything as progress.

Pedophilia is already the drug of choice for the elites in Washington, London & Hollywood, feeding off ruptured families and ensuring a steady stream of broken souls, whose cost to society is collasal. For cultural Marxists, pedophilia would provide the ultimate weapon against target societies.

Anyone finding this last point hard to accept, needs to ask themselves why the MSM has comprehensively failed to provide coverage of the Trump administration’s arrest of over a thousand pedophiles & child traffickers over the past 6 weeks in operations aimed at rolling up the carpet on a network of child traffickers and pedophile rings that now includes a second tier of a Washington network?

Unreported: Over 1500 pedophile arrests have been made since Trump took office

Since President Donald Trump has been sworn in on Jan. 20, authorities have arrested an unprecedented number of sexual predators involved in child sex trafficking rings in the United States. This should be one of the biggest stories in the national news. Instead, the mainstream media has barely, if at all, covered any of these mass pedophile arrests. This begs the question – why?

As a strong advocate for sex crime victims, I’ve been closely following the pedophile arrests since Trump took office. There have been a staggering 1,500-plus arrests in one short month.

Read More: Why the MSM Is Ignoring Trump’s Sex Trafficking Busts






Suffering Is Good For You


Scientists working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) deep below the Swiss countryside who have been using a giant atomic particle Nascar track to search for the elusive God Particle, this week made a startling discover they believe could throw some light on questions that have puzzled mankind for thousands of years.

Though it might be considered somewhat short of the main prize, what scientists working on the Hadron Collider believe they have discovered is that, contrary to what many would have us believe, we are not here on this planet to enjoy our fucking selves.

According to Jean Lapin, the programme’s chief scientist, ‘We may not have found the elusive God particle, but what we have discovered so far suggests that rather than to be avoided at all cost, suffering and adversity are a natural part of life, and a key component to spiritual and personal development.’

This may come as a surprise to many who have been raised within societies where discomfort and suffering are seen as an enemy to be eradicated where possible.

As a child I recall the dentist trying to forego anaesthetics for small childhood fillings ‘Just raise you hand if it hurts’ he’d say; it inevitably did. Nowadays they apologies profusely if you can taste the numbing gel they apply to the area before the anaesthetic.

Like harsh physical environments, suffering of a phychological & spiritual nature provides a vehicle for personal growth & development. This is something that is reflected in the experiences of our grandparents, who invested in long term marriages, life long highly skilled trades, and appreciated the value and cost of everything from the food on their plate, to a screwdriver or hammer they would still mourn the lose of years later.

Beyond the anecdotal, the link between trial, suffering, sacrifice and ultimate redemption features repeatedly in Christian scripture. The passages of both the Old & New Testaments are littered with such calls to personal sacrifice as a way of attaining wisdom and becoming closer to God – the trial of Job at the hand of Satan being the most famous, however suffering and trial is found at the core of all Christian teachings.

The Redundancy of God & Fragility of Order

This disconnection also affords atheism. It is a luxury almost exclusively enjoyed by comfortable first world societies. People who get their food out of a packet at a supermarket and are supported by complex welfare systems are largely insulated from the harsh realities of staying alive, and can therefore indulge in fantasies of independence & invincibility, that poorer, more vulnerable people, who live close to the practical realities of human existence cannot.

Living in a high-rise in an earthquake zone is the epitome of this mindset.

Our modern mechanized societies are a panic away from shortages and three away from societal collapse. It’s about time we stopped patting ourselves on the back congratulating ourselves for the heady heights we have attained.

I live in a city where people don’t even bother looking up from iPhones in order to cross a side street. That’s because the law has made it my job as a driver to make sure they stay alive. These people aren’t even responsible for their own safety. We have created a generation of people who cannot even cross a fucking road safely. As I helpfully point out to my kids in a way they appreciate: ‘Look kids, if that person was an animal in the jungle, they’d be dead by now.’

What happens when those people run out of food? Their life expectancy becomes that of their battery.

We are woefully unprepared as modern urbanized societies to weather any sort of crisis and this is, by and large, due to the insulation of comfort and air of invincibility we have wrapped ourselves in. It has afforded us a disconnection to the harsh realities of keeping ourselves or families alive and withered our relationship with the spirit.

Those who have only known comfort are in for a viciously steep learning curve if the fabric of society ever buckles. Scratch the veneer of civility and the magma of practical necessity erupts.

Be strong. Be everything you can. Enjoy the suffering.


The Wrath of Khan


This week, newly elected Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan addressed Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Islamic immigration. It should have gone something like this:

Khan: ‘Let us into your country.’

Trump: ‘I’d rather not. Some of you people are violent extremists who seek our destruction.’

Khan: ‘You better let us in. If you don’t, some of our people may become violent and seek your destruction.’

Trump: ‘Like I said…’

Instead, Trump offered to make an exception in the case of Khan.

Read Full Article

And if Khan’s self incriminating logic and affiliation with Islamic extremists wasn’t enough, he then went on to put himself firmly in the camp of the ‘enemies of humanity’ by promising to help Hillary Clinton get elected as President of the United States. Read More 

We won’t even bother addressing his ideologically inconsistent and naive comments about being a Muslim and a feminist, as we’ve already covered that fallacy in a previous article.


The Progressive Aggregation Fallacy with Pat Condell

An Aggregation Fallacy is the support for two or more causes that are in opposition to each other that co-exist within an ideology. Currently the best example of this is the support within progressive liberalism for third way feminism and LGBT rights at the same time as support for Islamic immigration.

It is both ideologically and practically impossible to champion the causes of the former, whilst also supporting the latter. We should not need to point out this logical inconsistency, but hey, that’s the world we live in.

In his book, The Uses of Pessimism, political philosopher, Roger Scruton explains the idea of an aggregation fallacy as follows:

‘When the French Revolutionaries crafted their famous slogan, ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’ they were in a state of exaltation that prevented them from seeing any fault in it. In their eyes liberty was good, equality was good and fraternity was good, so the combination was thrice good. That’s like saying lobster is good, chocolate is good and ketchup is good, so lobster cooked in chocolate and ketchup is thrice good.

The French had to go through a painful process of discovery before realizing what they had embarked upon. Even when Robespierre fanatically promoted ‘the despotism of liberty’ it did not dawn on the Jacobins that they were committed to a contradiction: the goal of equality requires the destruction of liberty.

The thinking here embodies a fallacy that is replicated whenever the desire for good things impetuously cancels any attempt to understand the connections between them… As a result, they add one good thing in an ever expanding wish-list. And because each good has been taken from its context and transferred to an imaginary world, the result is almost certain to involve aims that cannot advance together.’

Warning: pointing out progressive aggregation fallacies might lead to being labelled a fascist or a racist.

Recession? Relax & Do Nothing


Libertarian Economics 101, or to put it another way: why we shouldn’t have bailed ANYONE out.

There is no reason to fear recessions or to intervene in them. They represent a healing process. Only by liquidating the malinvestments of the boom and rearranging the economy’s structure of production as quickly as possible to the actual wishes of consumers can a sound recovery be achieved.

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