Rules for a Rape Culture

Dear feminists: this is what a real rape culture is like: Islamic State rules for raping sex slaves

Among the particular norms of conduct, owners are not to have intercourse with pregnant slaves, and if a man owns both a mother and her daughter, he must choose which of the two to have sex with because he cannot have both as sexual partners. The same applies to a man who owns two sisters: he can only have sex with one of them.

Moreover, an ISIS slave-owner’s son is not permitted to have sex with the father’s slave, and the father is not permitted to have sex with his son’s female slaves.

The ruling also forbids having intercourse with a female slave during her menstrual cycle, as well as having anal sex with her at any time.

Note the lack of rich white frat boys or so-called harassment via staring at boobies. But by all means, keep telling Rolling Stone all about your delusions.

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