Malpractise alert! Scumbag alert! Dhimmi alert!


Two US scumbags gynecologists have drunk the Kool-Aid and are advocating for the legalization and even the promotion of “less harmful” forms of female genital mutilation, the better to appease Islamists be more culturally sensitive:

Worldwide, around 3 million girls every year are subjected to genital mutilation, mostly in parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The practice can range in severity from nicking genitals to removing the clitoris and labia then stitching up most of the vagina.

Such operations are now illegal in the UK and US, but Kavita Shah Arora and Allan Jacobs, gynaecologists based in Ohio and New York, say such laws might leave girls more vulnerable to harm by pushing the practice underground. They argue that so far, attempts to clamp down on FGM have not succeeded in wiping it out, and can be viewed as racist or culturally insensitive.

Right… because not seeming racist is far more important that not mutilating helpless little girls.

Instead, Arora and Jacobs suggest doctors should promote and perform only operations that they think will not affect women’s ability to have children or long-term sexual satisfaction, such as small cuts or removing parts of the clitoral hood or labia. This, they say, is “a compromise that respects culture and religion but provides necessary protections against child abuse”.

Never mind the fact that as these two assholes want to “promote and perform” such mutilations in the USA, there are extensive campaigns to eradicate the practise in Africa and elsewhere (eg, the image above is a roadside sign in Uganda).

Fortunately, their colleagues remember that pesky “first, do no harm” part of the Hippocratic Oath:

Some cultural practices don’t deserve respect, says Ruth Macklin, a biomedical ethicist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. “Female genital alteration has its origin and purpose in controlling women,” Macklin writes in another comment article. “A cultural tradition designed to control women – even in its least harmful form – is best abandoned.”

Earlier this month, the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics reaffirmed its zero-tolerance stance towards female genital mutilation, calling it a violation of human rights that should be completely eliminated.

Read the whole piece here

And a rebuttal against Arora and Jacobs’ shitty Shari’a idea here: “In Defense of Genital Autonomy for Children” by Brian D Earp

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