Saudi Arabia Mulls Sending Troops to Syria to “Fight ISIS”


Either Saudi Arabia has entered the world of comedy, or we have just been treated to the most entertaining example of reverse reality since Hillary Clinton declared that “terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.”

Saudi Arabia has announced that it is considering sending troops to Syria to fight, wait for it… their buddies and poster boys for the Wahhabi ideology exported by the Kingdom, the Islamic State.

Of course this has nothing to do with tackling ISIS, and everything to do with checking the military progress currently being made by Iran & Hezbollah in Syria.

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The Hangover


Remember the Summer of Love? The mob coercion the admit hundreds of thousands of military age men into Europe? Well, this is the benign edge of the hangover; just one of literally hundreds of similar stories coming out of Europe.

The idea that they might have got this wrong is not even a consideration for the regressive left: one of the benefits of decoupling from reality and living in a state of denial bordering upon mental illness.

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Bernie & Trump: More in Common Than You’d Think


Populism, patriotism, nationalism, defying political correctness and dissing the establishment and the elites that monitor PC are where it’s at. There are reasons for such populist rage…Put bluntly, the nation seems almost everywhere on an unsustainable path.

There are areas where the Sanders agenda overlaps that of Donald Trump and other Republican candidates. Bernie is an anti-interventionist, anti-nation-building, anti-empire leftist of a breed common in the Labor Party after World War II, when the British Empire was liquidated, Churchill notwithstanding.

Moreover, Sanders is no free-trade globalist of the Davos school. He opposed NAFTA, GATT and MFN for China. Like Trump, he backs a trade policy that puts American workers first.

On both trade and foreign policy, there is common ground between the rebellions in the Democratic and Republican parties, even as Clinton has ideological allies among the GOP free-traders and neocons of the Bush I and II presidencies.

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I thought he said “white powder”


I mean, it was in a bar in Hollywood, right?

Ex-Pantera grunter/”singer” Phil Anselmo landed himself in hot water after daring to wave his right arm a couple seconds prior to his left arm and apparently yelling “white power!”

The incident happened at the Dimebash party in honor of his late Pantera bandmate, Darrell Dimebag Abbott, and was captured by a snitch “fan” who posted the footage on YouTube along with a rant about Phil being a racist scumbag, etc.

The video then went viral, and while Anselmo initially refused to apologize, instead saying, “Some of y’all need to thicken up your skin… I fucking love everyone, I fucking loathe everyone… no apologies from me.”

However, after a week of constant SJW pressure, Anselmo was brought to heel and apologized.

In the meantime and since the incident, a whole bunch of has-beens and nobodies continued to pile on against the big meanie who said mean things, complete with the usual BS about how there’s no such thing as reverse racism and whites must pay for the sins of their forefathers, etc.. As one would expect in this day and age, especially since the PC police increase their infiltration of the metal scene as the next #Gamergate.

From that Reaxxion piece:

If these people get their way heavy metal will be neutered to the point where you could play it on a school bus. They’ll tell you that they just want to make metal better and more inclusive: don’t believe them. …

If metalheads don’t want to end up neutralized and pussified, they’ll have to fight back. Gamergate shows the way here: if the media starts pushing a lousy band because its bassist has a vagina, mock them relentlessly. If a magazine starts hassling you like a schoolteacher for using naughty language, boycott them. Spread the word: if you’ve got twitter, use the hashtag #Metalgate. Don’t think The worst thing you can do is assume that somebody else will do your fighting for you. The enemies of metal have arisen, and it’s time to cut them down like dogs.

Apparently Phil Anselmo didn’t read that piece.

Dead ranchers: not good t-shirt material.


Gavin McInnes on fashionable politics and politics as fashion, ie, why there won’t be any LaVoy Finicum t-shirt industry:

Despite Occupy Oregon meeting all the criteria for an anarchist revolution, the reaction is still much more in the #YallQaeda #VanillaISIS camp. I’m seeing people focus on the fact that LaVoy’s wife lists “foster care provider” as her vocation. Where were these people when we discovered that Trayvon’s father was a gangbanger? They want you to know that LaVoy’s fellow occupier Ammon Bundy may have been drinking alcohol at the time of his arrest. The same side that chanted, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” is offended that Bundy may have threatened cops. They call the ranchers welfare moochers who are taking advantage of the poor, feeble state.

Apparently, allowing your cattle to graze outside government boundaries is some kind of aristocratic decadence. Anarchists wearing Guy Fawkes masks are all of a sudden concerned about the government not getting enough tax dollars. It’s willful ignorance.

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Probable hoax of the week


An Indianapolis woman is getting ready to sue arts & crafts superstore chain Michaels after supposedly finding decoration letters spelling out “NIGGAR” on a shelf.

Attorney Nick Baker declined to comment on whether any legal action will be taken. Baker said his client, Bridgette Drake, reached out to him as her post on the Michaels Facebook page went viral.

Drake posted a photograph and complaint Sunday after she said she spotted a row of craft letters at the East Washington Street store arranged to spell a racial slur.

More from Wish TV here.

For the record, we have a close friend who used to work at a Michaels. She told us it’s not uncommon to find such letter decorations (as well as mugs and initialed Christmas decorations) rearranged into people’s names, lover’s initials or the names of their favorite bands. After all, the letters are simply on the shelves, with nothing stopping them from being rearranged and photographed.

For example: “SARAH,” “RG & PD,” or “ACDC.”

Said friend has also seen many photos posted to a Johnny Thunders fan page of such letters rearranged into “LAMF,” the name of one of Thunders’ albums, with the poster admitting they rearranged the letters and took a picture for fun.

In other news, a whole lot of these sorts of “-ist” scandals turn out to have been hoaxes.

Just sayin’…

I mean, it sure would be a shame if it turned out Michaels has the whole store under video surveillance (as they usually do for shoplifting deterrent reasons) and can show exactly who rearranged the letters, wouldn’t it?

A statement released Wednesday from Michaels said, in part, whoever arranged the craft letter was not a Michaels associate. A spokesperson said the employee’s response was inappropriate and the company took disciplinary action.

Employee meaning the sales associate who brushed off the initial complaint, who Drake claims laughed at the rearranged display.