Macron Victory Heralds New Phase of E.U. Tyranny

In what is being reported as the lowest turn out for years, ‘independant’ candidate, Emmanuel Macron has secured victory to become the next President of France.

French election: turnout sharply down in Le Pen-Macron battle

It would appear that French voters were nonplussed by the choice offered them, with 35% opting to stay home rather than engage.

Clearly, there has not been enough Islamic immigration or violence to force a change just yet. Which is obviously a shame, because it now means that French society must be subjected to at least another five years of increasing terror attacks from an enemy within, whilst their chosen leader continues with the same culture of denial and serving the interests of others.

As we recently covered, Macron turns out to be a rather mysterious and puzzling political choice, coming out of litteraly nowhere to become president of the republic. If you were one of those people who questioned Donald Trump’s lack of political experience, you are gonna love this guy’s ‘unsuitability’.

Because, it’s only when you start looking at Macron’s resume, that you start to get an idea of who put him where he is now, and who he will be looking after the interests of first and foremost.

As Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Citizens whose children are mowed down by the truck or the gun, will be at the back of the queue for Macron; he serves federalist and globalist masters, so France can expect more immigration and we can all expect more E.U. as they double down on the project in light of Brexit.

However, as Daniel Hannan points out in his column today,

Le Pen would be a disaster – and she’s not even Right-wing. Let’s get one thing clear at the outset, Marine Le Pen is not “far-Right”. She is not, in any meaningful sense, Right-wing at all. She wants wealth taxes, higher social spending, limited working hours, worker control of companies, tariffs.

The garrulous agitator is Right-wing only in the BBC sense of “baddie” – a designation which the corporation applies to everyone from the revolutionary ayatollahs in Iran to the Stalinist nostalgics in Russia.

So whilst, Le Pen’s policies aren’t what you would consider conservative – they are fairly socialist actually, she is a nationalist. And nowadays the only choice being offered is between nationalism and globalism. Either the nation state is destroyed by globalists using federalism and coercive engineered migration, or it is preserved by nationalists.


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