I thought he said “white powder”


I mean, it was in a bar in Hollywood, right?

Ex-Pantera grunter/”singer” Phil Anselmo landed himself in hot water after daring to wave his right arm a couple seconds prior to his left arm and apparently yelling “white power!”

The incident happened at the Dimebash party in honor of his late Pantera bandmate, Darrell Dimebag Abbott, and was captured by a snitch “fan” who posted the footage on YouTube along with a rant about Phil being a racist scumbag, etc.

The video then went viral, and while Anselmo initially refused to apologize, instead saying, “Some of y’all need to thicken up your skin… I fucking love everyone, I fucking loathe everyone… no apologies from me.”

However, after a week of constant SJW pressure, Anselmo was brought to heel and apologized.

In the meantime and since the incident, a whole bunch of has-beens and nobodies continued to pile on against the big meanie who said mean things, complete with the usual BS about how there’s no such thing as reverse racism and whites must pay for the sins of their forefathers, etc.. As one would expect in this day and age, especially since the PC police increase their infiltration of the metal scene as the next #Gamergate.

From that Reaxxion piece:

If these people get their way heavy metal will be neutered to the point where you could play it on a school bus. They’ll tell you that they just want to make metal better and more inclusive: don’t believe them. …

If metalheads don’t want to end up neutralized and pussified, they’ll have to fight back. Gamergate shows the way here: if the media starts pushing a lousy band because its bassist has a vagina, mock them relentlessly. If a magazine starts hassling you like a schoolteacher for using naughty language, boycott them. Spread the word: if you’ve got twitter, use the hashtag #Metalgate. Don’t think The worst thing you can do is assume that somebody else will do your fighting for you. The enemies of metal have arisen, and it’s time to cut them down like dogs.

Apparently Phil Anselmo didn’t read that piece.

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