Brexit: Britain Leaves & Progressives Throw a Tantrum


Against all expectations, Britain has voted to leave the European Union in a truly seismic result. The federalists have been sent packing in what was always going to be a close run referendum: 52% to 48%, with over 70% of the eligible population turning out to vote.

The Remain campaign, consisting of a rather unlikely but revealing alliance of federalists, progressive liberals & crony capitalists, ran a campaign built on the classic progressive chassis of slurs, vilification & scare tactics, ultimately failed as people decided that the apocalypse they were told would unfold if they made the decision to leave was a risk worth taking, given that past generations had paid in blood to retain the sovereignty they were being asked to casually surrender.

Throughout the morning defeated federalists queued up to give life to the rather fanciful idea that the British people hadn’t really voted against further E.U. membership, but instead were giving a bloody nose to the establishment.


Even though he was not the official leader of the Leave campaign, the man of the hour has to be Nigel Farage, whose raison d’etre (excuse my French) for the past 25 years has been to remove Britain from a European Superstate.

It must have been fairly lonely being Nigel Farage at times over the past ten years – taking all the medieval village waste the Conservatives, E.U federalists and the progressive left could throw at him. He deserves this moment and this very British victory.

Strip away the spin and the narrative still being offered the next day, the British people, have rejected a politburo model of remote governance, unbridled by democracy or policy restrictions.

Contrary to what a conveyor belt of leftist politicians were saying this morning, this was a vote against a federalist E.U. who enjoys ultimate power without accountability; it was about wrestling sovereignty back from technocrats whose last interest is that of the British people. Their’s is a federalist agenda. Eurosceptecism across Europe is rife due to the failure of their progressive policy of forcing ideological pegs into cultural holes that has the commission handing out migrant quotas to nation states under threat of heavy fines.

The fearful thing to do would have been to stay, and full credit should given to people who did not buckle in the face of slurs and threats. The E.U. is an unelected governing body that decides policy in private and then imposes those decisions on the populations of member states. America fought and won a war of independence over these very issues, and they should appreciate the significance of this moment more than anyone else.

During this campaign, it mattered not that you could articulate your reasons and challenge those whose only game seemed to be a childishly simple shame game. To date we are yet to hear one convincing argument from anyone in the Remain camp. They clearly thought all that was required were the usual slurs and vilification of the opposition. Well, today they are left with nothing but the brittle shell of their failed propaganda and their ideological tears.


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