Miss World muzzles Miss Canada’s human rights concerns


Ah, beauty queens… empty-headed bimbos who pretend to have important opinions on the world ‘n’ stuff, but struggle to articulate sentiments like “I, um, think we should all get along and have world peace… plus I wanna be some foreign billionaire’s trophy ex-wife some day, so gimme the crown, OK?”


I mean, they’re all just one bender away from turning into the skanky second coming of Ke$ha, right?


Or, y’know, other realms within the entertainment industry, same difference, whatever…


So, yeah, beauty queens never have anything to say, right?



Well, usually.

But every so often, one of them actually does have something worthwhile to say. You’d think the pageant world would rejoice at that. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong… at least if the beauty queen in question is Miss World Canada’s Anastasia Lin (below), whose platform is all about human rights in general and the Chinese lack thereof in particular.


For some reason the powers that be at Miss World have a hair up their butts about Lin’s insistence on complaining about things like Chinese harvesting of organs from not-particularly-consenting political prisoners, and they’re doing everything in their power to keep her from making annoying comments on that sort of thing by keeping her away from media during the Miss World finals this year.

Which, by the way, happen to be in Washington, DC, and in theory might be assumed to be covered by that whole pesky free speech bullshit.

According to the New York Times:

The Miss World Organization has been aggressive in its effort to prevent reporters from speaking to Ms. Lin. Two weeks ago, pageant officials interrupted an interview she was giving to Jeff Jacoby, a Boston Globe columnist, in the lobby of a Washington-area hotel. “Two of them hustled Lin from the lobby, angrily accusing her of breaching the rules and causing trouble,” he wrote. “The third blocked me from talking to Lin, and assured me that my interview would be scheduled the next day. It wasn’t, of course.”

Read more here.

More information on allegations and oddities related to China’s organ transplant trade.

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