Clinton’s Post-Morality America

FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday admonished Hillary Clinton for her “careless” use of private email servers during her tenure at the State Department, but said that she and her staff engaged in no “intentional misconduct” and should face no charges.

Congressman Trey Gowdy, broke it down during his grilling of FBI director Comey after the decision.

If Hillary Clinton is successful in securing office as POTUS in November, future generations may well look back on the day Clinton was admonished by an FBI investigation as heralding in an era of naked unaccountability for America’s political elite.

Reflecting back on the turning points in early 21st Century U.S. history post 9/11, they may well look on Tue 5th July 2016 as another change of course into turbulent deep waters.

Despite Bill Clinton’s 30 min meeting with Attorney General, Loretta Lynch aboard her plane, Read More and despite being found to have lied on a number of accounts and found technically guilty as charged, Clinton was passed as suitable for top office by the FBI.

As 9/11 heralded in the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and the erosion of domestic civil liberties, the day Hillary Clinton was placed above the law and given the green light by the establishment for her presidential campaign as a criminal of ‘untouchable’ class will herald in an accelerated societal slip into lawlessness. For when those who rule are openly contemptuous of the laws they expect everyone else to live by, then society inevitably falls into a similar ways.

More moral damnation from ZeroHedge

Her supporters, already comfortable carving up aborted foetuses and selling them for ‘spare parts’ Read More await the rest of society in a new post-morality America with ‘woman of colour’ Elizabeth Warren and the handmaids of hades – ABC’s The View, currently sucking Satan’s cock in return for glass beads & shiny shit.

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