One Foot In The Grave


It has been reported that Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn fell asleep watching tv a week over a ago and only awoke Friday morning to discover that Britons had voted to leave the European Union.

Corbyn had been expected to lead the Remain campaign in the lead up to Thursday’s vote, but couldn’t be bothered due to only being 75% committed himself to continued E.U. membership, and fell asleep whilst watching Escape to the Country.  Read More

Staff didn’t notice him missing until the day of the referendum, and the first attempts to contact him failed, as his pay-as-go phone hadn’t been topped up by his son during his weekly visit to drop off itchy blankets.

The Labour leader is being held responsible for the victory of the Leave campaign after not turning up and engaging with abandoned Labour voters in the biggest decision British voters have made in the last 40 years.

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