At Least it Wasn’t Booze or Pork Chops

Massive drug busts in Saudi Arabia and Iran:

Authorities seized the 5-million plus amphetamine capsules, three grams of heroin, a machine gun and a pistol, Al-Turki added.

At around the same timeframe, Saudi customs officials at two separate border crossings stopped an attempt to smuggle a total of 394,000 Captagon amphetamine capsules into the country. Ibrahim Al-Inizi, who heads Saudi Arabia’s customs center, said the smugglers attempted to stash the capsules in vehicle tires and in the dashboard of a truck.

Iranian officials estimate that 42-percent of the world’s opium consumption occurs in Iran, and that the regime spends about $1 billion dollars a year to fight the drug war there. According to Azernews, statistics released by the government estimate that there are about two million drug users in Iran.

Read the rest at Breitbart.

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