Trudeau’s Unaccountability Invites Political Violence

It looks increasingly like Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party has stolen at least two elections with the help of the Chinese Communist Party. Trudeau had been briefed by CSIS on threats to the democratic election process, and that there was up to eleven CCP agents operating in his party, yet he chose to keep these details secret and do nothing about it. He then later went on to retain power, as was the declared objective of the CCP and its operatives in Canada.

If true, this is not only criminal, it is treasonous.

The Prime Minister is facing growing pressure for a public inquiry, but has so far continued to resist; instead he is suggesting that he appoint someone to look into the matter, who will then report back to his party with the findings.

Trudeau clearly believes that staying in power trumps all other considerations.

For anyone with the sense that we have been here before, we have. If the Emergency Powers Act inquest is the standard we can expect when the Trudeau regime gets to appoint Trudeau affiliated commissioners to investigate themselves, we can expect nothing of substance, just more corruption.

The state this country is in is truly depressing and disgraceful. Who will offer the people relief from this criminal insanity?

What about the media; can’t they hold Trudeau and his government to some sort of account as in other functioning democracies with a free press?

Unfortunately we have a media that was bought off by the Trudeau Liberals in 2019 with over $500 million in funding. We also have the official state media, CBC – funded by the government to the tune of $1.2billion per year to cover the issues the government wants covered, and to ignore the CCP election scandal, which they have dutifully done in all but the most pedestrian manner. 

Someone commented recently that they ‘don’t think there is a political solution to this.’ And I have to agree.

The level of corruption and autocratic rule that this country is being subjected to under Trudeau is beyond anything a tier one democracy can tolerate and retain its status.

Life in Canada under Trudeau has become a drag time tyranny hour, with Trudeau prancing around as Stalin in heels dancing on the faces of Canadians for the perverse pleasure of the Davos elites.

He’d love to be able to kill off the millions of Canadians who won’t go along with his long march towards total ‘inclusivity’, but he simply isn’t made of the old stuff – his gay gulags are largely economic and digital – dissidents will be impoverished and demonized by the politicized judiciary and State media, whilst Christians will be imprisoned.

Tyrannical government is by definition illegitimate. 

When you leave people with no recourse to relief from autocratic & tyrannical rule, political violence is guaranteed. At this point we have exhausted pretty much every avenue available to civil society to rid ourselves of this vile creature. Don’t think all avenues have been exhausted? Let us just run through the process thus far:

Trudeau has been embroiled in a series of increasingly serious scandals that would have ended the career of a leader in any functioning democracy with a free press and independent judiciary. From the SNC Lavalin affair and the firing of Jody Wilson- Raybould, when as Justice Minister & Attorney General, she refused to call off an ongoing RCMP investigation into criminal activity by the company, to the WE Foundation scandal and highly paid jobs for various family members of the Liberal Party, including immediate members of the Trudeau’s family.

Then there was the declaration of martial law over peaceful protests and blockades against his regime’s vaccine mandates, which then led to the freezing of bank accounts, false imprisonment, and brutal crackdown of lawful protests in Ottawa, all of which took place because Trudeau refused to engage in dialogue with protest leaders.

And now we discover CSIS warned him about a possible total of eleven (11) CCP agents in his party, and attempts to influence the outcome of two national elections in his favour, and not only did he keep this secret, those agents are still in his party and he has retained power.

What does it take to get fired around here?

Where is the legal accountability? Where are the media? What has happened to the mechanisms put in place to protect the country from such tyranny?

Traditionally people would say ‘If you don’t like Trudeau, you can vote him out at the next election.’ But it now looks like that route for relief is severely compromised.

Who can trust an election run by the Trudeau government when he refuses to submit to an independent inquiry over allegations that he was warned about Chinese interference in national elections, and the presence of numerous CCP agents in his party?

This strongly suggests that the allegations that he worked with the CCP to steal at least two elections, are indeed true. He has had his chance to clear his name via an independent inquiry, from this point on it is up to him to prove he is not guilty of conspiracy and treason.    

So where does that leave Canadians who have become accustomed to Trudeau’s ever increasing authoritarianism and complete lack of accountability over the past three years?

When an autocratic regime crushes protests and offers no recourse to relief from suffering; when the judiciary and media fail to protect the people from tyranny by allowing it to continue; when the police act as state thugs rather than protectors of the people, then political violence is the only avenue left open to those people.

I lived in the U.K during the 1970’s, 80’s & 90’s when the Irish Republican Army were operating on the British Isles. The Irish Nationalist movement had given up on the political process and turned to paramilitary violence. They terrorized Britain for three decades and understood that what politicians ultimately fear and respect is political violence.

No one wants to live in a society where members of the government are checking their cars for bombs each morning, where their families are forced to change routes each day, and where members of the state media are shot dead on their doorsteps. But equally, no one wants to live in a society where the government imposes its will on the people, targets dissidents and conducts business in an autocratic manner without offering the people accountability or recourse.

We now need to give serious consideration to what a grass roots resistance movement aimed at toppling a CCP installed Trudeau regime might look like. Without answers and accountability his government is illegitimate and its removal by any means is both legitimate and a moral duty. 

Trudeau and his regime has to go, and if the mechanisms in place to ensure accountability have been compromised, then it is left to the people to remove him. Those entrusted with such responsibilities should start acting before complete loss of faith in the democratic system takes hold and political violence becomes the only road to relief and liberation.   

As I have previously written in Decoupling as Defiance; Dispersal as Defiance – Rules for Radicals & Economic Warfare & the Trudeau Regime, resistance to violent authoritarian rule needs to be asymmetrical – it needs to incorporate every aspect of modern 4th and 5th Generation warfare: from propaganda operations, to economic warfare and localized resistance operations. If we master these aspects of the local theatre, then the national struggle will look after itself.

A Warning To Mankind

In 2001 & 2002 a series of crop circles appeared in wheat fields around the Chilbolton Observatory in Hampshire, southern England. Unlike previous crop circles, which had been almost entirely made up of geometric designs, these pictographs appeared to be an attempt at direct communication.

On August 14th 2001, the pixelated face of a man appeared in in a fields next to the radio telescope in Chilbolton in southern England. It was joined four days later by another unusual crop glyph, which appeared to be a reply to Carl Sagan’s SETI message sent from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Both had been preceded the previous year by an elaborate fractal crop glyph in the same field.

2001 Chilbolton Crop Glyphs
2000 Chilbolton Crop Glyph

The reply was communicated in the same format as the original message sent out by Sagan’s team, but with a few notable differences – the addition of Silicon to the genetic make up; and changes in both the planetary position and population value.

The following year on 15th August 2002, another unusual crop circle appeared nearby in Crabwood. This time the elaborate and complex image featured a portrait image of what appears to be an alien life form, together with a disk in the bottom right hand corner containing a message in the form of a binary code.

2002 Crabwood Crop Glyph

The message read:

‘Beware of the bearers o FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still Time. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND).’

The Chilbolton & Crabwood crop glyphs were picked up by some media outlets, but did not receive the level of coverage that you might expect given a possible attempt at direct communication from another world regarding an impending threat to mankind.   

The obvious question that comes to mind when seeing this, is what threat could be so much worse than any other tragic episode of human history? What could be so terrible that it warrants a warning from beyond our comprehension?

It suggests that we face a greater threat than anything we have previously encountered, highly intelligent in design and global in nature, which could involve entities from ‘other worlds’ who it also suggests will come to us as saviours, only to deceive us into such a terrible collective pain that we abandon all hope that ‘good’ still exists.

Deep Fake & the Disney Connection

On Wednesday, June 19th, 2019, one of the most iconic crop circles ever laid down in a field, the Crabwood, Wiltshire, alien face and disc, of August 15th, 2002, possibly the only one which has ever held a direct, allegedly “prophetic” message, was revealed by Colin Andrews as being a commission by Disney Studios at that time. The commission was made as a publicity stunt, to generate interest in the movie, Signs, starring Mel Gibson, which was released in the UK, and the USA, on dates just either side of the crop circle itself being “discovered” in 2002. But, as revealing as Colin’s statement was, there were still some pieces of information which were missing.


However, there were a number of elements to this claim that do not line up. Andrews claims that this was a publicity stunt by a film company, yet the film had already been released in the U.S. (it’s biggest market) by then, and these specific glyphs were never featured or even referenced in the movie. There was also nothing like the sort of publicity you would expect from such an important message from another world – fabricated or otherwise (I am reminded of Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds), if anything, it appeared that the media largely ignored these potentially sensational revelations.

Why would Disney send someone out to debunk this specific crop glyph?  

Given Disney’s close relationship with U.S. intelligence apparatus over the years and the established use of media organization to disseminate propaganda, the inclusion of Disney immediately raises the possibility of a disinformation campaign and only serves to suggest that these glyphs could actually be authentic, and the message they contain vitally important to humanity.

The Dark Side of Disney & MK Ultra

The Nexus Newsfeed article then claims that Colin Andrews was not involved, nor was the mysterious London team he claimed carried out the hoax, but that another team was actually responsible. They provide no details or evidence more than the names of those they believe were responsible, and examples of other similar work produced by them.

Matt Lawrence Land Art

You can judge for yourself whether the quality and complexity of the work featured, and presumably executed with the aid of full daylight, is comparable with either Chilbolton or Crabwood crop glyphs. And if they were responsible, why are those superior works are not featured on their website?

James Deardorff, former Senior Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, in Boulder, Colorado begins by asking some very basic, common sense questions:[What is] the probability that hoaxers could:

  1. be creative enough to construct a new type of glyph like that, involving rectangular “binary units” in the “Arecibo” response, and no circles,
  2. repeatedly practice making the Arecibo glyph first, in some field(s), without these practice attempts being spotted from the air and reported
  3. actually carry it out, producing all those right-angle corners in the Arecibo-like pattern, without making any mistakes
  4. do it all in just a few hours overnight
  5. do it without showing up on the security cameras there, one or more of which looked out towards the relevant direction …
  6. do it without leaving undesired trampled stalks or stake holes, etc., behind, from having accessed the location along some tram line and laying out the surveying lines, etc., which would be necessary
  7. not claim credit for it afterwards and not offer to show skeptics just how they did it by being willing to quickly reproduce the same designs within a pristine area of a wheat field while under the watchful eyes of veteran crop-circle researchers.


I find it almost impossible to accept that both the 2001 Chilbolton and 2002 Crabwood crop glyphs were completed in the 9.5 hours of darkness available during that time of the year. The level of design complexity and detail are way beyond anything we have seen previously or since.

Extra-Terrestrial or Inter-Dimensional?

One of the transformations I have noticed over the past few years, and I am happy to consider part of our Awakening, is the change taking place within the UFO community in regards to the possibility that, rather than being extra terrestrial (i.e. from a distant galaxy), that both ET’s and UFO’s are in reality inter-dimensional, and potentially what we would describe as ‘spiritual’ entities.    

I find it impossible to believe that alien life forms jump in a spacecraft and travel in linear time through the cosmos to visit us. It seems much more plausible that we are dealing with entities from other dimensions who can move in and out of our earthly plane, and if that is the case, then the prospect of everything having a spiritual dimension to it dramatically increases.

‘Beware of the bearers o FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still Time. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND).’

If we accept the Crabwood message and the warning it contains as being sincere, then we have to accept the possibility that there are two other worldly entities involved: those who are sending the warning, and those who seek to deceive.

Are we dealing with what could be described as angelic and demonic entities? I believe that our concepts of inter-dimensional & spiritual reality are somewhat under-developed to the point of infantile; therefore it is possible that these entities could be the angels and fallen angels described in scripture.

Fr Spyridon in interview with Paul Joseph Watson

Global Elites in Collusion?

If we start to look at ET visitations as potentially demonic activity, and consider the possibility that they might be collaborating with governments, or shadow elements within them, the early part of the 21st century looks completely different, and starts to make a lot me sense.

The first Chilbolton crop glyph appeared just 19 days before the attacks of 9/11.

Consider the intensifying pattern of oppressive measures since the turn of the millennium, and in particular the past three years. It should be apparent to all by now that our leaders serve an undisclosed agenda; they certainly no longer represent our interests; in fact, they appear that to have declared war on humanity.

Given what we have seen of our ‘representative’ governments in the past two decades, it appears that we have been the collective victims of a coup facilitated by a compromised political elite in the service of inter-dimensional intelligence – or what we would previously have labeled ‘evil’.

Their agenda is being revealed through an accelerating pattern of demonic activity and engineered collapse, which they no barely bother hiding – the increasingly Satanic symbolism of sporting ceremonies; drag shows for toddlers; child trafficking; manufactured viruses & mandatory ‘vaccines’; global lockdowns & Big Tech censorship; Epstein’s Pedo Island; the contents of Hunter Biden’s Laptop; carbon taxes& fertilizer bans; mystery food distribution fires & attacks on electrical substations; chemical spills ignored by the media, engineered mass migration… the list gets longer and more comprehensive by the day.

I have no hard evidence to suggest an inter-dimensional coup is taking place, but the utterly comprehensive nature of the attack upon global structures from the individuals sense of purpose and place within creation, to the comprehensive collapsing of support systems – energy & agriculture, suggests intelligent design beyond our comprehension.

One thing we can say for sure: the societal, psychological & spiritual systems that keep humanity alive and well are the subject of an undeclared war.

Little else can explain the ongoing suicidal campaign to collapse the global supply and energy systems in the name of Climate Action, which we already know will to bring humanity to the point of total collapse, after which we may be in need of a saviour bearing false gifts; where we can be pulled into a digital beast system, genetically manipulated and enslaved for the benefit of hidden architects and their undeclared agenda.

‘I absolutely believe that the number one war going on is with inter-dimensional intelligence. The Bible calls it angels and demons, others call it fifth dimension intelligence, but I really think we are dealing with a spirit of evil’

Catherine Austin-Fitts

A Warning to Mankind that our Human DNA is to be Altered?

In researching this piece, I have come across a number of correlating references within various articles to the triple helix DNA strand featured in the Chilbolton SETI reply of 2001.

As Laura Knight-Jadczyk writes:

 ‘I don’t think that the glyph is telling us about the “race” that sent it. I think it is telling us about US, our future state, and the state of our solar system and that it is a hyper-dimensional transfer.

Why do I think this? Because all the other figures are almost identical, from the symbols for the nucleic acids, to the nucleotides in the DNA. This tells us that it is about US.

And what else do we see? We see a significant difference in the DNA double helix. This suggests to me that it is our DNA that is going to be changed, and this is the reason for the image of what I clearly see as an infant representing the rebirth of humanity – not a Gray Alien. The large head may also represent a coming state of awareness wherein the fuller manifestations of our mental and higher abilities may be facilitated.


This subject is also explored by Richard Hoagland, who to date, has conducted the deepest investigative work on the Chilbolton & Crabwood crop glyphs:

The central part of the Chilbolton pictogram shows that a DNA double helix as found on Earth, with 10 base pairs per turn, has been replaced on one side by a novel single-stranded helix with just 6 bases per turn [emphasis added].

I had to work hard for several days, to discover that the single-stranded helix with 6 bases per turn refers to 2′, 5′-linked RNA or DNA, as opposed to the normal 3′, 5′ variety. This is known to hardly any molecular biologist, and I found out only by making an accurate model.

“Recall that origin-of-life experiments in the 1980’s [?] by Leslie Orgel, found that RNA would often polymerize into two different forms, namely 2′, 5′ versus 3′, 5′; and it was a mystery to chemical evolutionists why 3′, 5′ was favored on Earth.

Note that many abductees [remember, the central figure in the “response” version of the Arecibo Message looks like a classic “gray”] remain ill with chronic fatigue, which generally includes a high level of RNAase L; just as if their immune systems have been activated by contact with 2′, 5′ RNA.

The clear implication is that 2′, 5′ RNA may represent an alternative system of genetic coding to 3′,5′ RNA or DNA as found on Earth; and that the makers of the Chilbolton pictogram wished us to understand that fact [emphasis added]. Whether a secret band of elite scientists could hoax such a result seems doubtful; since 2′, 5′ nucleic acids are mentioned rarely in the literature, and nowhere does it say that they form a single-stranded helix with 6 bases per turn, that I found only recently, by painstakingly constructing an accurate model.


I read these articles in light of the global mRNA vaccine rollout in 2021 that has been found to contain amongst other things, self assembling graphene nano-technology, and the WEF’s declared desire to embark upon a trans-humanist 4th Industrial Revolution; to create the Internet of Bodies, pulling humanity into a singularity with a beast system, or matrix. This is not speculation or science fiction, this is a desired goal within the grasp of quantum computers.

Author and science researcher, Anthony Patch has much to say on this subject, and even predicted a manufactured virus and subsequent Trojan DNA manipulating vaccine in his 2016 sci-fi novel, Covert Catastrophe.

His 30 years of research in this field leads him to conclude that the aim of the architects is to manipulate human DNA – to introduce another strand – a triple helix, and that both the LHC at CERN and the development and use of ACQ quantum computers are being used in an attempt to communicate inter-dimensionally with entities that will allow man to become like God through the pursuit of a technological Tower of Babel.

Of course these entities may engineer a situation in which they get to offer gifts and make promises which they have no intention of keeping.  

When The Lights Go Out

My grandfather was from that pre-war generation that was highly resourceful, enjoyed a simple high fat diet and knew the real value of everything. Growing up, I remember him sharing his wisdom; teaching me how to fix a puncture, and feeding me pickled seaweed; pig’s trotter & tripe – old food.

If we needed something my Grandad would fashion it out of bits he had in the garage. I recall a kitchen clock, electrical extension leads, and various gardening equipment being produced via this method. Sometimes it wasn’t pretty, but it worked and cost nothing but his time.

In modern urban societies, this mindset is largely lost. Here in Canada we are fortunate to have populations outside of the cities that still have such a mindset, borne largely out of isolation and necessity.

I also have friends who left the city during the lockdowns and set themselves up in a semi-rural existence. They were not highly knowledgeable of building systems, but they are incredibly resourceful and resilient  – they have learnt to do everything themselves, and they make do. It is a perseverance of spirit that is wrapped up in their faith. And like my grandfather before them, they know the value and cost of everything.

In the modern city we are heading in completely the opposite direction. You can watch the smart cities of the future go up in real time – acres and acres of high rises going up across the city containing hundreds to even thousands of people per building.

We are currently in the process of creating a society of worker drones to operate the levers of the new Metropolis; a trans-humanist city of glass where man and machine finally become one. But unlike Metropolis, there will be no smoke or oil, this will be a city built on nano-technology, gene manipulation and social credits ending in a Singularity – a post-modern Tower of Babel – a self determinist gatecrash of the garden eviction, with the soul of man permanently imprisoned within the Beast System.

In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from them.

Revelations 9:6

Whilst rapidly developing the smart city, the predator class are simultaneously collapsing the complex yet fragile food and energy systems that allow advanced civilization to exist. This strongly suggests that at some point you will be required to sign up to the full package in order to enjoy the security and comfort life in a 21st Century city affords – complete compliance with everything from vaccines to digital currencies, and with it the loss of individual sovereignty.

Having managed and worked in numerous buildings of 60–150 units each, I have come to realize that the average urban resident is not only ignorant of the systems required to keep such a facility running, but also how the failure of such systems will make life there virtually impossible.

Besides the issues of control and access that come with both electric car technology and smart cities, which can be digitally disabled at any moment, there are also threats that cannot be dismissed by advanced technology that can severely affect building systems, such as natural disasters, an EMP, or a cyber attack on a control system. 

Let’s say you are a young person with aspirations to make something of yourself in the modern world. You just spent 4 years at college and have a degree and $75K in student debt; you just paid $1.1 million for a modern apartment in downtown Vancouver with your partner; you have a job that involves sitting at a computer 7hrs a day that allows you to work from home when the mandates dictate; you are up to date with your government injections, and believe that Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) will make life easier. You have a little dog and eat out most of the time. You are a worker drone for the Beast System – you keep the wheels turning in your own small way – just one of a million of small cogs, but you don’t see it that way; you just want to get by and be successful.

Then one day the lights go out. No one has any power; there is no water. The government sends out an Emergency Alert telling everyone to stay calm, stay home and be kind. The provincial leader announces that emergency resource centres are being opened up and complimentary weed is being flown in. In reality these emergency resource centres amount to nothing more than a couple of dozen shipping containers full of emergency supplies scattered throughout the city, Meanwhile, practical reality starts to claw through the haze.

Who is coming to rescue me?

We are all trapped in this insane creation, but no one should think for a moment that compliance and loyalty will save them from the eventual return to practical reality that is only a financial or infrastructure collapse away.

The useless idiots of the culture war are being reduced to state-reliant worker drones fed on a diet of comfort and faux freedoms. They can text faster than a Hummingbird bird’s wings, and are relaxed with the confusion of gender fluidity, but they don’t know how the plumbing works, or even that without electricity life on the 17th Floor becomes as challenging as living up a mountain.

They have a sparsely stocked cupboard of food – probably a week’s worth at best. They have made no provision for collecting water, nor do they have any means of protecting themselves– they have maybe developed some muscles they developed with gym membership, but no training in how to best use their power, no training in personal security, and they certainly don’t own firearms – Trudeau said guns were bad and they believed him – only cops should have guns. But now all of the cops of suddenly disappeared and taken their guns with them to protect their families in the suburbs (yes, they will do that), and now they are all on their own waiting for the ever-expanding government that they helped to create to come and save them.

They have never considered that the lifestyle they have chosen is only made possible by a series of complex and delicately balanced support systems remaining uninterrupted. For example: If someone leaves a tap running on the top floor, the entire building is fucked. If the sprinklers go off, the entire building is fucked, if the fob access system losses power, they can’t get in. ‘But we have a back up generator system and emergency power systems’ For the lights and (if they are lucky) elevators’. Again, if they are lucky, the generator system is natural gas powered, but many are diesel, and like the battery powered emergency lighting system, it is set up to last hours rather than days.

When the lights go out, most people will be ill prepared to cope. Think of the panic that is generated amongst meta-teens when there is no wifi. If there is suddenly no power or water, what are the residents of a multi-residence high-rise going to do?

Without such systems, life in a modern smart city will become comically medieval within days. In a high rise without water, how are the residents going to get rid of bodily waste? It’s not like they can dig a pit in the garden. Just imagine hundreds, or even thousands of tightly packed residents stacked on top of each other all off a sudden unable to flush their toilets.

The people who spent their lives sat at computers keeping the wheels of artificial economies and crypto-tyrannies going will be reduced to pissing in buckets, and throwing their shit off their balconies in dog poo bags, very much as they did in medieval times.

From Ringmaster to Clown, from Slave to Emperor

But worst of all for downtown drones, now the homeless are the masters of their new reality – you now live in their world, but worse yet, their drug supply has suddenly dried up, and you are now living through a mass withdrawal by the most resourceful and unpredictable group in society, who now see you as easy pickings.

And then there is the significant minority of the population on anti-depressants like Prozac, which they have become reliant upon for mental health. If you have someone reliant on anti-depressants in your home or your building, then you have a problem… one more problem.

When the lights go out, smart cities will quickly become siege cities. Within days their occupants will have two choices: leave and take the risk of being turned back by suburban communities who have organized to protect their territory and resources, or stay and die slowly of violence, hunger and disease.

When the lights go out, it is on you. Prepare accordingly.

Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues.

Revelations 18:4

Life in Pharma-Fascist Canada (Part 2)

Since first writing on Canada’s rapid decent into pharma-fascism back in November 2021, there have been developments which have brought both the plight of the country, and the Trudeau regime under intense international scrutiny.

For my family, it has been a long and hard winter without access to reliable income; exclusion from society, and continued vilification at the hands of the state media. For long periods it felt like we were being held in a state of basic existence; incapable of escape, whilst the Provincial and Federal governments came up with new ways of demoralizing us at their will; the comparison I kept coming back to was that of a mouse being held and tormented by a cat.

With the arrival of the Trucker Protests in late January came our first chance to have our voices heard in two years. We had no idea that the first real pushback against Trudeau’s authoritarian overreach would be crushed so completely and without compromise. In doing so however, those protests not only exposed Trudeau’s lack of leadership, his cowardice and his arrogance, but it also ultimately forced his regime to reveal its true authoritarian nature to an international audience. He was pushed to crisis, and spectacularly failed the test of leadership in the most comprehensive manner possible.

The first thing I noticed when I first moved to Canada, was just how sensitive urban liberal Canadians were in regards to their international reputation – it really matters how the rest of the world sees them; they want to be thought of well. So it is more that fitting, that during the winter Trucker Protests, the international community saw two sides to Canada – one positive and inspiring; the the other elitist and out of touch.

Trudeau’s commentary on the protests and who was involved bore no relation to what everyone else could see with their own eyes. The protests and blockades that sprang up across the country in temperatures of -40C captured the imagination of people across the world going through similar things with their own globalist politicians; it gave them someone to root for. There were now two Canadas on show for the world: the plucky Canadians braving winter temperatures to defend their Charter Rights, and the entitled globalist elite of the Trudeau regime, who rather than negotiate, decided to hide whilst their thugs crushed the peaceful protests.

Just as Canadian society has been divided, so has this country’s international reputation. And the question is: Which one will Canadians want to be associated with in future?

Imagine being someone who voted Liberal or NDP who supports Canada crossing the line into dictatorship, albeit a superficially inclusive trans version of it. What do you say when you go abroad and you meet people who say: ‘Oh, you’re from Canada? Oh, I loved the Truckers, you guys were fucking awesome… Trudeau, we hate that fucking clown here.’

I will tell you what they will do: they will pretend they supported the truckers and bathe in the national pride that our struggle affords the country and their insecurity. The will deny Trudeau, not just three times, but 3 x 30 times – such is the thread bare moral fibre of the listless liberal psyche, and its need for approval.

A growing and significant number of residents have already started to flee Canada as bank accounts of political enemies are frozen and the Trudeau regime moves to deny journalism licences to media outlet not on the government payroll. This is Venezuela level authoritarianism, and it’s happening right here in Canada.

Canada Just Saw The Biggest Q4 Jump For Residents Permanently Leaving Since The 1970’s

We are all waiting for the adults to step in and put a stop to this, but no one is doing anything; they are all complicit – the police, military, judiciary, opposition parties, and media. Nothing in this country is functioning as it should in a healthy democracy, and most of that is down to having a politicized and paid-off media.

Trudeau Plans To License Journalism

It feels like the grown ups have gone out for the night and left Justin and his buddies in charge of the younger kids whilst they are away. Justin and his Laurentian brat-pack immediately get drunk and started tormenting the younger children whom they were entrusted to look after. As the evening progresses things get increasingly out of control, and now the younger kids are praying for their parents to come home and save them from the cruel tyranny of teenage bullies. Then the kids hear the door opening, and hope and pray that their parents have returned, but instead, it’s Jimmy Dhaliwal and his NDP crew looking at getting in on some of the child torment. So Trudeau, cranks the tunes, and opens another slab of beers knowing that the adults won’t be back until at least 2025.

That is how if feels to live in Canada right now.

Trudeau Makes a Pact with the NDP to Keep Him in Power and the Wheels of Tyranny Turning

Once again, the most alarming thing is that most Canadians who are so protective of their international reputation are O.K. with this. How did we get here? Answer: very quickly, and with little effort.

Trudeau does not care about the principals that Canada was founded on, or upholding them. Trudeau is a blue-blooded Globalist, and therefore a traitor to any society you entrust him with. He is driven by a vision of progress towards a utopian globalist model of control. But those who support him, or silently going along because they cannot break free of a media narrative that has them branded as ‘nazis’ as soon as they go off script, these are the real threats to society.

These are the Canadians currently being distracted with faux-freedoms whilst the Trudeau regime and NDP loose ends remove all other options to ‘being there for one another’ and ‘doing what is right’ as Trudeau likes to call it, which of course is code for: doing what you are told.

These people are the weakest and ugliest manifestation of the Canadian psyche and the biggest threat to this country’s future. They either lack the independence of mind, or strength of character to stop this country’s decent into tyranny from happening, and pose an existential threat to the future of Canada as an independent nation state.

A Tyranny of Decency

There is an insecurity to the urban Canadian psyche. It cares deeply about its international reputation, and whilst this preoccupation should act to protect the country from descending into authoritarianism, it is also the source of a sense of moral elitism that makes it prime for fascism in the name of decency. Those without a sense of cultural identity are more prone to define themselves via invented terms and utopian models of progress in order to offset their insecurity.

The other issue challenging modern Canadian society is that they have been kept safe for far too long, and have no history of being fucked over by their government – hence your average Canadian is dangerously trusting of both the government and state media – at times it’s like living on a island populated by deer who have no concept of the danger posed by humans.

Your average Canadian is never more than two CBC Op-Ed’s away from throwing someone else’s children into an oven in the name of decency.

To Flee or to Stay?

The Government’s national & international travel restrictions for unvaccinated Canadians mean that we still cannot travel by air, train or ship indefinitely, but there is a caveat for foreign citizens which keeps being extended, suggesting that it is illegal to deny foreign nationals the right to return home, but as in all these cases, clear definitions and clarification are impossible to find.

If you are lucky to have citizenship of another country, you could go to the airport with your family and demand to be able to leave the country regardless of vaccine status. I suspect denying you the right could trigger international law issues that even a diet-Soviet newcomer like Trudeau may not be ready to tackle, but this does involve some obvious serious financial and emotional risk if you are denied.

Those who can should seriously consider leaving the country; the majority of Canadians are either too brainwashed or too naive to stop this from happening, and it might be secretly what they’ve wanted all along.

An Open Letter To The NDP

When I was a kid, we used to play these geography games with my dad, in which we had to either guess the capital of the nation or whether a country was communist or not.

In the 1970’s there was no shortage of communist countries, but one thing we worked out pretty quickly was that if a nation had the words ‘democratic’ in their title – as in, ‘The Democratic Republic of…‘ they were guaranteed to be communist. In hindsight it was my first introduction to the inversion culture of the left, but at the time, it was the one quickfire and 100% reliable way of identifying a communist nation.

The New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) paint themselves as champions of the poor and marginalized; the voice of the unheard and forgotten. I have watched them support indigenous rights here in Canada and decry the dictatorship that was the Trump presidency. We were repeatedly told that Trump was a dictator seeking to undermine democracy in America.

Then came the Covid pandemic and the lockdowns, and the NDP were suddenly very quiet as both the Federal Liberal and Provincial NDP governments stripped away rights and collapsed local economies in the name of public health.

Both my wife and I lost our jobs due to coercive vaccine mandates, whilst our children were refused access to community services and seated dining. But instead of standing up for our basic right to provide for our family and for our children to be part of society, the NDP supported these measures.

We have had no voice what-so-ever for two years now – no one cared what we thought, or that our rights and access to society were being removed; certainly not the NDP… Then came the truckers.

Simply stated, the truck protests provided us with the only voice we have had in two years. Did the NDP support this grass roots and working class movement to have highly damaging vaccine mandates removed? No, they joined in the vilification of this movement and branded those involved as ‘white nationalists’ and ‘nazis’.

That was their opportunity to defend everything they claim to stand for, but instead they decided to back the liberal elites in their globalist campaign against the working people who have kept this country functioning and fed during the past two years. That tells you who they really are.

Jagmeet Singh looked out of touch in parliament as he desperately clutched to the Trudeau regime’s narrative of a white nationalist insurrection, but even then the NDP were far from done digging up the legacy of Jack Layton.

On Monday night they destroyed any remaining legitimacy and credibility remaining when they voted to support the Trudeau regime’s introduction of martial law for a series of blockades and occupations that had, at that point, already been cleared. The ‘national emergency’ was over, but the NDP still voted to the freeze bank accounts of people who had donated more than $25 to the convoy. Again, they had the chance to stand up for the values they claim to represent and failed, but it is worse than that.

I watched as the Trudeau regime cavalry trampled an indigenous elder with a mobility aid, and naively thought: there’s no way the NDP are going to stand for this – there goes their support. But I was wrong.

This is the party that spent four years telling us that Trump was a dictator and had to be stopped, yet in one vote they became worse than anything they ever accused Trump of. In one vote the NDP shed its diet-Soviet ceremonial ware, and put on the iron shirt of Stalinism. I truly hope and trust the NDP will pay a heavy political price for their involvement in allowing a pharma-fascist police state to be established by a desperate and criminally unskilled PM.

I would also like to know how B.C is going to cling onto Covid restrictions whilst other provinces lift them? Clearly this is not about science, but political science. Is the NDP going to continue to support the Trudeau regime in its attempt to transform Canada into a Covid 19 hermit kingdom whilst the rest of the world returns to functional sanity?

The NDP has grabbed onto a sinking ship and is going down with it. All the smart people know that Trudeau is done. What was in it for them? They carried all the risk of association without any of the political gain. Fools!

The NDP have sold themselves out. How are they going to look people in the eyes and tell them that they represent people rather than power? How are they going to tell anyone that they stand for working Canadians, when they just voted for measures that freeze the accounts of minimum wage earners for having the temerity to stand up and protest against coercive mandates and a war on the non-compliant?

Congratulations! The NDP are done. If they ever try and sell us equality or justice ever again, we will laugh in their face. The public now see the NDP for what they really are; they have finally earned the ironic title ‘Democratic.’

Bank Runs: The Price of Tyranny

Less than 24 hours after the Trudeau regime announced that it would be targeting corporate accounts connected to the truckers, and freezing the accounts of anyone who made a donation in excess of $25, serious issues were being reported by all five of the major Canadian banks, with customers not being able move or withdraw funds for a full 4 hours.

At first it was not clear whether these difficulties were to a cyber attack, hack or bank run. But suffice as to say, if you announce that you will be freezing customer accounts without due process, don’t expect them to stick around as they suddenly lose trust in their government and banking system.

According to Zero Hedge, Canadian Twitter users reported they couldn’t access their funds at the ATMs. One user took a photo of an error message at one of RBC’s ATMs that read, “Tap transactions aren’t available for this card.” 

Is Canada Facing A Bank Run?

None of which will have been helped by Justice minister, David Lametti who announced during a rather bizarre appearance on the Evan Solomon show on CTV, that ‘Trump supporters who donated money to the Canadian Freedom Convoy should “be worried” about having their bank accounts frozen.Full Story

There is no denying that Canada is currently the frontline in the war between the Globalists and Humanity. There has been some speculation as to whether these ‘glitches’ are intentional and the start of a financial reset, but I am inclined to conclude that these are the unintended and unforeseen consequences of a desperate and weak tyrant who has overplayed his hand and gone full junta.

Being completely new to supreme leader club, I honestly think that Trudeau and his cabinet of co-criminals are so arrogant and stupid, that they thought they could initiate these extreme measures and that there would be no unintended repercussions or fall out.

Economic Warfare & the Trudeau Regime

So the Trudeau regime, as it has to be referred to from this point on, has finally overplayed its hand. In invoking the Emergency Act on Monday – previous known as the War Measures Act – he has driven this battle of wills over vaccine mandates into territory where international condemnation, and ultimately resignation awaits. Earlier this week I asked how far Trudeau was willing to go over this? And now I have my answer.

Whilst the rest of the world is walking away, Trudeau is going back to stab the kid who embarrassed him in front of his peers. ‘Relax’ they tell him ‘… it’s just a kid’, but he has become fixated… this is now personal for Justin Bits, and rather than lose face in front of his globalist pals, the kid will have to die.

That is politically what’s going on here – Trudeau’s total lack of pragmatic leadership skills and entitlement, have set him on a path where his only option is to criminally overact. Now we must place our hope in a chorus of waking voices with enough clout to put a stop to this insanity, or it will be left to us to remove him.

Trudeau has made it perfectly clear that the main thrust of his emergency measured will be focused on targeting the financial interests of this political enemies, including ordering banks to seize accounts without due process, and freezing of any accounts from which a donation of $25 was made. He also targeted transportation corporate accounts and insurance coverage for anyone involved in further protests. These measures, whilst not yet sanctioned by Parliament, are already in operation.

I think we can all agree that it would be futile to continue to pour resources into an area where Trudeau now enjoys total dominance, and defeat is almost assured. I am not arguing that those embedded in Ottawa should pull out, but just that our efforts should simultaneously move into other theatres, and in particular, the soft underbelly of any regime – the economy.

As an organic decentralized movement, we enjoy certain advantages, the regime cannot. We get to choose where and when we fight, and the ability to change tactics or method after every engagement. Given this, there seems little point occupying a position the government has marked for annihilation.

Earlier today some within the Ottawa truckers started calling for a General Strike starting Monday 21st – Friday 25th February, requesting that participants call in sick with Covid 19. And to that end, it is worth noting that here in B.C. the provincial government has legislated that employers must provide 5 days Covid sick pay in addition to any existing arrangement.

Needless to say, the Trudeau regime would be helpless to stop a week long General Strike, and the effects on the economy would be devastating, especially if picked up by the workers currently being targeted – farmers and truck drivers.

Trudeau has unleashed economic war on the Freedom Convoy and its supporters, and front and centre of that will be the banks. There is one simple way to address their appetite for compliance to tyranny, and that is for every protester to withdraw all of their money from these banks on the same day. The banks do not keep a lot of cash, and this would cause a run on the banks, which in turn would require financial intervention from the Bank of Canada to rescue the situation.

Earlier in 2021 a group of day traders on Reddit who were using their government lockdown money to purchase stocks, demonstrated the vulnerability of Wall St. hedge funds when they cane to the organized defence of shorted stocks targeted for destruction by hedge fund managers. The mass purchase of Game Stop stocks resulted in at least one Hedge Fund requiring government financial assistance to cover losses, which amounted to over $1 billion.  

GameStop Short Squeeze

But it was their next heavily shorted target – silver, that illustrated the vulnerability of a rigged casino financial system. Silver is the most shorted market on the planet, and keeping it that way is in the best interests of the banks who, not only prop up our terminally ill fiat economies, but who have now been weaponized by Trudeau to once again crush the little guy.

So the second part of this is quite simple: if everyone took some of that cash they withdrew from the banks and bought physical silver with it, this would serve as a double whammy for the banking system; a pincer movement if you like.

These two acts alone would be enough to seriously rattle the Canadian banking system and have repercussions for the global economy – guaranteed Trudeau is getting a phone call in 24hrs. If you then add in a General Strike, this regime would be brought to its knees in short order.

It is these sort of combined tactics we now need to employ. We cannot stand toe-to-toe and trade blows with the Trudeau regime. Ours must be a guerilla war, and we need to become comfortable operating with flexibility, cunning and surprise in every arena available to us.

Tyrannical government is illegitimate by definition, and its destruction a moral duty.

Justin Bits: Go Junta or Go Home

Last week my 11 year old son was telling me about a collaboration between Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber and national fast food institution, Tim Hortons. Together they had come up with a new version of the Tim Horton’s miniature donut balls – Tim Bits, and had decided to call them Timbiebs.

As my son pointed out, the obvious choice would have been to call them ‘Justin Bits’, which I think you will agree is a much better name, not only for their product, but also as a way of describing the current situation here in Canada and the failing fortune of our autocratic Prime Minister.

Anyone who regularly visits this site will appreciate that patterns, precedents and trajectories are a common theme – revealing these elements affords us an understanding of the bigger picture in terms of the characteristics and historical context of the ongoing undeclared war on humanity by the elites.

Here in Canada events are moving so fast and it is hard to pluck any specific detail to write about in any meaningful way before it is eclipsed or has its context altered significantly. As I commented on the eve of the siege, I still maintain that Trudeau will fall and is on course for his Ceaucescu moment.

Like Nicolae Ceaucescu in 1989, Trudeau has steadfastly refused to negotiate with the truckers who have now brought Ottawa to a standstill. In this rather bizarre approach, he has behaved more like a lifelong dictator rather than an elected leader with a minority government.

Instead of trying to find a negotiated solution, or even offering a compromise, Trudeau has branded the protesters terrorists, misogynists and racists, and steadfastly insisted that the vaccine mandates are remaining in place at any and all other costs; as far as he is concerned this is a non-negotiable.

At this point, any sane rational person is asking: ‘What the fuck is in those jabs?’… that is worth Balkanizing a country like Canada over?

The other thing that makes the government’s position even more bizarrely incomprehensible, is that most of the rest of the world is heading in completely the opposite direction and removing all Covid 19 restrictions. Why is Trudeau so hell bent on turning Canada into a pharma-fascist hermit kingdom, where the borders are closed to all but the party loyal and domestic dissenters are impoverished and crushed by the state. Is that really the country he wants?

But there is a glimmer of hope, and how we need some. Trudeau has lost every round of this thus far. Every time he has made a move, he has weakened his position and the support for the protesters has grown.

Here’s a quick recap:

He lied about an exposure and having to isolate as the trucks descended on Ottawa; then he claimed he had Covid and announced he was self isolating again despite being treble jabbed. Then he just plain ran away and hid, calling the truckers a fringe minority with unacceptable views despite the convoy already breaking the world record; then he returned and insisted that the only way out of the restrictions was through more restrictions and vaccinations, despite personally demonstrating that the vaccine does not protect Canadians from Covid – narrative blown!

I found the following interesting:

From trucks arriving in Ottawa to the growing organic blockade of various border crossings, these protests have nothing but grown in size and effect. The Ambassador Bridge blockade in Ontario, which led to the shuttering of the north American car industry after just a couple of days, demonstrated to the protesters where Trudeau’s soft underbelly lay.

Anti-Vaccine Mandates Protests Crippling U.S Canada Trade

On Saturday, over 10,000 people successfully broke through various police blockades to close the B.C Washington truck crossing at 176th St south of Vancouver.  From this point on, any and every border crossing between Canada and the U.S. is vulnerable to blockading for several days at a time, and all of this is thanks to Trudeau’s arrogant autocratic rule and his unwillingness to compromise or even meet.

How bad does it have to get Justin Bits before you consider negotiations? In a sane nation state ultimately motivated by preserving it’s hard earned stability that would be the overriding consideration.

Opportunity To End Convoy Protest Peacefully Slipping Away

This bizarre stance heavily suggests he is taking his instructions from abroad – whether that be NWO architect, Klaus Schwab of the WEF, or as I suspect, economic deity and former BoE chair Mark Carney, who has also recently made some incendiary comments regarding the protests – Trudeau has clearly been instructed by his handlers that Canada must not capitulate, lest other globalist governments might fall.

And almost on cue, whilst putting this piece together this morning, after a weekend of the biggest protests we have seen thus far, CBC has just announced that Trudeau is set to invoke the Emergencies Act, providing him with full dictatorial powers and the power to transform this country into a pharma-fascist police state to be revoked at his leisure, if ever.

Trudeau To Invoke Emergency Act

Things are about to get very nasty and authoritarian in this country, but be reassured, this latest development does nothing but lead him further into the dark dead end of autocratic dictators at war with their people, and ultimately to his Ceaucescu moment on the balcony.

Needless to say, the further Trudeau drives this into a bloody showdown, the worse his fate if unsuccessful. In 1989 Ceaucescu called the army out onto the streets to assist the police in crushing the people; instead they turned their guns on his state police and eventually captured Ceaucescu and his wife trying to escape. The leaders of the revolution appreciated the threat Ceaucescu posed if liberated by elements of the secret police still active and roaming about the country, and so less than three hours after their capture Ceaucesscu and his wife were taken into a yard and shot.

Domestically the truck protests have gone from Industry mandate protests to revolution. It is wrong to call this an ‘insurrection’, this is now a full blown revolution against our globalist traitor elite.

Internationally, the Canadian trucker protests have ignited a worldwide movement against this elite. Everything is being exposed as the unfolding crisis reveals whether you are on the side of humanity – those who just want their freedoms back, or aiding tyrants who have decided to go full junta rather than go home and leave us alone.

They have declared open war on us all, and this is now a matter of kill or be killed.

Stand Firm and Hold The Line – the Ceaucescu moment is coming.

The Siege of Ottawa

As truckers and support vehicles set off from Vancouver on a foggy and freezing Sunday morning to start their long journey to Ottawa, I began to wonder what Trudeau’s response would be to the various convoys creeping towards him from every corner of the country? I didn’t have to wait long.

Early on Monday morning as the government was putting pressure on the truck convoy’s GoFundMe account, which had by then raised over $1 million dollars (now over $5 million at time of writing), Trudeau came out and dismissed opposition concerns over supply chain disruptions as ‘fear-mongering’ – which is obviously a different type of fear-mongering to sort his government, health officials and state media have been engaging in for the past two years.

Trudeau Slams Concerns Over Food Shortages As ‘Fear-mongering‘.

I was expecting something divisive and combative as a first move in what promises to be a week-long chess match to decide the fate of the country.  

But by dismissing the prospect of supply chain issues as ‘fear-mongering’, he is positioning himself to carry the full weight of any supply chain issues that result from his vaccine mandate, or from the creeping blockade. Not very bright considering that we already have food shortages in some parts of the country, which are certain to get worse with 25 – 35% of truckers no longer working those routes. Any shortage can now be legitimately loaded onto the shoulders of his collapsing political career.

The official narrative is clearly shifting as thousands of truckers prepare to lay siege to Ottawa. Both CBC & Yahoo News – state propaganda for 17 year old girls, have changed their tune in the past couple of days, lest they become entangled and dragged down by a sinking minority government.

It seemed pretty clear after just 24hrs, that Trudeau’s political career is going to be sacrificed this week. He has become a liability to the power behind the curtain, and a head will need to be offered lest the country consume everyone who has prosecuted this Covid madness.

CBC: Conservative MPs accuse Trudeau of pushing ‘vaccine vendetta’ as convoy protest heads to Ottawa  

We are witnessing Canadian history being forged in steel; the next two weeks are going to determine this country’s future.

We will see whether the Globalists back off in fear of a public and their boy prince puppet is sacrificed as an offering to the people, or whether they forge ahead with collapsing the supply chain and isolating the unvaccinated to the point where access to food becomes a challenge.

I don’t think the elites are done, but if we persevere we may well be offered a reprieve before they move to their next phase – whether that be a monkey pox they found lying around, or an orchestrated limited conflict with Russia over Ukraine.

But I do believe this phase is done, and all those involved will be thrown to the dogs if need be having served their purpose. You can smell the political blood in the water here in Canada – something has flipped; the public have finally had enough, and have been left with no option but to lay siege to the palace of Peopleland in Ottawa to topple the Bacha Bazi boy prince dictator once and for all.

The sheer determination and scale of mobilization is nothing short of astounding. The West Coast convoy alone is reported to now be 70km’s long and has already broken the Guinness world Record for longest truck convoy. Organizers are estimating there will be 10,000’s of trucks and support vehicles descending on Ottawa by the end of the week. I cannot see how this ends well for the Liberals.

As the convoy starts to execute its stranglehold the capital, expect Trudeau to start sounding like the Iraqi Minister of Information, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, during the second Gulf War of 2003 – denying that American forces were in the city.

“Maybe they will enter Umm Qasr and Basra, but how will they enter Baghdad? It will be a big oven for them. They can penetrate our borders but they cannot reach Baghdad? They will try to pull our army and troops out but we are well aware of their plans and they will fail.”

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Iraqi Minister of Information   March 22nd 2003

And whilst the logistical situation for Trudeau might resemble the fall of Baghdad in 2003, the 2022 Siege of Ottawa has all the makings of a classic overthrow of a despised despot by pure people power, and will most likely play out like the fall of lifelong Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989; with Trudeau making a tearful resignation speech before leaving for Cuba in a helicopter with all the country’s gold, and then remembering he’d already sold it.

Grab your trans-fat non-binary Islamic popcorn Canadians, this week is going to go down as a milestone in national history, and one that everyone can be proud of.                                     

Police: Charter or Tyranny?

Every once in a while, an otherwise sane society will allow itself to descend into madness and engage in behaviour it later regrets as being self-destructive. History is replete with such examples.

The driving force behind our current descent into collective madness comes in the form of politicians beholden to a globalist agenda, who are using the pandemic ‘to realize pre-pandemic goals’. Working in lockstep with them on this is a complicit media, which no longer provides the service a functioning democracy requires; namely to question the action of those in power and hold them publicly accountable.

Caught underneath this colossal weight is a society approaching the second anniversary of life under one of the most coercively oppressive Covid responses on the planet. Canada now appears to be in competition with Australia to see which of them can bottom out into full-blown pharma-fascism the fastest. It is truly astounding, and other countries are laughing at us, as they should.

The rationale we hear from the government and state media is that everything that is being done needs to happen in order to save lives and protect the health care system from collapse. But there is just one problem with that: it does not pass the basic cost vs reward test, and is therefore an affront to common sense.

When you chase the lockdown and mandate arguments down to their roots, it appears everything is being done so that the healthcare system is not overwhelmed – That is it!

There are a number of ways to address such a threat before you decide to collapse the economy and lock down the surrounding society; solutions that involve resources, that thus far have either not been deployed (military hospitals), or have been employed elsewhere (government money).

The consequences of the lockdowns and mandates have real life results, which those on the frontline see on a daily basis – the statistics of which are logged by their superiors and then shared with government.

There is a battle going on inside the hearts and minds of every Canadian police officer right now – it’s a battle between what they see as a result of the lockdowns and mandates that have been imposed on society, and what the media and politicians insist must happen for the survival of that society. No one is better placed to balance those effects, intended and unintended than police officers.

We already know that the figures for Covid deaths are grossly manipulated to serve the lockdown narrative, but certain figures such as overall annual deaths cannot lie. If we look at overall deaths for 2020, we can see that they are within the range of normal and not reflective of a global pandemic.

Simply put: where is the mountain of bodies to justify all this?


But what of the deaths caused by the lockdowns and vaccines? Those deaths and that damage scream silently from the media shadows; these, like the adverse vaccine reactions, are hidden from public view lest they derail the narrative.  

Early in 2021 the police force in an affluent neighbourhood here in Vancouver reported a 300% increase in domestic violence calls. We can only presume that poorer neighbourhoods enjoy an even higher percentag .

Then there are the drug overdose statistics. We know that these numbers are significantly up due to usage in isolation, but never related by the media as being caused by the lockdowns.


Which is really the bigger threat to society & health? With the enforced isolation and solitude, overdose deaths are on a tear.

Or how about alcohol consumption and marital breakdown, or the effect on families with young children?


Then there is murder… Canada is currently ‘enjoying’ a 30 year high in homicide rates. According to Global News, 2020 saw the murder of 743 people in Canada; 56 more murders than in 2019.

Murder In Canada Skyrockets to Thirty Year High

The Provincial & Federal governments see the damage that their draconian lockdowns and coercive mandates cause. They read the analytics and have clearly decided that it is a price worth paying, but for what? An undisclosed global agenda.

Our Charter Rights are being trampled on daily, by a government that is running on the Emergency Measures Act and executive orders. Do they really think they can continue this indefinitely, or replace it with something even more oppressive like the War Measures Act to address Omicron – a cold inspired by Covid, which has killed NO ONE so far?

Police officers are duty bound to uphold the law, but what if the law and the Charter of Rights have already been violated by the government of the day.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are in flagrant breech of numerous articles of the Charter, namely equality rights for all and mobility rights. But Trudeau obviously feels comfortable going further, and recently labeled those resistant to vaccination with an experimental vaccine as misogynists and racists, and finished by saying: “a decision had to be made whether we tolerate these people?”

National Post: Trudeau and Other Partisans Should Rein in Their Rage

Such divisive language coming from the mouth of a Canadian Prime Minister is hate speech by his own definition, and borderline incitement to violence. The office he occupies carries a weight of responsibility that demands he consider his words very carefully, lest there be repercussions that lead to violence or loss of life.

Where are the police in this equation? Instead of investigating Trudeau for incendiary hate speech, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki seems more pre-occupied with anyone who might think of standing up to such inciteful language, setting them up to be branded ‘terrorists’ by the weak and desperate like Trudeau and Biden.

RCMP Commissioner Tells Canadians To Report Anti-Government Comments  

The elites and their agents of tyranny can compile their lists, but should not be surprised when we also compile our own.

If someday a semblance of sanity is restored, we shall see if future generations agree that those measures taken were in keeping with the information available, and whether they were proportionate.

Let’s not forget, there will be children of the pandemic, many of whom may carry psychological scars from the measures imposed, broken families, poverty and physical injury caused by the vaccines, who will one day be in a position to hold the architects and engineers of the last two years responsible.

If the vaccines turn out to be damaging to long-term health, and a review of the VAERs data reveals that a significant number of people died from vaccines that were coercively delivered by politicians and healthcare administrators, then expect a reckoning that will involve the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity if society remains civil. If not, their end will be swift and brutal.

Some might scoff at that prospect right now, but time is a ruthless judge of avoidable errors, especially if they were delivered in a drunken frenzy, whilst sober voices were silenced.

Tyrannical government is illegitimate by definition, and the overthrow of such tyranny is both legitimate and justified. 

So far the police have managed to avoid being dragged into tyrannical conduct by unhinged leaders like Trudeau. But the Police have a duty to Canadians – to uphold the law and the Charter of Rights, and they need to start voicing their unease at the divisive language currently being rolled out by desperate politicians, rather than aiding them in their suppression of resistance.

A functioning and highly developed society takes hundreds if not thousands of years to build, but it can be destroyed in less than a generation. Trudeau and his lockdown zealots have broken something they are incapable of fixing. Best of luck getting people to buy back into the social contract after this Covid debacle is done, or even getting back the society you previously knew.