Dead ranchers: not good t-shirt material.


Gavin McInnes on fashionable politics and politics as fashion, ie, why there won’t be any LaVoy Finicum t-shirt industry:

Despite Occupy Oregon meeting all the criteria for an anarchist revolution, the reaction is still much more in the #YallQaeda #VanillaISIS camp. I’m seeing people focus on the fact that LaVoy’s wife lists “foster care provider” as her vocation. Where were these people when we discovered that Trayvon’s father was a gangbanger? They want you to know that LaVoy’s fellow occupier Ammon Bundy may have been drinking alcohol at the time of his arrest. The same side that chanted, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” is offended that Bundy may have threatened cops. They call the ranchers welfare moochers who are taking advantage of the poor, feeble state.

Apparently, allowing your cattle to graze outside government boundaries is some kind of aristocratic decadence. Anarchists wearing Guy Fawkes masks are all of a sudden concerned about the government not getting enough tax dollars. It’s willful ignorance.

Read more at Taki’s Magazine here.

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