Pope 2.0 Vs Thump


Whilst he has little in the way of coherent policies, and is almost certainly not a Christian, Donald Trump is the King of Comebacks. With what is probably his best to date, Thump hit back at Pope 2.0 after the pontiff questioned his Christian credentials.

When it comes to cutting through the finely crafted rhetoric to the gristly truth, no one locks on and delivers like Thump.

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Misogyny in the Gay Community


Stephen Fry has been widely accused of misogyny after he described costume designer Jenny Beavan as dressing like a “bag lady” during Sunday night’s Baftas award show.

It’s the type of comment that Twitter equality crusaders love to jump on; Fry duly quit the social network (again) after receiving a barrage of abuse. But it’s not the first time he has faced the accusation of misogyny. In 2010, the broadcaster said that women don’t enjoy sex and only agree to it because it “is the price they are willing to pay for a relationship with a man”. He later admitted that the comment was “offensive, ignorant [and] arrogant”.

Personally, I don’t know if Fry is a misogynist or not. But what I do know is that a worrying number of gay men are misogynist.

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Alberta’s NDP Government Bans Reporters


A right-wing news outlet won’t be allowed into government press events in Alberta, because the governing NDP doesn’t consider it a “journalistic source,” Premier Rachel Notley’s office said Tuesday.

The Rebel, launched by divisive commentator Ezra Levant last year, is now planning to sue the province after its reporters were allegedly barred from three recent events — including a press conference with the premier and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this month.

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Financial Crisis: Trudeau Sells Canada`s Lifeboats


Just when everyone else is clamoring to get their hands on some gold, Canada has announced that it is selling half of its reserves in order to `diversify investments` into markets that are currently ‘tanking’ globally.

The country held just $19 million US worth of gold as of last Monday. Through most of 2015, the country’s gold reserves stood at more than $100 million US.

Finance Department figures show that Canada sold 41,106 ounces of gold coins in December and another 32,860 ounces of gold coins in January.

That left Canada holding 21,929 ounces of gold in its reserves as of the end of January — a “negligible” amount, the Bank of Canada acknowledges — worth $24 million US.

The thing about gold is that it not only traditionally acted as an asset with which to back currencies, but that it also acts as a lifeboat in times of crisis – war, financial collapse etc.

But don`t take our word for it, China & Russia have been quietly squirrelling away thousands of tons on the stuff over the past two decades. Read More

An idea of this ridiculous magnitude can only be the work of one politically criminal mastermind: Canada`s President Pool Boy, Justin Trudeau.

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For anyone interested in how gold works on geopolitical level & as a tool of economic warfare, we suggest the following film to be essential viewing. That includes you Justin.

Saudi Arabia & Turkey to Enter the War In Syria


How did we end up with the same geopolitical interests as the 7th Century Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or on the same side as Erdogan`s increasingly belligerent & Islamic State supporting Turkey?

What should concern everyone is that Turkey is a member of NATO. Which was fine and workable during the Cold War when it was essentially a secular military dictatorship on the inside of the tent pissing out. Nowadays however, it operates more like Saul Goodman pursuing nationalist & regional Islamist interests, with a under-the-counter trade in ISIS oil running.

As we have pointed out previously, the comical pretense for Saudi Arabia getting involved is that they too are joining the fight against the Islamic State.

Somehow, Turkey and Saudi Arabia need to figure out how to spin an attack on the YPG and an effort to rescue the opposition at Aleppo as an anti-ISIS operation even though ISIS doesn’t have a large presence in the area.

Assad has promised to “confront them”, which of course means that the IRGC and Hassan Nasrallah’s army are set to come into direct contact with Turkish and Saudi troops, setting the stage for an all-out sectarian war that will almost invariably end up pitting NATO against the Russians.

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Clooney Okay’s Destruction of Europe



In yet another amusingly ridiculous case of progressives de-coupling en masse from reality and the blood soaked lessons of history, George Clooney met with Angela Merkel and gave her his blessing for the destruction of Europe.

The actor, director and humanitarian, who was also due to meet refugees in Berlin, earlier told reporters: “I absolutely agree with her”.

The Clooneys were accompanied by David Miliband, the former UK foreign secretary who is now head of the New York-based International Rescue Committee. Miliband told the BBC the meeting involved discussing solutions to the “global problem” and praised Merkel for “showing very strong leadership” during the crisis.

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Global Economy Given Last Rites


O.K. Here’s the analogy: In 2008 the global economy was rushed into hospital after being shot multiple times on the corner of Fractional and Fiat. Doctors could not stem the loss of blood and concluded that the only way they could keep the patient alive was with a constant supply of fresh blood.

For the past 8 years the patient has been kept artificially alive via blood from public donors. During that time doctors have been able to demonstrate that the patient was alive, despite knowing that as soon as they stopped pumping blood into it, the patient would die. Ladies & Gentlemen, the next financial crash is upon us, and it’s going be massive.

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President Pool Boy’s Cunning Plan


Canada’s President Pool Boy, Justin Trudeau has come up with a brilliant solution over what to do with the 25,000 Syrian refugees he has pledged to find a home for here in Canada.

In an exclusive report, The Rebel exposes a cunning plan to transform seven military bases across the country into camps for the long term housing of 6000 refugees. Mosques will be built and soldiers moved off site.

No, we are not making this shit up.

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The Sleight-of-Hand Speech codes


Jim Goad on the sleight-of-hand push for banning hate speech:

Modern hate-speech laws tend to be focused on preventing any honest criticism of globalist initiatives to erase national borders and shove all of the Earth’s inhabitants in one big pigpen under the same inescapable jurisdiction. And although they pay tremendous lip service to “democracy,” you have absolutely no say in that matter. And if you try to speak up about it, you will be jailed.

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German Intelligence Reports ‘Not Helpful.’


German intelligence agencies have foiled a massive terror attack and report that they are aware of over 100 Islamic State terror sleeper cells liberally sprinkled within the 800,000 migrants who have already been admitted into the country.

Of course, this is highly inconvenient and not very helpful to those trying to flog the utopian fallacy that everything is gonna be awesome in the new Germany following an epidemic of migrant sexual violence against women and children currently ravaging Europe.

What could possibly go wrong?

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