Either Stupid or Lying

Justin Trudeau joined a seemingly endless conveyor belt of Western leaders when he publicly insisted, on more than one occasion recently that, “Islam is not incompatible with Western Secular Democracy.” Of course, it was a rather linguistically awkward way of saying that Islam is compatible with Western Secular Democracy.

As we have pointed out before, anyone who makes such a statement is either ignorant or lying. Islamic scholars & political philosophers alike refute this claim, even Islamists themselves reject this statement – Sharia is the law of Allah, and all other man made systems of law are a contemptible fraud.

Or as political philosopher, Roger Scruton puts it in The West and the Rest:

‘Islamic jurisprudence does not recognise secular, still less territorial, jurisdiction as a genuine source of law. It proposes a universal law that is the single path (shari`) to salvation. And the shari`a is not understood as setting limits to what can be commanded, but as a fully comprehensive system of commands- which can serve a military just as well as a civilian function. Nor does Islam recognise the state as an independent object of loyalty. Obedience is owed first to God… Nor is there any trace in Islamic law of the secular concept of government that Christianity inherited (via St. Paul) from Roman law.`

Politically & philosophically Islam is incompatible with Western Secular Democracy – the systems are simply incompatible on the most fundamental of levels. The jury is not out, nor is there an argument that can be made to the contrary that stands the test of scrutiny or challenge.

‘Islam has always been not just a religion in the Western sense, but a political and social system that acknowledges no legitimate distinction between the sacred and the secular realms, and mandates religious law as the only legitimate system of law and governance.’

Robert Spencer

Giving leaders like Trudeau, Merkel & Obama the benefit on this matter requires us to forgive them for their poor understanding of what the Koran actual contains and what sort of system Islam is. The only other option is to presume they are lying for the sake of a politically nefarious agenda.


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