They’re Just Mad about the Capitalism Angle

San Francisco, best known as the epicenter of smug as ridiculed in that one South Park episode, is furious with Justin Bieber.

Not for the reasons you or I or any other good folks with functioning ears might be, but because Bieber’s marketing team took to graffiti-ing their famously highbrow city for the purpose of promoting a new album release. Y’know, sales, money, capitalism… the rotten little twerp!

Anyway, the graffiti apparently hasn’t washed away in the rain (or the rampant public urination) so the city has paid for it to be pressure-washed away at a cost to taxpayers that has yet to be revealed.

(See? Poor Justin just wanted to help with job creation!)

Of course, this being San Francisco, one wonders if folks would complain so much if it had been promotion for a new Joan Baez album. Or Rufus Wainwright’s latest, Prima Donna.

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