Globalists Vs Nationalists


Anyone who followed June’s Brexit vote on social media will be familiar with the narrative that only racists and fascists voted to leave for reasons associated with being a racist and a fascist. Whilst those on the Remain side are engaged in a work of selfless betterment of society; trying to keep us in Europe and the lid on a cauldron of xenophobic violence that would erupt and consume us all if it wasn’t for their constant vigilance, not to mention immediate economic collapse.

This interpretation was even offered by Canada’s biggest packer of progressive propaganda, CBC and it’s conveyor belt of helpful experts during the campaign.

As the referendum votes rolled in, someone commented that from this point on there are only ‘nationalists & traitors.’ It was a term that had been recently reintroduced into the common lexicon after many decades of wandering in the wilderness alone before Thomas Mair allegedly used it as he gunned down Labour MP, Jo Cox a week prior to the vote.


Roundheads & Cavaliers

The forces that set forth to do battle during the Brexit, are the same forces who are preparing to fight an election in the U.S. and those that are currently slogging it out in Europe over immigration.

What connects the battles between Federalists & Nationalists  or Fascists & Traitors if you prefer, is that they are proxy theatres where the Superpowers of Globalism and Nationalism, grind out results in very much the same way the superpowers conducted conflict in limited proxy theatres around the globe, from Korea to Cuba; Angola to Afghanistan during the Cold War.

In an article today on the ongoing fracturing of the European Union over the migrant crisis, Tyler Durden peeled down the issue down to a semantic kernel, when he stated:

As we’ve noted many times, soaring numbers of refugees seeking asylum in Europe and the simultaneous increase in terrorist attacks is bringing the political fight between “globalists” and “nationalists” to a head.  

In a recent interview Peter Sutherland, the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration, declared that “sovereignty is an absolute illusion that has to be put behind us.”   Read More

As previously reported, in the light of the DC Leaks revelation that George Soros is pursuing a globalist agenda through, amongst others, his Open Society Foundations in Europe and the U.S., the threat to the national security of all countries is at stake.

A Progressive is a Traitor to Every Society.

Ultimately these people are not really interested in representation or democracy – they believe that the population cannot be trusted with something as volatile and dangerous as democracy. They believe, as they always have done, in big government and central planning of every aspect of life, and that is where the liberal left prove so useful.

But the idea that the pro-federalist Remain campaigners may have been on the ‘wrong side’ is still a distant planet to them, not yet visible with the naked eye.

Globalists Don’t Have Friends

Federalists pimping a globalist agenda are engaging in the most perilous of fallacies, the Utopian fallacy. It basically works like this: anytime groups of people have been organized to create the perfect/ ideal society based on a utopian model rather than practicalities, reason & compromise, the resulting body count has been appalling.

People who supported the campaign to have Britain remain within the European Union, or who argue for a Clinton presidency, or mass immigration, have to reconcile themselves with the reality that they serve a globalist agenda that seeks to engineer all societies regardless of the early results of a comprehensive and spectacular failure in policy.

If large scale terror attacks cannot shake your resolve and are considered ‘a price worth paying’ for realizing the ideal society, then you should be viewed as a ideological extremist and threat to every society.




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